Chapter 28: The End

By the time everyone had returned, calmed down and finally got to hear the whole story Lucy felt as if she had aged ten years. Everyone was in complete shock, which was understandable, even being the witches and wizards they were it was a lot to take in. People she hadn't talked to in years approached her teary eyed and wrapped her in wet slobbering hugs; it was all a little overwhelming. Lucy even told her father, who was the hardest to tell out of them all. For many hours the two talked, sitting side by side in one of the many rooms in the Heartfilia family manor. Her father cried at the news, it was the first time in Lucy's life she had ever seen him shed a tear and it moved her more than she could say.

The truth about it all; Azael, Lucifer, her mother's death was all out in the open and it was all anyone was talking about; many whispers flying about,good or bad. The only thing Lucy had neglected to tell anybody, with the exception of Natsu who already knew, was the part about her being connected to the Othersiders. When she had told her story, standing in front of everyone, peers and teachers, she carefully left that bit out. She had decided it was already too much to take in and adding the part that she was half demon wouldn't help anything.

Of course their were non believers too, angry people in the wizarding community who pointed fingers at her and mocked. They thought she had gone insane, went wild from grief over her dead mother and uncaring father but they were the minority. These naysayers were quickly dealt with when Headmaster Makarov was interviewed in the Weekly Sorcerer dismissing all claims of Lucy's 'insanity'.

"Lucy is a beautiful, strong young girl," he told Jenny Realight, journalist for the Sorcerer. "I've known her since she was a child and she's always shown remarkable loyalty and courage. I would stake my life on the truthfulness of her story; wildness and all. Unexplainable things happen in this world and Lucy's story is one of them."

The support of one of the wizarding world's most famous names was enormous and soon enough things calmed down, easing back into the old routine before all this mess happened.

Though things could hardly stay the same entirely when so much had changed.


Lucy stood in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom and grimaced at the nasty, puckered scar that remained. Red and taunt it extended from her left hip to her upper left rib and it was sore and angry looking. She had been standing before the mirror in nothing but her bra and panties for a little under an hour; counting all the scars she had acquired. Not only was her body now a battle field of different scars and bruises but she just looked different. Brown eyes stared back at her defiantly, as if daring her to try something, once pouty lips were full and curved in masked intelligence and wit. It's as if her baby face had suddenly morphed into a face of a warrior. Lucy stroked her hand down her side, fingers brushing over scar tissue and uneven ridges. Muscle bulged where only flesh had been before, her stomach was flat and hard; thighs toned and strong. So much had changed in the past month that Lucy had been unable to catch a breath. It seemed every second she was being asked to star on another tv show or feature in another magazine article and it was all a bit too much. All she truly needed was some quiet and time to be alone with her thoughts. That's why she was here, at her family's estate, staying in her childhood bedroom. Things were quiet here. Lucy and her father even got along better now, although it was definitely going to take time and healing for things to ever be normal.

All in all Lucy just needed some space, somewhere to take a breath and focus on getting back into a regular schedule and regular life. Lucy looked out her bedroom window, gazing at the planes of half melted snow as the ground prepared for spring. She was unsure if she could stand to go back to school, trapped in tiny classrooms and learning stuff she already knew.

Lucy rubbed her hands up and down her arms, feeling restless. Although Lucifer was gone things were no less complicated. All his gifts remained with her, knowledge, power and even occasional movements of memory loss or distortion. His influence was fading but still there and Lucy fretted about what was happening inside her head. She was also worried about what had become of the Otherside, about the well being of her friends and her now at peace ancestors. Lucy often wondered if they even made it there and if they did what they were doing there now.

Unfortunately none of those questions could be answered either. All Lucy could do was wish them the best of luck and continuing living her own life, securing happiness for herself and others.

"Miss Lucy," A voice came from outside her bedroom door, "Master Dragneel has requested entry, is his wish granted?"

Lucy jumped slightly, thoughts turning to haze in her mind. "J-just a minute!" She called, grabbing a pair of sweatpants off the floor and tugging them on, yanking a sweater over her chest. "Come in!" She called, patting down her wild hair, frowning at its static nature.

The door creaked open and a very familiar face peeked around it, grinning cheekily. "Hey there, bedridden beauty." He chuckled, stepping inside, hands behind his back.

Lucy shot him a glare, "I can't believe Virgo allowed you up here, I'll have to talk to her about that." She grumbled, grabbing a brush off the vanity and ripping it through her blonde mane.

Natsu laughed again, walking over to her, dark eyes gleaming. "And I thought I meant something to you, what an idiot I am," he joked. "A princess as cold as yourself could never love a dragon like me."

"You got that right," Lucy muttered, crossing her arms over her chest and looking at him skeptically. "Now what are you really here for? I thought you were still back at the Academy."

"I was," Natsu said, "but that place is boring without you around." He blushed a bit, looking away in momentary embarrassment. "Everyone agrees, wherever Lucy is the fun follows."

"don't you mean danger?" Lucy scoffed, rolling her eyes.

Natsu sniggered, "same thing right?" He joked carelessly. His eyes then grew serious and his smile fell, "the real reason I'm here is to give you something."

Lucy looked at him in shock, unsure what to say.

"I made it to not only represent a promise," he paused, flustered " but to also show you something amazing." Fumbling around in his back pocket he drew out a delicate silver chain, glistening in the sunlight, flawless red ruby tangled in gorgeous silver dangling at the end. Lucifer's eye reflected in the sunlight casting a warm glow around the room.

Lucy inhaled sharply, hands flying to cover her mouth.

"So," he asked, looking at her awkwardly, "what do ya say? Eternity with me? What could be better?"

Tears welled up in Lucy's eyes as she felt her heart rise, smiling ear to ear. She jumped on him, kissing his cheeks with such ferocity that he was sure her lips would fall off.

"Are you kidding?" She whispered, nose pressed against his, tears streaming down her cheeks. "I've never heard such a good offer."

Natsu grinned, hands wrapping around her hips, digging into the fabric of her hoodie. "Yeah I knew you wouldn't pass it up."

Lucy giggled then kissed him, lips capturing his and heating the space instantly. Time slowed and other worries were left behind as the dragon and the princess of the Otherside rejoiced.

It was a long time later that they separated, ready to share the news and being a new chapter of their lives. The intelligent, loyal, headstrong warrior princess and her fearsome, protective dragon; forging forward and adventuring forth.

From now until the next cycle. Let the line forever live on.

The End

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