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Thoughts of last night floated, disjointed, through her mind, behind her closed eyelids. She clung to the memories with mixed feelings - what had been euphoria at bedtime had become somber pensiveness laced with worry, and it was waking her up.

Maka opened her eyes to the gentle, purple-golden light of dawn. The sun was going to return to its place in the sky today, as if it had not been covered in thick, heavy clouds not two hours before.

She peered around her room and looked at the clock. Quarter to six in the morning! Her brain was buzzing with such activity it must have settled down for an absolutely minimal amount of rest before stirring again.

What had Soul's mood really been like when he went to sleep last night? Would it possibly not be painful to let herself hope he felt some level of nervous excitement, too? More likely he'd fallen fast asleep immediately, knowing her lazy partner. Maka groaned inwardly to herself at how embarrassingly unsmooth she'd been throwing a hissy fit about Soul not opening up his personal life to her sooner.

All in all, she was starting to wonder if maybe she had been a little too aggressive.

Maka hated it when Soul hid things about himself from her, even though she knew it wasn't entirely logical because the dynamic between them was so great regardless. She remembered, with a pang of guilt, that he was actually pretty good about respecting her own privacy.

But she'd argued with him, and he'd refused to explain his life. And then she'd intended to stomp out of the room like some kind of child, and tripped over his unsuspecting legs and made him feel bad so he talked.

Then she hugged him.

It had seemed like an acceptable idea at the time. Maybe not the most well-planned, but she was not a planner anyway; she preferred to be...spontaneous. "Impulsive," according to her partner. She'd convinced him to spill something very personal, and he'd finally obliged, and she'd realized how much all these familial issues must be eating away at him.

So that would be an appropriate time for a hug, right? Right. He couldn't prove to himself that she meant that romantically. Maka was a nice person. For all he knew, maybe she'd just been feeling empathetic and relieved that he didn't try to shut her out again.

And he couldn't really "prove" that she was trying to convey romance when she pushed him back against the couch and snuggled him like an oversized teddy bear, either.

Maka had crossed her own line with that one. She'd broken her own rules. She wasn't sure she even wanted to know about any of Soul's lines that she may have crossed or rules she may have broken. Not that it hadn't been enjoyable, but there were repercussions to think about.

If he asked about it, if she could just keep a straight face and avoid blushing for a few moments, she could tell him that she hadn't intended to make him think she was sending "those" kinds of signals. And it was all just a warm, friendly gesture.

...A warm, friendly gesture that lasted for hours. (One that he participated in, whispered something hopeful in the back of her mind).

Somehow, Maka could barely even sound convincing to herself. No matter how much she argued, she knew he'd be suspicious.

But how was he going to handle that suspicion?

Maka's frustration exhausted her mind, and she fell asleep again. This time it wasn't restful, because she dreamed of rejection.

Soul woke unusually easily that morning to a much softer, more timid knock than he was used to. Thoughts of last night flooded his consciousness immediately. They even gave him slightly more energy than was typical.

Still, he was awfully sleepy.

"Mm'awake," he mumbled wearily.

She didn't hear him, though, because she knocked again. "S-Soul? Ah, I slept through my alarm so...we have to get moving. We're gonna be late."

"Yeah yeah. Coming," he said, loud enough this time. Why was she so mousey this morning, anyway? Was she embarrassed? Usually she'd be in here banging him in the face with something hard-bound to get him moving. There was no response from the other side of the door, but he did hear her in the kitchen a few moments later.

Soul did some thinking while he got ready for class.

He was thinking that changing the status quo between Maka and himself finally didn't seem like such a stupid idea.

He did always like his crazy, ridiculous partner a lot. For a while he almost thought of Maka, and the general concept of a "meister," as an extension of himself, or a family member. Or, especially, a boss of some kind. But as they fought madness, evil, and Stein's homework assignments together, it didn't take long to realize that she was none of those things.

And as he learned more about her, she became more interesting in ways he'd thought he would have to keep to himself, possibly forever. For a long time, at least, it was partly about his pride - something in him just didn't want to admit the feelings he was having for the flat, nerdy girl with the over-the-top temper. More importantly, there was always a deeper concern he had, too. The bond between the two was very strong and he didn't fear it breaking because of something stupid like a shouting match over cooking dinner, but he was very nervous about what might happen if he tried to change the fundamental nature of their relationship.

