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The smell of the hospital disgusted the small human. She was scared. The last thing she remembered was her mother screaming and the sharp squeal of breaks as her father slammed on them. What had happened since then, and where were her parents? She carefully touched her forehead which seemed to be causing her immense pain. When she raised her small hand to the space she felt a soft bandage. Her leg was also causing her some discomfort but she could clearly see the cast that it was encased in. Looking around the room she spotted some comfort. Her grandmother was standing by the window, staring at the falling rain. "Nana, whats going on?" Her voice was melodiously young.

The old woman jumped a bit from hearing her granddaughter's voice. There were still tears in her wrinkled eyes, but she smiled at the five-year old as she approached the bedside. "I'm afraid there was an accident ma puce." She had always called the girl that. Her flea. To some it may be considered derogatory, but not between the two. Her actual name was Naomi, but even before she was born Nana had voiced her opposition to the name. But her dislike fell on deaf ears. Naomi's parents had been insistent about the name, or rather her father had been, however, Nana could never figure out why. There was no one in the family with that name, on either side, so where it had come from was as good as anyone's guess. She looked back to her granddaughter with love, waiting for the question that would bring the tears forth again.

Naomi thought about Nana's answer. She knew that there had been an accident. That was obvious, but what had happened after that? Why weren't her mother and father waiting for her? She decided to ask that very question. "Where are mama and papa?" She could see the tears welling in her grandmother's eyes before she even finished the question. There was no reason to cry, she quickly thought. They were just in another room and would be back in a few minutes. Nana approached the bed. The voice that came from the women was quiet and Naomi could barely make out the words.

"They died."

Naomi was awaken with a swift kick to her abdomen. But the pressure was from the inside, and not an external source. Keeping her eyes firmly shut she rubbed her large stomach to calm the growing being inside. While doing this, she hoped that the dream was untrue. That she could awaken and they would be sitting there. But slowly opening her eyes she realized that the dream was a mere memory. She was still in the same palace room that she had been in when retiring the night before. The dull stone walls with limited decor depressed her. Unfortunately, the reigning tyrant would not allow her to express any of her wishes for bright color. Rolling back over, she felt her neck for the jewelry that was given to her for her fifth birthday; the last thing she had from those she had lost. The cross, accompanied with a small charm that read 'faith', and a small pearl, was her prized possession. There was nothing that would separate her from it. Her hand remained on her stomach, as she began to fall back into slumber, but it was disrupted by the knock at her door. Rather than rolling over and getting out of bed she hoped that if she ignored the sound it would go away, but, like every morning, her maid entered after a moment and told her that the day had begun.

"I'm sorry your majesty, I know that you humans prefer more sleep, but King Decant requests your presence." The lizard woman quickly told the Queen what was to be relaid, left her freshly cleaned dress, and exited the room. Ever since her husband had disappeared, the Queen was no joy to be around, especially when the new King was mentioned. All of the joy that had been brought to the kingdom with the new Queen was now gone. Her bright spirit only flared once in a while and the human and Lizard population was suffering. Things kept getting worse and worse the longer the new ruler was in power and Naomi's maid missed the former glory of the kingdom. Just like so many more of the subjects.

She only gave a deep sigh of acknowledgment to what the maid was saying before she exited. Once again Naomi was alone in her room. How she wanted to go back to sleep, but that would come with consequences. The new dictator was so impatient. Reluctantly she sulked out of bed to her dresser where the maid had placed the dress. Today's selection was black with some gold beading on the bodice. It was was held up on her body by a pair of black chords that went around the neck. The dress was one of her favorites due to the fact that it was a wedding present from her husband and, despite her stomach that was growing with each day, it still fit almost perfectly when she slid the garment over her head and onto to rest of her body. Taking another moment to listen to the silence she was reminded that she was alone; the feeling completely depressed her. Normally at this time her husband would be gently kissing her forehead to awaken her, his scales cold but his touch warm. Suddenly her door opened reveling a young lizard girl; only 10 years of age. "Good morning Calia. How was your breakfast?" Naomi's voice was much softer to the young one than it would be to anyone else she would speak to today.

With a large smile she embraced the human. "Wonderful mother. The cook made my favorite!" She trotted over to the large mirror on the south wall, opposite the door. She did a little twirl in her gold armor plate and the skirt. Calia was different from the other lizard children. She was taught more of the human emotions than the others and the emotions tended to get the better of her, much like they did her father. The resemblance in demeanor was one of her favorite parts of herself. She wanted to be more like her mother than most of the upper class lizards. The only exception to that rule was her father who was currently missing. Looking back, Calia could see that fake smile that Naomi portrayed, but would never tell that she could. "What do you think?" She was trying all that she could to make the woman truly happy. The longer that her father was missing the harder the task was to accomplish.

