"Welcome to our new home Novalee!" my owner Grace said as she opened the cat carrier. In an instant I leaped out of the carrier, or as I like to call it, the moving prison, I landed on a soft green carpet. I closed my eyes and stretched my tired mussels. I then sat down and looked around the area.

A modern type of home. By what I heard my owner say when she was talking to her friend on the phone, this place had a basement, the main floor, and the second story. And even thought it looked like a nice place, I noticed the small cracks at the base of a wall, or where the carpet had a darker tint to it marking that something had been spilled on it. And there was a foul smell coming from the back of the house. Might be a dead rat by the smell of it. But other than that, this place isn't half bad. It would only be complete if my best friend Dream had come along with me.

"Come on Novalee. Let's check out the rest of the house." Grace said as she walked to the left and entered another room. Usually I wouldn't follow my owner because she rambles on to me about the simplest of things, but lately she hasn't been acting the same. And she leaves often and is gone for a while. When she comes back she smells of medical chemicals and medicine I did not recognize.

I followed her and it turned out to be a kitchen. Grace looked out the window by the fridge while I leaped up onto the grey counter. I then walked forward, carefully moving around the packed boxes and made my way to my owner's side. She looked down at me and said "This is our home now Novalee. I'll let you outside after we get unpacked. Alright?"

She placed her hand on my head and ran it down my back. I purred loudly for her and then she turned and walked of. I leaped onto the window edge and looked out. I frowned as a tree blocked my view. The branches may be dead and bare, but there were enough of them that it blocked my vision from the outside world. I wonder if there are other cats around here. I mean, I did catch a faint scent of one.

I leaped down from the window and moved on. As I walked past the stairs, faint creeks from the old floor above. I narrowed my eyes and quietly moved up the steps. I sniffed the air but a musky dark scent blocked any living scent around. I reached the final step and looked down the hallway. It was dark, with the only light flickering from above.

I walked forward quietly, feeling my fur brisling on my back. The sound had stopped, but I doubt whatever made the noise had left.


"Shit…!" I said softly as I stepped on a lose floorboard. I looked forward and a figure suddenly ran forward. My claws slid out but before I could do anything, the figure ran past me and ran down the hall. I growled as the scent of cat came to my nose. I growled and ran after the trespasser. The cat turned and dived into a dark room. I skidded to a halt as I stood in the doorway. I watched as a cat leaped up to an open window and disappeared outside.

I huffed and then growled. I walked into the room and stopped as a cat stared back at me. I hissed and leaped back. But I found that it was only a wall mirror, and my reflection staring back at me. My blue eyes stared back at me, and black and white pelt was fluffed out. I sighed and then looked over at the window.

A gentle breeze blew past me carrying a few leaves. The other house had a same look to them. Old, but very nice. Except for the one a few houses down from mine. It seemed older than the others and it was taller than mine. It had a tree in the back but that was it besides a few bushes. Oh I can't wait to go explore.

"Novalee!" Grace called my name again and I turned and ran down the hall. She was by the steps and when she saw me, she smiled. I made a mewing sound and rubbed up against her leg. She bent down and said "I got something for you Novalee." She then wrapped something around my neck and said "Good girl…"

I looked down and saw she had placed a red collar around neck. There was a small golden heart charm. I touched it with my paw and looked up at Grace. But she was already heading down the stairs. I huffed and then followed Grace down the steps. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to go outside, and maybe I can find that cat again…