Soon, protecting Maka at all costs had become Soul's...what was that word she liked so much? Oh, right. His raison d'ĂȘtre. (She was just absurdly happy to learn that phrase and used it way too often now. She'd be so smug if she found out he was using it, too.) Anyway - protecting them as a unit was an important secondary goal. He couldn't afford to screw it up.

Especially during Soul Resonance, when he could feel what she felt accurately and intensely, Soul thought maybe she had the same ideas he did. It could be kind of hard to tell, though, because all meister and weapon partnerships are close. Maka was also a complicated person. Soul couldn't assume he'd always read her right. And anyway, she spent half the time calling him an idiot. No matter what, Soul always had that nagging feeling in the back of his mind that maybe she was right...and he'd be an even bigger idiot for trying to make any changes to their lives.

Because Maka was his meister - that's how she defined their relationship, right? As a significant other, she'd like a guy who was book-smart, and clean-cut, and enjoyed pop music, and didn't have a completely twisted sense of humor, right?

She also definitely had trust issues with men. Soul didn't take it personally when he realized she'd probably be skeptical of his intentions with her, although if the kinds of books he sometimes caught her with were any indication, she had not given up entirely on love. After all, the idea of romantic partnership is everywhere in society. Her parents' divorce had left a nasty scar, though, and Soul knew he could easily reopen that wound by mistake.

His thoughts returned more directly to their cuddle session on the couch.

What she did last night was...something else. There was definitely some significance to it. Maybe that was a green light. Soul had the feeling that the ball was in his court now. He could safely hit it back, if he made his moves cautiously.

He was just finishing brushing his teeth, and suddenly, he grinned like the Cheshire cat.

This could be a chance to be really cool.

He guessed the next step would be to actually do something. What? Pull some stunt like she did last night on the couch? Soul told himself to be calm. He was already formulating plans; he knew she didn't have anything special to do tonight, so he'd ask her to go out somewhere relaxing, just the two of them, and he'd see where things went from there...

When he arrived in the kitchen and made eye contact with Maka, though, it was not so easy to be calm. He instantly felt the anxious sweat begin, and the smirk practically dropped off of his face.

It's one thing to plan a date. It's another thing entirely to be all suave and smooth and suggest it like it's nothing when it really matters a whole lot. What if she didn't get the point? What if she had to be convinced to go out? What if he was forced into confessing more than he was really ready to tell her just yet? What if he ruined it and school was awkward all day and they never got over it?

His thoughts were interrupted when Maka grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door.

She apologized uncharacteristically. "I'm sorry, Soul, but we're gonna be late."

Well, he couldn't just stop everything and ask her now.

The sun was waking up on the horizon, spreading its heat grumpily across the desert to Death City. They stepped outside, and were greeted with a rare sight.

The cement and pavement and soil of Death City were still thoroughly soaked from last night's rain. The dry desert air was rolling back in, though, and the sun's hot rays already beat down on the ground. Together they were causing the water on the ground to evaporate, and the city's streets were covered in a layer of thick mist. There were even some places - near laundry vents, for instance - where Maka could see the cloudy air swirling around in little eddies. It obscured most low-lying buildings and was slowly inching higher; it concentrated the morning sunlight that was filtering through, giving the air itself a golden coloration.

The dawn seemed to warm even the deep gray and purple shadows. Apartment buildings and shops rose from the flaxen fog, and Shibusen's spires towered in the distance.

Maka climbed onto the motorcycle behind Soul. She felt exceptionally awkward now, sitting so close; she argued with herself over wishing that they could ride through the mist while she embraced him from the back seat.

He actually drove fairly cautiously, since all the fog made it hard to see. Soul was a little smarter than she gave him credit for.

So...what should she do? He was probably noticing that she was shy this morning. It would only be so long before he asked what was going on.

She could sneak a peek at his soul using Soul Perception. That seemed a little underhanded - and it wasn't a mind-reading ability, so it would only give her the most vague idea of what he was feeling - but it would be better than nothing.

Maka concentrated and stared straight at her weapon's back, thinking hard to see past everything in the world except for his soul. She could feel the wavelength very clearly, and it was full of-

Well, there was some admiration. Some wistfulness. Not so bad. She couldn't be completely sure it was all directed at her.

And yet there was also uncertainty. Anxiety. Tension. Distraction. Disappointment?

Just as Maka's heart was sinking, she heard Soul speak.

"Hey! Earth to Maka! Um...are you okay?" he was asking.

"Oh! Yeah. What? I'm fine."

