Think of the Firefly

*What would happen if Betty decided to go to Tucson to be with Henry? Is Betty really happy with him?

Everyone has a firefly. Will Betty find hers?

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Chapter 1

From Mountains to City

Betty walked up to the mountains looking out into the city, taking in the dry Arizona air. She had done that every night since she came to Tucson. It was the only thing that calmed her nerves and made her clear her mind. Looking out, seeing the glimmering lights of the buildings, the moon radiantly glowing behind the mountains. It was a beautiful view she thought. The lights reminded her of New York. It kind of reminded her of the bridge …which reminded her of Daniel. She didn't realize how much she would miss Daniel. She thought of him a lot more than she thought she would or probably should. She missed her family. Speaking of her family… "Hi Hilda!"

"Bet-ty!" Hilda said in excitement. "How are you, mami?"

"I'm good, Hilda. I was just taking a walk."

"Are you at the mountains again, Betty?" Hilda asked knowingly.

Betty laughed slightly. "I am. How'd you know?" she asked teasingly.

"Come on, Betty. You've been up there every night." She paused for a moment. "Is, uh, everything alright over there, Betty?" Hilda asked in slight concern.

"Everything's fine Hilda. I just like it up here. It reminds me of New York and it calms me down."

"Calms you down from what?" Hilda asked suspiciously. Hilda knew how Betty was; she would never admit if something was wrong with her, afraid to bother anyone.

"Nothing Hilda…I just…I just miss you, and everyone." Betty held back the fountain of tears that she felt about to come. "This place just…I guess it connects me to all of you."

"That's nice Betty. You should send us a picture. Look, mami we're about to have dinner, do you want to talk to…" Before Hilda could even ask, Justin took the phone out of his mom's hand. "Aunt Betty! We miss you AB!" Justin said happily. "I miss you too, Justin. Are you taking care of everyone?"

"You got it, AB. You will not believe who's-"

"Mijaaa!" Ignacio said happily, anxiously taking the phone from Justin.

"Papi! I miss you, Papi", how are you? Are you taking care of yourself?" Betty asked caringly.

"Betty, we're fine. How are you?"

"I'm good, Papi. I miss you all so much. You're going to come visit me soon, right?" Betty said with a shaky voice. "We will be there before you know it, mija. Te amo."

"I love you, Papi" Betty's tears started to come slowly, her voice slightly more shaky. "Oh man, I better go, Daniel is about to set the house on fire with the food. I love you, mija" Betty's eyes got big in shock. What was Daniel doing at her house?

"Betty, are you there?" Hilda's voice asked as she got hold of the phone. "Uh… Hilda? Daniel's at…umm…he's there?" she asked, her voice slightly shaky again.

Hilda went to the living room. "Hey Betty… Yes, Daniel is here. He's been here almost every night since you left. I think he misses you, Betty. Do you…uh want to talk to him, Betty?"

Betty was silent for a moment, her heart was racing, she didn't really know why. "Uh…no, Hilda, that's ok. I actually have to get going now; Henry's waiting for me." She lied, Henry had been working late almost every night, and she just wanted an excuse to not talk to Daniel.

"Alright, Betty… I'll tell him you said hi." Betty quickly responded "no, don't do that Hilda. I will, uh…I'll just call him later." She lied again; she had no intention of calling him anytime soon. "Umm…alright Betty… I miss you."

"I miss you too, Hilda. Bye. Give everyone a hug for me" Betty said, with her tears ready to fall down her face. "…Even Daniel?" Hilda asked slightly teasing Betty.

"Whatever Hilda… I need to go, bye!" Betty quickly hung up the phone, her tears finally coming. She sat at the mountains crying for some time. She just wanted to let it all out. Who was she kidding, the tears almost never stopped.

"Hey Hilda… Did Betty say anything? I mean, she knew I was here right?" Daniel asked curiously as he walked in the room Hilda was in.

"Uh…she did, but before she could say anything, she had to go. I'm sorry. She said she would call you."

Daniel looked down at his feet in slight disappointment; deep down he knew she wouldn't call him.

"You miss her a lot don't you?" Hilda said looking at his eyes that seemed slightly glossy.

"It's just hard…we spent practically every day together, so it's kind of hard to adjust." Daniel said his voice cracking slightly. Hilda nodded in agreement. She looked at Daniel and gave him a hug. "That hug is from, Betty." She said with a smile. He smiled back. "Thanks"

"Alright you two, food's done" Ignacio said as he walked in the living room. "Great, I'm hungry." Hilda said happily.

"Thank you, Mr. Suarez, umm, for letting me…uh…" Ignacio patted him on the back "no problem, mijo." Daniel smiled at Ignacio's word of endearment. They thought of him like a part of their family. He loved them just the same, he thought. They all made their way to the dining room for dinner, eating and talking about MODE and…Betty.

Betty made her way back to the house. The rather empty house… it was cute she thought. There were paintings along the walls with views of Tucson. Her favorite was the one in her room of New York. She actually liked that she had her own room. Whenever she couldn't sleep, she would just stare at the painting pretending she was there.

Betty reached the glass-trimmed door, getting the key out of her pocket. She walked through the main room. It had a table in the center, with a couch against the window. She loved that the house was close to the mountains, practically part of the mountains.

She walked to the kitchen and got a glass of water, then went to her room. She went to sit at the chair next to the window. She loved the view. That was the best part about Tucson: the mountains and the view from their house. She took out a box from her drawer and opened it 'Just think of the firefly' she said to herself.

Betty looked at her watch. It was now 10:30pm. She wondered where Henry was. He was rather late, she thought. Probably going to see Charlie and the baby… Betty sighed and just decided to go to sleep. She didn't really want to think about anything. She closed her eyes and went to sleep.

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