This takes place after the mysterious finale to the hit show Teen Titans where we are left guessing. The finale was very vague and left out many details and closure. We have no idea what the whole Terra coming back thing is about and we don't know the fate of the titans or how their battle ends because it was cancelled. I have been hearing rumors that the show is being brought back for a sixth season. Im totally psyched and so im writing a view on how the pilot episode of the new season could be. And how the episode "Things change" could be wrapped up.

Chapter one: Pinching a Nerve

As Beast Boy clicked off his titans cell and ran in the other direction, exiting the school he couldn't help but wonder about Terra. How was she still alive? Who could've reversed the spell? He had no idea what was going on. He wish he could know but as Terra said herself, things change. Maybe it was best that he leave this be. Maybe he should just forget it ever happened and finally move on. Terra was his friend though. His best friend. Maybe they were even more than friends, but that was all over now. She didn't want to be his friend anymore. She wanted to become a different person and forget her past…So be it. He was done with her then. He thought he loved her. That was one thing he couldn't change. He couldn't change the fact that he was heartbroken. He could try to push it out of his mind but it would still be lurking in the back of his unconscious, ready to pop back out whenever it wanted to. That was something that would never change. Why should he care though? He'd gotten over her. He'd cope with the fact that she was gone. But now…Now that he knew she wasn't gone at all it was even harder to deal with. He had four other great friends that he'd known even longer than Terra, friends that he trusted, friends that he loved as well….So why was his mind always wandering back to Terra? What was it about her that separated her from the rest? What made her any different from Raven or Starfire or Robin or Cyborg? Well maybe it was the fact that she was the best of every one of his friends wrapped into one girl. She laughed at his jokes, she was always nice to him, she was caring, she was smart and strong and talented. She was perfect.

Beast Boy approached the building. He could hear the loud noises coming from inside all the way down the block. The familiar sonic boom of Cyborg's blaster, and of Starfire's starbolts and Raven's chant "Azarth Metrion Zinthos" as well as harsh shrieks and loud explosions. He quickly converted into a cheetah and finished off his last 100 meter run at 80 mph as the fast cat. Then he speedily switched into a rhino and used his front horn to break in through the door.

Beast Boy was shocked at what he saw. The monster was on fire. Literally on fire. How was that possible? It was the same one they fought earlier. The one that was like a chameleon, blending into whatever it was in contact with.

Raven flew up to it and began her chant, the black cloud of magic beginning to envelope around her but the monster cut her off before she could follow through with her spell. He reached out and grabbed her in his flaming hand. Raven screamed in pain as the fire burned her body. Then the thing tossed her like she was a toy. Raven flew through the air and crashed into a pile of boxes. As the boxes hid her Beast Boy could see smoke coming from them.

"Raven!" He screamed and ran to her. Beast boy clawed at the boxes trying to remove them all to find Raven. Finally he saw her booted foot. He kept shoveling boxes from the pile until Raven was unburied. Her clothes had been burned and her cape was singed by the fiery monster's grip on her. Her abdomen was now exposed. There was minor burn marks on it. Her arms had taken the worst of it. They had to be third degree burns.

"Raven, are you okay?" He asked her.

"I'm fine…G…Go," She murmured.

Beast Boy whipped around, morphing into a giant elephant. He ran up to the White Monster and extended his trunk forward, dousing it with water. The thing instantly took on the form of water now, which was much better than fire.

"Good thinking!" Robin praised from the rope his was holding onto.

"Beast Boy! You've arrived!" Starfire exclaimed immediately from the air where she was hovering, but for the split second she took her eyes off of the huge White Monster and he surged his flexible, elastic-like arms that took the form of any object it absorbed, right into Starfire's gut. She was launched backward from the impact and crashed right into Raven, who'd just taken flight after the deadly blow the monster had struck her with. They were both sent crashing into a nearby wall.

"Quit hurting my friends!" Cyborg yelled angrily and attacked from behind, trying to punch at the mysterious thing. But punching him in his state of water didn't do much damage.

Beast Boy turned into a giant T-rex and raced forward chomping down on White Monster's neck. He spit out the mouthful of the thing's watery neck and then watched as it reformed. What was this guy? The new Plasmus? More like the new and improved Plasmus.

All five of the titans then gathered around each other and watched their enemy. How do they defeat him? Everyone was stumped? Had they met their match?

"How do you stop a non-Newtonian villain?" Raven asked in her usual dreary voice as she levitated in the air next to Star Fire, whom was doing the same.

"I don't know, guess we're going to have to figure it out ourselves."Robin informed, "TITANS GO!"

Then all five worked as a team. Star Fire shot multiple starbolts at him as Robin attacked with his arrangement of gadgets, Cyborg continued to use his sonic cannon while Raven worked her magic and finally Beast Boy changed into a bird and pecked at his head, confusing him. This was enough to send the thing reeling backwards, but he was still standing. And he was still in fighting shape, but something strange happened. He didn't come back and continue to fight. He stepped back and turned around, running straight through the wall.

