A/N: Chapter 2, and the final chapter! Now, the creature from the last chapter... I made it up. So, don't go blaming me for making stuff up. As a(n almost) side note, I see the Doctor as kind of a rebellious child. I do believe that he would keep a pet in secret because of his caring nature, curiosity, and rebelliousness. He does become a renegade after all~ :3

More friendship between the Almost-Time Lord trio.

The three stood around, watching the Flubble frolic through the grass. He ran in circles, occasionally stopping to look up at the trio with his adorable eyes. He snuggled up to the Doctor's leg one last time before running off to find a mate. The Master had been laughing ever since hearing the story from their newfound friend.

After a while, the Doctor and the Wanderer sat down next to the Master, still in hysterics, "I can't believe you would do that! You are too nice, too trustworthy!" He stated through laughs. The other two laughed along as well, though they weren't as raucous as the other.

"See, not so bad, was it? Now he'll be happier in the wild." The Wanderer elbowed the Doctor with a smug smile.

He returned the smile, "Yeah, I guess he will. I guess he will..."

Sorry about the horrible ending. I wanted to do a fun ending scene where they released the pet into the wild, but it isn't as good as I thought it would be. ^^"