Disclaimer: I don't own the Vampire Diaries, Just the story. This is my first fan fiction. I've been writing stories that have no end for years LOL But I hope that you enjoy this one I have been working on.

What if there had been someone before Katherine. And Damon had broken her heart. And what if 160 years later she turned up again.

He just stood there frozen. 160 plus years later and here she stood before him, not looking a day over 19. Her curves however told him she was slightly older. Her hair was longer, reaching her waist in long, red waves. Her skin like peaches and cream. Her violet eyes large and innocent, lips full and pink. She was even more beautiful than he remembered.

"Gianna?" He whispered.

In response she gave a small nod.

"Damon, come on! What are you…" Stephan stopped as his eyes landed on her.

A small smile spread across her lips at the sight of Stephan.

"Gianna?" Stephan cried a smile forming as he swooped in and spun her around.

"Stephan." She laughed as he set her down. Her voice grounded Damon where he stood.

"Oh My God." Stephan hugged her tight. "How? When?"

"It happened three years after you both died." She explained. "I'm finally older than you in human years."

Stephan laughed. "What happened?"

"I died during child birth." She answered sadly." My Baby didn't make it either."

Damon's heart sank. She had had another man's child. She had been married to someone else.

"Who turned you?" Damon finally spoke.

"Elijah, he knew I wouldn't have made it and forced me to drink his blood." She answered turning to him.

Damon frowned. She knew the originals?

"He was…friends with my um, husband." She turned back to Stephan. "After you both died I moved to Italy. That's where I met my husband, Giovanni. We married quickly and soon after I got pregnant. I'm forever frozen at 21."

But why would Elijah change you?" Damon pressed.

"He was in love with me." She answered.

Damon rolled his eyes. Is hatred for the original deepened.

"Well I've missed you!" Stefan hugged her again.

"I've missed you'" She had. She had loved Stefan since they were children. He was her best friend. The love of her life her soul mate so to speak. But so was Damon.