They rode in silence for a few minutes before Soul finally said, "So...what do you think?"

"About what?"

"Huh? You didn't even hear me? I practically shouted!"

"Well, I didn't hear you," Maka snapped. She was relieved that he didn't seem to catch on to her soul-peeking. She still felt pretty awful about the feelings she detected.

"O...kay. I was wondering what you wanted to do tonight."

"Oh, I dunno. Hang out I guess, like we always do."

Soul was quiet again for a minute. "Did you want to go somewhere?"

Honestly, Maka had been planning on brooding in her room for the evening. "I don't have much energy today, Soul. What do you have in mind?"

Soul shrugged as he drove. "Ah...wherever you wanted to go..."

Maka didn't answer right away. This was really grating on Soul's nerves.

He couldn't hear Little Ogre's voice in the back of his mind. He was too sane right now. But he could feel what Little Ogre would want him to believe: that Maka was purposefully avoiding being alone with him. Because she thought he was unworthy.

"Hey! How about the museum?" she asked hopefully.

Soul groaned inwardly. Of course. That's her idea of a good time. Actually, he might be able to work with it.

"Really? You're such a nerd," he said, trying to bring back their usual dynamic. "But okay. Sure. Just this once."

"...Seriously? You - you'll go with me?"


"Soul. Are you feeling well today?"

"Ah, I guess so - why?"

"Soul. You never want to go to the museum. I've asked you like twenty-five times."

He didn't respond. She sounded much happier, so he felt a bit better, but he had the distinct feeling she didn't know this was supposed to be a date, and he was having trouble working out how to tell her that without having to tell her.

"Oh well, thanks Soul!"

They arrived at Shibusen and hurried up the front steps.

Suddenly, Maka realized something.

This scenario could be an awful lot like a date if they wanted it to.

They'd done similar things many times, of course (although this was the first time he'd voluntarily caved and decided to go to a museum). But usually the air wasn't so thick with this kind of tension. She decided to test the waters.

"Hey," she whispered, nudging her weapon (who had his face buried in his arms, already fast asleep by the look of it). "Should I invite Tsubaki and Black Star and everyone with us?"

Soul turned his head rather quickly; maybe he wasn't so sound asleep after all. "N-...I mean, do you really think they'd wanna come? Personally, I'm already dreading how boring this is gonna be."

"You jerk! I'll show you!" She turned and looked at the girl who usually sat a row behind them. "Hey, Tsubaki..."

"Oh! Were you talking to me, Maka?"

Soul huffed, interrupting them. "No way. Black Star will never want to go, and anyway, do you want that guy within ten miles of a museum? He'd probably bring the whole place crashing down."

"Go where?" Tsubaki asked, confused.

Black Star suddenly woke up from where he, too, was dozing. "Who's using my name without talking about me TO MY FACE!?" he seethed. "That's a type of sacrilege unless you're praising my power, you know!"

"We're going to the museum tonight," Maka said, not waiting for Soul to say anything else. "You guys can come if you want. Where's Liz? I can invite her and Patty and Kid, too."

"Nope." Black Star's voice was flat. "Until they have at least a full wing dedicated to ME, that place is way too boring to waste a Friday night on." He grinned, self-satisfied, as though he really had made some great decree.

Tsubaki looked apologetic. "Ah, sorry. We actually already had plans."

"Plans. Really. I wonder what they are," Liz said smugly. She had just arrived a few seats down with a giggling Patty, Kid close behind.

Tsubaki blushed lightly, but the exchange was cut short by Stein's rolling chair zooming into the room and falling over in the doorway.

"Good morning, students," he began briskly as he righted the chair almost effortlessly and scooted to the center of the room. "My apologies for being late. Today's class is going to begin a very important chapter in your studies." A lit cigarette bobbed up and down between Stein's lips as he talked.

"Well, he certainly gets right down to business," Soul muttered in a voice he thought only Maka could hear, settling in for another nap.

"I don't think you're going to want to miss this, Soul." The Professor's glasses flashed as he adjusted his view. "In fact, let's have you and your partner help in our first demonstration of the day."

Maka positively bounced to the front of the room, excited for a chance to participate (regardless of the fact that it was kind of a punishment she didn't deserve). Soul slouched forward behind her.