"What was that all about?" Beast Boy broke through the silence.

"That? How about you? What was up with you today Beast Boy? You kept disappearing on us. I know you think you saw Terra but it was probably someone that just looked a lot like her," Robin turned to his friend to speak. Then he flashed to Raven, changing the subject and asked if she was alright.

"I'm fine. It's just a few burns. They'll heal." She confirmed in her emotionless tone.

"NO! It was her! She told me! I followed her around all day and forced the truth out of her…She doesn't want to be our friend anymore. She said she's trying to forget our past. Her past. She wants to start new…Without us involved in her life." Beast Boy informed the team of the happenings between him and Terra, going back to what Robin had said.

"Maybe it's for the best," Raven shrugged underneath her cape that was now blackened and torn to pieces.

"How can you say that?" Beast Boy said, sounding hurt.

"She was a hero in the end Beast Boy, but no matter what she was still a traitor to the team. I loved her the same and I don't hold it against her. She was our friend too. We care about her also. But we have to take care of each other. She's hurt us in the past. Who is to say she wouldn't do the same in the future." Starfire pouted and landed on the ground next to Cyborg, the neon green that takes over her eyes when she uses her powers vanished as her feet came into contact with the concrete flooring.

"Yeah. She was a seriously troubled girl. She'll always remain our friend but maybe for now it's best that we let her live her life normally. Without powers. Without pressure," Cyborg commented.

"They're right Beast Boy. Listen to us. We know what's right." Robin, as the leader, spoke with wisdom.

"The girl tried to drown me in mud. I don't trust her. She should've never been allowed back on our team after the first time. She may have killed Slade but look at how well that ended up. He was brought back to life," Raven said blatantly with a neutral face that was partially covered in the hood of her destroyed cape.

Raven's words pinched a nerve in Beast Boy. The vain in his forehead protruded from anger. He tried to hold in his frustration but Raven had just pushed him too far.

"Yeah and if I recall correctly he was brought back to life because OF YOU. Why should we trust you either then! You were going to let your big scary Dad take over our world and kill us all! Don't you talk about her that way. Don't you ever say a bad thing about her. She was a good person. She was a better person than you are. And she's definitely a better friend than you. She was nice to me, she wanted to be around me, she cared about me, she thought I was funny, she didn't push me away. You push us all away. You act like you aren't a part of this team. You sit in your room and shut the rest of us out. You've got way more problems than see did!"

"You've tried this before Beast Boy. You think your words can hurt me but they won't anymore. I'm not that girl. I'm not the kind of person who cares about what people think of me," Raven fired back, her eyes going black.

"Oh Yeah? Well maybe you'll take this personally!" Beast Boy yelled. Robin knew what was coming but it was too late. There was no stopping him.

"Beast Boy STOP!" Robin screamed and jumped forward, grabbing his shoulder but Beast Boy had already started changing. Suddenly a fearsome green rhino stood before them. Raven looked up in amazement and bewilderment. Her body went numb and she was to shocked to even protect herself from what was coming for her. Beast Boy charged forward, snorting loudly and aiming his horn right at Raven. Raven made an "ugh" as Beast Boy plowed into her angrily. She was sent reeling backward and skidded across the smooth ground. Her hair hung into her face as she fought to get up but was too weak from the pain. Her body trembled as she tried to pull herself off the ground. Her head was turned away from her friends. She didn't want them to see her right now. Raven let her head fall to hide her face. She fought tears.

"Beast Boy! How could you?" Robin inquired with worry.

"I...I just." He stuttered.

"Friends don't hurt friends Beast Boy. Not on purpose atleast," Cyborg stated firmly.

"I didn't mean too!" Beast Boy tried to fight.

"We get that you're angry. Just don't take it out on us." Robin suggested.

"I've had it with this! I'm going home! Alone!" Beast Boy shouted, waving his hands around. He stomped off and then morphed into a bird as he exited the building and took off in flight.

The remaining Titans stood around each other, shocked by their friend's harsh behavior.

"Ra…Raven." Robin said, stepping towards her to comfort her, "I'm sorry. He doesn't mean it. He's just…" As Robin tried to lay his hand on Raven's shoulder's she morphed into her raven form and disappeared through the ground.

The three teen titans left sighed.

"Poor Raven," Starfire cried.

"Agreed. That looked painful," Said Cyborg.

"She's not a bad person. She's not like us. She's different. She's just misunderstood. Beast Boy needs to realize that she's not the fun, happy and cheery kind of person. Her personality is dark yes, but that doesn't make her bad. She doesn't deserve to be treated like this. I hate seeing her so sad." Robin explained.

"Me too," Starfire agreed.

"Let's go home. We got a lot to do," Robin announced. "Bad enough that we've got two upset Titans, we still have to find this White Monster and take him down," Robin punched the palm of his left hand and wrinkled his brow.