It always warmed her soul to see joy in Calia's eyes. Of course the child was not actually her's, but that was of no matter. When she had first come to the plateau the girl was only 6 and her actual mother had long perished during birth. Her father had asked the now Queen to adopt Calia. At first she was reluctant. After all she was only 16 at the time, but he had promised that all she would need to take care of the little lizard would be provided. Her decision was made when the little one came to her with eyes that just could not be denied. So Naomi accepted and two years later she was made Queen by marrying the reptile she had come to love. It was an odd concept, loving a cold-blooded beast. But there was something in him that she could not ignore. An understanding of humans that all of the others did not have. That and the fact that he was more human than lizard most days. Realizing that she had gotten lost in thought, she looked back at her daughter. "You look very grown up." The armor was fashioned in the way that all of the other higher up lizard women wore their 'clothing', it was just smaller. The thought of Calia growing up was a very bitter sweet taste in Naomi's mind, but, like all children, they cannot be children forever.

Calia gave a small giggle. Just what she wanted, something to make her look older! "Where are you off to all dressed up?" It was normal for Naomi to be awake, but her mother did not normally get ready so quickly in the morning unless under special circumstances.

"A meeting with Decant." Naomi gave a simple quick reply. The prospect of going to see the King was no good day to her. It normally ended with her so angry that she threw something or she was uncontrollably crying. Both reactions were seen as weaknesses to the tyrant and to Naomi. How she longed for the understanding arms of her husband to comfort her. He might not understand the emotions himself, but he knew what she needed to get through them. She needed to keep her mind off of that subject, it would just make her cry. Looking around the room she spotted the diamond studded tiara on her dressing head that was traditionally used to hold wigs. "Sweetie can you hand me my tiara?"

The item in question was right next to the mirror that Calia was using. She snatched it up and waited for the Queen to kneel and be crowned. Her mother complied and bent over. This was another highlight in the young one's day. It made her remember who really was in charge. The meeting with Decant troubled the small girl. He never talked to her mother unless there was something big that needed to happen. "Do you know what he wants?"

The question caught her mother off guard. "No, but I must be off. You know how he hates to wait for me." With that Naomi gave her a small peck on her scaled cheek and left the room. Why Decant wanted her was not something that a ten year old needed to be concerned with, even though Naomi did not know herself.

In a quiet whisper Calia asked the same question to the empty room that she had been for weeks, "Daddy, where are you?"

There was no actual reason for her to be nervous. Decant would not hurt her until after she gave birth. He needed Naomi's child. It was the only way for him to gain the people's respect as King. It was also the only thing keeping her alive. But none the less she was terrified. The hallway to his chambers was vacant. No one ever came down this hall unless it was completely unavoidable. She laid her hand on the cold handle of the door, took a deep breath to hopefully hide the fear emanating from her eyes, and pushed into the dark room.

The door opening made Decant remind himself once more that he must not make lunch of this human. She held his key to power in this territory. That small being inside of her womb was all that it would take to placate the growing human, and a handful of lizard, opposition to his rule. As a species, the humans had become far to powerful all over the Empire. Ever since this woman had become Queen here they had an upper hand due to her close connection with the Emperor of the entire Empire. What was the former King thinking wedding a human? Nothing had ever been done before in the history of the Empire. The Emperor was not pleased but he accepted it and they all formed a close bond that disgusted Decant. Lizards were supreme and that was how it was they should never mix to much with humans, but he must make due with what he was given. "Ah Naomi, please have a seat." Being courteous to her was repulsive to Decant. She should be in the mines like all the others, or maybe a final delight to the gladiators. But that was not the reason that he needed to speak with her now. No, he needed to know where that troublesome husband of her's had gotten off to because there was too many rumors among the people. Rumors that could mean future trouble for him. And it would be even worse if the disgrace returned and brought assistance that he was sure to find. Assistance that Decant could not dispose of in this territory without going against the Emperor of the Empire and that was a prospect that he was not ready for, at least not yet. "We have much to discuss. First, where is that delightful husband of yours?"

