Think of The Firefly

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Chapter 33

Let's Make-up

If Betty had to describe herself right now, the words "COLOSSAL IDIOT" come to mind. How could she be so stupid and hurtful to Daniel like that when all he was doing was trying to help her?

She walked through the park. She didn't know where else to go. She'd gone everywhere she thought he might be. She went to Ashley's, she went to their 'special place', she went to his hotel and he wasn't in. Thank God he was still checked in, so that meant he didn't leave to New York.

She sighed sitting in the bench. She ran her hands through her hair and took in a deep breath.

She really messed up. She was so glad for that talk with Mrs. Meade. She didn't know what she would do without her. She was the only person who knew of her plans and of everything that's been happening. She was actually surprised that she hadn't talked to Daniel at all. She just told her to stick to the plan and making Daniel work for a change. It seemed as though Claire was actually thrilled that Betty was challenging him, saying that he's had things too easy in life and it was about time that he learned to be patient and work to get what he wants; although she was extremely proud for how far he's come along since Betty came into his life.

How she wished she could just be back in New York getting a coffee with! That's it! Betty quickly got up and made her way. About 15 minutes later, Betty was at the coffee shop she'd gone to so often. How did she forget this place? She was so relieved when she saw Daniel. When Daniel looked up from his coffee, he was surprised to see Betty walking toward the table.

"Betty?" he said looking at her and then back to the cup still hurt from how she treated him.

"Hi Daniel, can we talk?" Betty asked looking at him sadly and then glancing at John.

"I'm right here, Betty." Daniel said looking up at her and then to John.

Betty sighed lightly "Right." She looked around for a moment and then said "Daniel, can we go somewhere?" Daniel looked up at her. "Please?" she said her eyes pleading with him. Daniel sighed "Fine" and got up. "I'll see you later John." John smiled "Luck with the missus"

"Did you tell him about us?" Betty asked as soon as they got outside. Daniel looked at her surprised "us?"

"You know what I mean. About our fight?" Betty said once they started walking.

"What's it matter to you?" Daniel said, not meaning for it to sound so harshly.

"Daniel, please." Betty said tears about to fall. He wanted to stay mad at her, but seeing her just did something to his heart. He didn't know how to stay mad at her. Just seeing her made his heart race all over again.

"Where are we going Betty?" Daniel asked not familiar with the direction they were taking. "To our secret hiding place" Betty said plainly. "It's a secret hiding place now?" Daniel asked amused. Betty looked at him and smiled "it could be."

"Well, which way are we going? This is weird." Daniel said not understanding where they were headed. "It's a short-cut." Betty said matter-of-factly.

"Wow, you really did go to the mountains every day. Did you create secret pathways or something?" Daniel asked in wonder. Betty laughed "maybe"

They remained quiet the whole rest of the way. "Betty, where are we?" he asked not recognizing the area. "This is our secret hiding place" Betty said smiling. "It's a creek not too far from our special place" Daniel laughed "So we have a special place and a secret hiding place?" he looked around admiring the water as it flowed through the rocks. "This is really nice, Betty. Thanks for sharing it with me" he said appreciatively. Betty smiled. "Of course, Daniel"

Betty took a seat on a rock with a flat surface "come sit next to me, Daniel." Daniel came over and sat next to her, waiting for what she wanted to say.

She turned to face him "I'm sorry, Daniel. I really didn't mean to be so mean to you the other day. I was just annoyed."

"Ya, I figured that much, Betty."

"I know you're only trying to help me. I was just so upset that…I really don't know why I was so upset, Daniel. I'm really sorry. Will you forgive me?" Betty said looking at him. Daniel smiled; there was no way he could deny those beautiful eyes from what they wanted. "Of course, Betty…" Betty smiled widely and hugged him to her tightly.

"I felt so awful the entire day yesterday when I thought I hurt you. I really couldn't handle that. I'm so sorry, Daniel. I really am." She pulled back looking away slightly.

"Why were you so mad at me anyway? You said some really mean things" Daniel asked curiously.

"Daniel, I don't know… I'm sorry" Daniel looked at her eyes knowing there was a reason "Betty?" Betty looked at him, and then away "I was uh…I was kind of jealous… that you were dancing with that girl at the event we went to." Betty said looking down at her hands. A smile came across his face. "You were?" So, John was right. Betty must have felt insecure with him hanging out with that Melissa girl all night. What she didn't know was that the only woman he could think about was her. Betty really had no idea how amazing she was.

"Well, ya…you're my friend." Betty said simply, knowing that wasn't a really good reason. Daniel looked at her confused. "Uh, well, ya Betty we are friends. This never bothered you before when we were friends."

Daniel looked at her hands and then her eyes that were still not making contact with him, "Betty, are you sure you don't love me?" Daniel asked looking at her. Betty looked at him "Daniel, no, I don't." Daniel just looked at her, not really buying it.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked looking in front of her now. "I don't believe you, Betty."

"Well, believe it Daniel." Betty said adamantly. Daniel took her hand in his and kissed it sweetly. "Daniel…" Betty didn't want to look at him. Daniel held her face softly and kissed her cheek; when she didn't push back he placed kisses along her neck sending tingles through her body. "Daniel…please…stop" Betty said softly in between his kisses as they slowly went lower, making her feel butterflies and her heart pound furiously against her chest. She pulled back "Daniel, I can't do this to you. I don't love you. I'm sorry. You're my friend. I don't want to hurt you. Please, just stop." Daniel looked at her, he knew she loved him; she just didn't want to admit it.

"Well, Betty can I ask you something?" Betty looked at his eyes, "I guess."

"Are you happy here, now?" he asked wanting to know if it was worth anything that he was still there.

"Daniel, you still have three days to ask me that? I'm not answering you until you have to leave."

"Why? Because you think you'll fall in love with me then?" Daniel said with a grin. Betty laughed "No, Daniel, because I don't want you to leave yet" she said looking at him, her eyes watery. Daniel smiled. "Ok, Betty."

Betty quickly added "Don't forget to ask me though" she said slapping his arm playfully. Daniel looked at her "are you sure you don't love me, Betty?" Daniel asked not understanding why she would want him to still ask her that.

"Yes, Daniel I'm sure." Betty said getting up from the rock.

"Daniel?" Betty said as she started to walk.

"Ya, Betty?" he asked attentively, getting up.

"That's strike three Daniel. You definitely broke the rules. No touching!"

Daniel sighed "Fine Betty" he could have come back with smart-ass remarks and flirted with Betty, but he already pushed the bar on what he did.

"Oh, and Daniel…"

"Yes?" he sighed not sure if he wanted to hear what was next.

"You owe me LOTS of ice cream." Betty said giggling. Daniel laughed "You got it Betty"

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