"Now students," Stein continued, "you're all experienced enough now that you know new battle techniques are being developed constantly. Usually the Death scythes and faculty at Shibusen are the ones conducting the research, but last week we discovered that a rogue group has developed a soul-projecting ability which can eavesdrop on a meister and weapon's thoughts while they resonate. This can affect you from up to a hundred feet away, and if that wasn't bad enough, it can also be used to cancel the resonance instantly from afar."

Soul and Maka arrived at the front of the room.

"As you can imagine, this kind of mind-reading can be used to gather information no one except Shibusen students and faculty should have. And I think you all know how disastrously a pair could falter in battle if their moves were canceled mid-resonance. Now," Stein said, "of course I experimented with the technique - they haven't given it a name yet - and I can now use it as well as any of our enemies." He turned to Maka and Soul with the kind of look he usually reserved for caged specimens, and suddenly Maka realized this class period might hurt a lot.

"Don't worry," Stein said, as though he already read her mind. "It's an almost undetectable feeling when someone is listening to you two, and it ah...only hurts for a second when the resonance is severed. So with that said, I'm going to need you two to resonate first."

When they hesitated, Stein grinned in a not-very-reassuring manner. "Heh. I promise not to tell the class all the innermost thoughts I'll be able to hear between you and Soul. That goes for all of you, since you're all getting a turn today."

Maka realized this would be her first time resonating with Soul since her feelings had really broken open last night. As soon as they made the connection, he would be bombarded with all the ideas that had been floating around in her head recently...

No. He couldn't find out. She thought about their maybe-date tonight, and amended that to at least not now, definitely not here. She'd have to try to hide it all from him.

She looked over and nodded at her weapon. "Let's go - Soul Resonance."

Soul, too, struggled to hide his thoughts from Maka. He wasn't ready yet. He still wasn't even sure she was ready, or that she'd ever be ready. This wasn't the kind of thing a person could be bombarded with in front of a class full of people.

Everything started out pretty normally with Soul Resonance. As they began, Soul transformed into the scythe and flew into Maka's gloved hands. He could almost feel the lines between him and her blurring - it felt a lot like getting goose bumps from exhilaration, even though he was in weapon form - when things started to go awry.

She didn't drop him. She just stood there, trying and trying for what must have been minutes straight, until she ran out of breath.

Crap. He'd really messed up. Trying to hide things from her was actually causing their resonance to fail. He certainly felt like a failure. They hadn't had this problem in so long.

But what was going on here? Stein was watching them curiously. His glasses flashed as he adjusted them.

Maka just stared straight at the ground and let Soul rest against the floor.

"I'm not feeling very well," she said suddenly. "Is - is it okay if I go to the infirmary for a few minutes?"


Stein stared for a moment before carefully saying, "Certainly. Ah, Soul, why don't you go with her? I'll have Black Star and Tsubaki demonstrate instead."

Black Star snorted awake. "Huwhah?"

Both were silent on the way to the infirmary. Soul risked a few glances at Maka. She looked miserable. He thought about reaching out to grab her hand but wasn't sure if she'd react well.

Both glanced at each other and offered a grin. He hoped his was comforting.

That was so stupid, thought Soul. If I can't make myself stop thinking about this for two minutes, I'll be constantly ruining our resonance. At this rate, the only thing to do might be to come clean so at least I'm not hiding anything from her. I was going to wait until tonight and see how things go...but I wonder if I should do it sooner.

Maka was absolutely mortified.

She was finding herself unable to cover up her thoughts and feelings any more. Soul was either going to find out or she'd probably never be able to resonate with him again.

Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

Maka thought carefully over the implications of telling Soul what was really going on. It was strange that he never even asked her. Normally he'd be wondering "what the hell her problem was." Instead he was just absorbed in his own thoughts. He was so distracted.

She thought about all the potential ways to resolve this problem, or at least deal with it for now.

She could open herself up completely. That would probably enable the two to resonate, but Soul would be able to essentially read her thoughts. It would be like telling him in the most unceremonious way possible.

She could tell Soul herself what was going on, in a controlled and thoughtful manner. That might compromise their partnership too, though...

She could keep trying to put it off and run away like this, trying to maintain the status quo for a little while longer-


She knew in that instant that she needed to tell Soul what was going on once and for all. Because Maka Albarn was many things - many unlovable things - like stubborn, and plain, and ill-tempered, and bossy. And she was worried about how her partner was going to react.

But Maka Albarn was no coward. Never.

She'd treat their relationship like breakable glass for as long as she could, protecting it even from herself. However, it was too late for that now; it wouldn't help any more. If the best hope she had of protecting her partnership with Soul was playing Russian roulette with a gun full of pain aimed at her own soul, she'd do it in a heartbeat. There was no reasonable way out except a confession.