The seat that Naomi had taken was quite lavish, like the rest of the room. This was where she should be; where she was before the King had gone missing. It was the grand bedroom of the palace. The only real difference in the room was that there was a blood thirsty tyrant across from her rather than her husband. Decant's question was the same one that it always was when they encountered each other. One she had no answer to, but he insisted that she did. "Just because you ask the question at different times does not mean the answer will change Decant. I have no idea where he is, and if I did there is no way that I would tell you." She was defiant and confident in her answer with no trace of fear. Something that deeply annoyed the dictator but caused great joy to Naomi. There was nothing that brightened her day more than seeing him angry because there was nothing he could do about it.

The answer he expected. But he had something that she did not expect. "I know that you believe that but," He ran his scaled finger across her cheek. She shuddered under the touch and he relished every second of her fear. "I believe that you know more than you are letting on. The difference is that I am prepared to take action today." She stiffened, but remained silent, and he could tell that she was even more fearful than a moment ago. There were so many things that he could take from her. More of the freedom that was already limited, maybe sacrifice some of her precious people to give them a reminder of who was superior, or even take her life. But there was one thing that she would be the most devastated to lose, her child. "I have a proposition for you Naomi. You tell me where your husband is and I won't take action."

As hard as she tried to conceal it Naomi knew her fear was flaring forward, and it was just fueling his attack. What could he have on her she truly had no idea. There was not much that he could do that would phase her anymore. Then her breath caught. There was one person that he could hurt that would effect her; Calia. If he touched the young lizard, there was no telling what would happen to herself. A tear formed in her eye as she realized that there was no other possible ammunition that he would have "I don't know where he is." The statement came out as a whisper and a whimper, all her confidence drained in the few seconds.

"I wish I could believe you. It seems that you will need more persuading." He crossed to the chair where he would get the greatest effect. "The hunting party will be going out tomorrow to collect more humans. The young princess will accompany them. If they do not receive word from me by the third day than an accident will occur. An accident that will involve your daughter for which there will be no return for her. Think about that, if it happens to jog your mind as to where the lizard in question is let me know. Until then, get out of my sight human." By the end of his explanation of the plan he was less than an inch from Naomi's face. He could see the tears welling and the disparity in her eyes. He was also rather vicious as he spoke which just intensified her fear. She quickly fled from the room when he allowed her movement. His plan would work and this time next week he would have the traitor in his hands and he would be getting rid of his problem once and for all.

The trip back to her room was filled with tears. She could not let Decant take her daughter away, but what was Naomi to do? There had been no word from her husband and no way of telling where he had gone to. Finding him was the only way to stop Decant. For a moment her sadness turned to fury. How could he leave her here with no protection? But wait. There was protection here. Loyal subjects that would do almost anything for her. All she needed was one of them in the hunting party. But Decant knew all of the loyalist lizards and would never allow them on this excursion. The realization brought back her sadness. But no sooner had the feeling returned that she hatched a plan. She had to act before the expedition took place. Immediately. Before she knew it she was back to her chambers and the wide eyed girl was waiting to hear the recap of the encounter.

Calia could immediately see the wave of emotions on her mothers face but was unsure of which one to pursue first. There was fear, ambition, sadness, and determination. Generally determination was followed by a plan and a smile so that was the road she took. "So what is the next step in the plan?" With the question she hopped on the bed to listen to the story that flowed forth.

The fact that Calia was so good at reading Naomi's mind was nothing new to her. "You are going to go on an adventure. Do you remember why I came to the plateau?" Naomi waited for the nod that came. She was pacing in front of her as she explained. "Well I want you to continue on that journey for me. Obviously, in my current state, I cannot and will not be able to for some time. The baby will need to be cared for and I need to keep what little power I have here. That is where you come in. I want you to find what I was originally searching for and then return. I know that it is a big job for someone so young but I have confidence in you! More than I had in myself." She took a moment to pause and read the emotions on her daughters face.

Calia knew that leaving the territory right now would not be easy, but that was exactly what her mother was asking her to do. The story of why Naomi had come to the plateau flowed into the girl's mind. One of the most important things to Naomi had been lost and she was determined to find it. After about six months of searching with no results, she had found the territory and the King. He offered her a place to stay and introduced her to Calia. After that she did not have much time to pursue her original intentions, what with being on her way to being been and all. Then she got pregnant and that was practically the end. She was convinced that she would never find what she was looking for but she was okay with that. After all she had lived without for years and a few more was really no big deal. But now she wanted her little girl to go after that dream and Calia was more than happy that she was being trusted with such a large task. It was also terrifying that she was being asked to separate from the world she knew. Thinking about it for a moment she knew that it was what she wanted to do for the woman who had shown her love and affection for the more remembered part of her life. "Alright. I'll need supplies and a plan to get out. Oh and a few others to go with me, maybe we can ge–"

