Raven meditated in her room silently for the next two hours and when she'd finally cleared her mind and had time to think everything through she started walking down the hallway. She ambled all the way to Beast Boy's room and stopped in his doorway, standing silently while watching him sit on the floor and cuddle a pillow.

"Go away Raven," He muttered under his breath.

"How'd you know it was me? I thought I was the empath," Raven said in return.

"What do you want?" He turned around and threw his pillow on the ground.

"To talk," She answered blatantly.

"I thought you didn't want to talk,"

"I didn't…..Now I do," She replied.

Beast Boy stood up and said, "Yeah well what makes you think that I want to talk to you?"

"Oh don't do this. Yes I yelled at you but I had every right to be mad," Raven shouted.

"You're right. I'm sorry. What do you want to talk about?" He lightened.


Beat Boy got frustrated again and rolled his eyes, "It's done. Over with. She's gone,"

"If you believe that this girl you saw was her then I believe you. I don't know why I couldn't sense her presence but I still believe,"

"No you don't. I heard you tell Robin that I was loony," Beast Boy fired back.

"I want to believe you. And I'll help you. You're my friend Beast Boy. I care about you," Raven said sweetly.

She stepped into his room and put her hood up while looking around the room.

"Sorry I would've tidied up if I knew I'd be having guests,"

"No. It's fine. I just….I don't go in anyone else's room much." Raven stated.

"Well I don't go in your room much."

Raven stepped even closer and leaned against Beast Boy's desk. "I know that I'm not Terra. I could never be like her. She was very open…Friendly…Pleasant….Fun. I'm just not like her."

"I don't think any of us would know what to do if you acted like Terra. You're your own person Raven. Don't let anyone else change you," Beast Boy answered with an air of kindness and understanding.

"Thanks for understanding," Raven smiled while blushing. "I feel the same way with you. Don't ever let my snarky remarks keep you from telling your silly jokes,"

"Do you forgive me?" Beast Boy asked with puppy dog eyes,

Raven grinned, "Yeah,"

"Sweet!" He exclaimed and held out his fist. "Come on don't leave me hangin'!"

Raven pulled her hand out form under her cloak and pounded his fist.

Beast Boy was about to put his hands up and cheer for getting Raven to fist-pound him but before he could she had made a surprising, mind-blowing move. She'd jumped forward, grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a kiss.

Beast Boy was so shocked that he had his eyes opened staring at her in disbelieve the entire time.

"Whoa! Raven I think I hit your head a little too hard! What was that for?"

"….Just reminding you that Terra isn't the only girl out there for you," Raven smirked and then put her hood back up and left.