She had an idea of how to do this properly.

She opened her eyes to look over at him, only to find that he was already looking thoughtfully at her.

Soul blushed and looked away when his meister made eye contact with him. He'd been thinking, and had honestly thought she wouldn't notice him.

But she just reached for his hand. "Let's - let's go outside for a moment."

His heart pounded as he accepted her grasp. What was this? It could be good or really bad. It had to be urgent to have Maka leaving school like this when everyone thought she'd be at the infirmary. He was wondering whether he was going to get beat up with every book in her knapsack.

They arrived in front of Shibusen moments later. From up here they could see all of Death City. There was still sunlit fog covering the lower elevations; the whole city seemed to be resting in a bed of thick steam. The sight caused them to pause for a moment, admiring its eerie beauty before Maka led Soul over toward the side of the school, somewhat behind a pillar and away from prying eyes.

"Soul," she said quietly, taking his other hand in hers as well and turning to face him. "Let's try. One more time - Soul Resonance."

Soul wasn't sure exactly what was going on; still, he didn't question Maka because he realized something important was definitely about to happen and he was about 90% sure it didn't involve getting hit in the head after all. He nodded, and both closed their eyes again and thought of each other.

At first their souls seemed to resist resonating again. But Soul could tell already that this was an important moment to open up, perhaps the important moment of their partnership, so he let her in. Finally, he felt them join for real.

His consciousness was transferred to some other place. He knew, in an instant, that this was Maka's soul and that they had some talking to do.

When he first gained an awareness of his surroundings, Soul realized he was dressed in his most casual clothes. The air was full of trepidation, and also...deep affection. Something that just couldn't be held back.

Soul beamed his crescent-moon smile as emotion surrounded him like heat from a fireplace. Knowledge he wished he'd had all along rushed through his mind. If he'd just known this sooner, he could have played it really cool last night...

Anyway. Time to have that discussion.

He was in a library. It wasn't a big room, but it was quite crowded. The shelves were crammed together, towering to the ceiling, and books were in turn crammed into every shelf. There was a carpet the same color as Maka's eyes. There was a small desk and a lamp, and a passage between some of the bookshelves; they seemed to obscure another light source. Soul turned the corner to walk down that passage.

He was immediately met with the sight of a huge window and a glass door. Light from some unseen sun spilled in; it seemed to be late spring or early summer outside. Right in front of the huge window was a small couch, and Maka was sitting on it, watching him intently. She also wore casual clothes, the kind she wore at home.

"Really, Maka? A library? Jeez, you're so predictable."

"There's a garden, too!"

"Ah, I see that."

Maka gestured at the space next to her on the couch, so Soul walked over and sat down.

Maka was concentrating as hard as she could on controlling her soul. She knew some of her emotions were seeping through, though. They had to, or she'd force him out again.

She was given a shot of courage when he walked closer, because she could feel affection radiating from him, too.

"Soul," she began. He was grinning, she noted, and her confidence increased with every step he took. She smiled when he sat down next to her.

"Maka-" he hesitated, having interrupted her by mistake. "Oh, sorry. What were you gonna say?"

"Nothing. can talk first," she said, still incredibly nervous.

"I think, Maka...I might already know. I'd just kind of like to hear it from you."

She took both of his hands (again) and looked up, preparing to stare into his eyes and confess in one clear statement, but the feelings she was getting from him knocked all the breath out of her chest.

He seemed to notice, because he looked away, as though being polite.

"S-Soul," she stammered again. "I'm...this is really hard to say out loud, okay? And I haven't wanted to say it because I'm afraid it will make everything complicated and we won't be able to resonate anymore." She swallowed and fidgeted with his fingers, playing with them one by one. "But- well, I need to say it, because I think it might already be too much for us to ignore."

It was time to face the music, and she could do so with confidence because through their connection she suddenly knew what he had been about to say.

Soul did his best to remain patient.

"I love you," she whispered, finally staring into his eyes, almost defiantly.

They paused and let the world turn for a moment before a slow, genuine smile crossed Soul's face. He pulled her into his arms, and she leaned her ear against his chest again. "I was just about to tell you...the same thing. I love you. But you already knew that, right?"

Maybe she didn't before, but Soul was sure she must feel it now. Maka smiled, and they embraced once more.