"No," Disrupting Calia's thought process was anticipated. Naomi knew that the young lizard did not know all of the facts behind the reason that she was being forced to leave and that she would hopefully never know. "this is something that you will have to do on your own. We cannot trust anyone." It was a little harsh the way that the statement came out of Naomi's mouth, but it needed to be. Calia needed to understand that there was truly no one but each other that they could trust. The fear and confusion was immediately present on the lizards face so explanation was given. "It is too dangerous for you to be in the kingdom now. So I need to know that you are safe looking for what I could not find. I may send you with one other lizard. One that I am fairly confident can help to keep you out of trouble, but even that is a slim chance. You will also need to leave with limited supplies so that you can escape the city more easily."

Calia wanted desperately to object, but the look that was on her mothers face was one not to be questioned. Despite all of the questions filling her mind at the moment she just nodded and waited for further instruction.

"You will be leaving tonight. When the guard changes at midnight the south entrance is left unguarded for a few minutes. That is all the time that you will have. Maybe a few more moments if I can create a distraction, but not many more." The tears were forming quickly and threatened to overspill on Naomi's face. There was no guarantee that the plan would work, and even if Calia did make it out of the city there was no guarantee that she would be safe. Not to mention what Decant would do the second he found out she was missing as well. But that was a worry for tomorrow. She kissed her daughter's forehead for what could be the last time in her life. Before finishing her little plan she reached behind her head and unclasped the necklace that she had held so dear. "Take this. To remember me by and to prove who you are." With that she placed it around Calia's neck not waiting for a response.

There was a moment of silence between the two.

So much was going on in Calia's head. Whatever had happened with Decant had to be big for her mother to be trying to smuggle her out of the city. There was so much at risk by her doing this.

For Naomi to give her the necklace meant even more. The only option would be to find her father. That is what she would do with the new freedom. Find him and bring him home where he belonged! She held the necklace tight between her talons. "Okay lets do this!" She flung herself into a hug and then went to prepare for the night.

The night was chilly. Calia held close to her escort for the final journey to the south entrance. The day had gone by all to quickly. Mother and daughter had spent every moment together. Whispering ideas to enhance the plan, deciding the best supplies for the girl to take, keeping the whole thing a secret, and just enjoying the last day they would spend together for a while. They had talked about different lizards and humans that could possibly go with her on this journey and Calia was glad on who they had decided on.

Meranda, a long time friend of Calia's father's and a more recent one of her mother's, had gladly accepted to keep the princess safe. She was a human, but was taken to the Empire from the Amazon tribe, so her skills were many. These skills also made her one of the main bodyguards to the Queen. In the moonlight she moved almost silently, not daring to alert any of the guards posted. Her straight black hair was cropped short so to stay out of the way. She moved meticulously, with an almost paranoid stride, to the other side of the territory. The details of the plan had been expressed to her directly from the Queen. She quickly accepted the task knowing that there were few in the kingdom that could be more helpful to the princess and that there were also few that cared for the royal family like she did. They were close to their destination by the gate now and only had to wait for the opportunity.

Naomi paced anxiously back and forth in her room. Her daughter's escape depended on the few extra minutes she could give with the diversion. She, of course, was forbidden by all involved with her plan to participate. They wanted her to have an alibi when she was questioned the next morning. Not that anything she said would be believed by Decant. With no surprise, the tyrant had posted extra guards tonight. Most likely because he anticipated some sort of trouble from her. Which to his despicable credit, was right. She was planning on causing a riot. Literally. Glancing at the clock only made her more anxious. 11:55pm. Only five more minutes until the plan took place. Calia and Meranda would already be in place by now, as would the other pieces of the puzzle. She had recruited about ten loyalists to begin fights around the city that would take away some of the guard as they shifted. The rest would be occupied with the explosion of gunpowder that was being planted at the east entrance. The hope was that between the fights, explosion, and general confusion of changing the guard, it would be enough time for the girls to leave the city and have a minute or two head start. When she looked at the clock again it was time, and right on cue she could hear the fights beginning. Then no less than a minute later the loud blast of the explosion and fire outside her window. A smile broke across her face as the bedroom door flew open and Decant came raging in with guards. "TAKE HER TO THE DUNGON!"

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