Through the haze of emotion, Soul realized there was something he should say.

"Maka. Don't worry about us. I promise we're not your parents. You're not your mother, and I'm definitely not your creepy father."

He kissed the top of her head, in a way he thought would be nearly imperceptible, but she looked up at him anyway. Then he kissed her forehead, and she leaned up to give him a peck on the lips.

Soul leaned down again, keeping her in his embrace and running his hands along her back in an almost comforting manner. He kissed her, a little longer this time, and she got into it too.

"Hang on," she said. "I...let's go outside and do this, okay? In the ah, 'real world.'"

"This is just as real as out there," Soul said, mouth against her hair. "And anyway, you're the one who brought us in here," he added teasingly.

"I know that! But well, that was just for the...the hard part. I feel like I don't want to just keep us confined to my mind like this...if it's all okay..."

Soul squeezed her. "I get it. Okay, Maka. See you outside."

As the pair opened their eyes in front of Shibusen, they realized they were sitting down while still holding hands. Maka scooted closer to Soul and both looked around surreptitiously before he brought her close again. Then, in a huge rush to pick up where they left off, he lifted her chin and brought her mouth to meet his.

He felt every curve of her lips with his own, letting them brush and hover and just exchange warmth for a few seconds before using them once again to gently massage hers, kissing her mouth in a slightly different spot each time. He relished the feeling of her breath against him, and it always pulled him back in closer.

It was awkward. A first for both of them. He was experimenting. But it still felt...really cool.

Maka's heart was pounding. She felt dizzy and couldn't possibly have torn herself away from the incredible thrill that was kissing Soul if she wanted to.

She felt his mouth, gently shaping hers according to his so the ridge that was his upper lip fit just between both of hers.

She thought she felt, very lightly, his tongue barely brush her lower lip, timidly asking for entrance. So she angled her head in what seemed like a more comfortable position and did the same. He met her halfway this time; their tongue-tips touched, and they played with each other for a minute.

Then they deepened the kiss. She pushed even closer to her partner and slid her tongue along his, affectionately caressing him. They held their arms tightly around each other and, not quite sure what to do with their hands, gripped each other's clothing.

She felt Soul's teeth. Maka realized, with goose bumps on her skin, that she was curious about them. So she ran her tongue along them, along the fronts and across the jagged tops. Soul seemed to realize she was exploring him, so he toned down his movements, merely massaging her tongue gently with his own whenever he felt it. But after a while he grinned against her mouth and she blushed even more deeply, realizing how strange she was being.

"Sorry," she said through an embarrassed little giggle.

"It feels cool," he answered with a smirk and a shrug.

Thank goodness they had decided to take a break from snogging and merely lie together a few minutes later, when their friends (every single one - even Professor Stein was there) rounded the corner and demanded to know why they weren't at the infirmary.

Black Star, who was in the lead, gave Soul a double thumbs-up.

That night (after cleaning up some rather old spilled tea), Maka sat outside in the park. She had taken a walk, bringing the little poetry book and some reading material with her. The sky had been crystal-clear since before noon. There was not a trace of fog or humidity anywhere in Death City. The moon and stars and street lights made it just bright enough to see the note paper.

She wanted so badly to write something again.

It had seemed like a good idea, a moment to reflect on today's events. But now that she had gotten out here, she just wanted to rush back.

Lightning is like the spark between us, she wrote. Oh great, another mediocre poem. Good thing she wouldn't be showing it to anyone.

And it catalyzed something.

But it confused me for a while.

When I woke up this morning,

this town was covered in fog.

My brain was covered in fog, too.

You cleared it all away for me

Because we said "I love you"

and at the same time the fog was cleared

by the bright sun.

At this point a familiar voice shouted "Surprise!" and Maka dropped everything she was holding. Soul laughed.

"Hey, you jerk!" She picked up Pride and Prejudice and smacked him with it.

"Ah, come on, Maka, I just didn't want to leave you alone in the dark for too long!" He leaned down to pick up the poetry book. "Hey, is this where you write all your crazy poems...?"

"Don't read that-"

"Oh, now I have to read it."

Too bad he was taller. He held it above his head and laughed as she tackled him, grabbing at the book.

So that's it, my first Soul x Maka fanfic. I hope the kissing wasn't painful to read...because that is the first time in my life I have ever tried to write something like that about tongues and it was exceedingly umm sensual. xD I looooooove this pairing so much, I will definitely be writing more for them. Thanks again for reading!