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...Appealing madness...

They were here for different reasons... mostly those reasons were disturbing.

Itachi's face showed no emotion as he walked down the long hallway to the daily meeting, it was always the same... bunch of psychos and retards would talk about their problems and then one idiotic woman in a lousy ugly miniskirt would try to get him talk about his insecurities and problems...as if he would have them. He didn't... and frankly he thought he is here for no reason.

He ignored the rest of the group as they greeted him almost like they would be willingly here. He knew only one guy who was willingly here and personally Itachi thought that only that guy really needs to be here, he was the craziest of them all willingly being in a mental house... really, crazy fucker.

Itachi sat down on the simple chair holding his back straight, he was looking at his purple fingernails instead of the lunatic faces, no doubt today won't be an exception and the stupid woman who supposed to treat them will nag him for his reasons.

Itachi realised he will never get out of this place if he won't give the woman answers she wanted to hear, that much he realised, he knew what she wanted to hear... she wanted Itachi admitting that he's a crazy fucker... stupid blonde bitch.

"Hello everyone... today... I'd like you all to meet a new guy... he's name is Sai..."

Itachi lifted his eyes to look at the new victim of this place...

He was in deep shit...

This guy named Sai was smiling at the group and this new guy was simply... beautiful... and to Itachi's great dismay Sai was so similar to his baby brother Sasuke...

Sai though had shorter hair and they were brownish while Sasuke's were coal black. Sai's eyes were big and nearly black with black eyelashes fluttering on perfect pale skin and dear god... Itachi stared and tried to pray his eyes off of the smiling creature, those plump lips... the body almost delicate with curves on the hips and fuck Itachi, the guy was actually wearing skin tight black jeans and a top that left few inches of a trim and lean stomach exposed... and why the fuck the psycho kept smiling.

Itachi went back to look at his nails... the fact that the new guy automatically reminded him of Sasuke was bad... it was terribly bad... especially in this place... outside he would be thrilled... but not here...

He missed his brother so much. Itachi ignored as the other victims of the group greeted the smiling creature and the smiling creature simply said 'hello' making Itachi shiver...the guy had a nice voice.

"Sai... would you like to talk about why you are here?"

Itachi nearly chuckled... he truly hated that blonde woman and if he recalled right her name was Tsunade or something and she simply ticked him off whenever she opened her mouth... seriously... who wanted to talk about why they were there, Itachi lifted his eyes to look at the new guy.


Itachi did smirk because the guy was smiling while he said 'no' and Itachi could tell and he was sure everyone can tell that the guy is faking that smile... at least Itachi seeing it was tempted to slap the pretty face or at least vomit.

"You will have to tell us about it sooner or later dear..."

"Later then..."

Itachi was biting the inside of his cheek, Sai was smiling sickeningly sweet while refusing the blonde and the same blonde looked slightly annoyed even though she shouldn't show it, or was it just that Itachi had better observing skills than other people, he could clearly see Tsunade's eyebrow twitch and the vein on her forehead sure looked about to blow.

"Alright then... anyone else wants to talk about something?"

Dead silence... of course there would be a dead silence... why do people believed that talking could change a person or make them feel better or cure them from an imagined insanity... it was all fucked up, just because the society didn't agree with their beliefs didn't mean they're crazy... for example the Hidan guy sitting across from Itachi, he had become buddies with the platinum haired man ad so he knew why Hidan was here. Hidan believed in a demon god... and that's why he was here... just because the society didn't think its normal... yeah, so maybe Hidan did cut away at some girl, but that's beside the point.

"Itachi... maybe you feel like talking today?"

Bitch... fuck off!

Itachi inspected his nails with live interest, yeah he should actually paint them anew, look there was a chipped corner on the middle finger... he should flash that middle finger to that bitch.


Not here... or at least wishing he wouldn't be here... seriously any fucking where but here.


Okay, she was too annoying.

"Yeees?" he breathed out looking at the blonde spawn of hell annoyed and irritated.

"Itachi tell me why you are here!"

Oh so now it wasn't an encouragement, now the bitch was ordering him to say it...

"Because my parents think I have mental problems..."

"So, Itachi... you think, that what you did was normal?"

"Read the file... I didn't do it... they stopped me." Itachi smirked when Tsunade hearing his answer looked at him almost like she would see the devil himself... oh Itachi had the feeling that just because of what he just said he will spend here the whole eternity.

"And still... you think that what you intended to do... was normal?"

He scowled mentally, the bitch actually got him talking... but only because she was so damn annoying... and why the hell Sai kept staring at him and smiling that fake shit of a smile.

"How are you supposed to know what I intended to do?"

"Your intentions were quite obvious judging from your parents witnessing."

Itachi was about to respond when Sai coughed making him and the blonde turn their heads at the same time... the fake smile widened.

"Excuse me, but I believe this discussion would be much more understandable for the others and me if we knew what... Itachi is here for."

Itachi stared at the dark haired pretty boy unable to even as much as glare as he would maybe do if it were someone else, not a guy who looked so pretty and reminded him of his baby brother.

Itachi's eyes travelled to Tsunade's and if he wasn't mistaken she took great interest in Sai's interest... the rest of the group looked bored to death except for Hidan who was listening quite intently so it would seem, judging from the purple eyes darting from him to Sai and the blonde.

Tsunade turned to him, first giving a smile to Sai.

"Right Itachi, Sai is right of course, so why don't you enlighten us... no one's about to judge you here."

Liar... she was here to judge him!

Itachi sneered evilly at everyone and at the new guy too for provoking this, he ignored the way Sai's expression didn't change the smile had left those plump lips and now the big dark eyes were simply... blank... the expression...blank.

"I'm here because I fucking slipped and fell over my brother!" he spat out rather angrily knowing that an anger fit will only get him sedated and will lock him away for life probably. He noticed Hidan trying to suppress a laugh apparently it was obvious that Itachi was pulling their legs left and right.

Tsunade smiled a faint smile. "You slipped and fell over your brother? What happened next, Itachi...?"

"I checked his body for injuries..." he said calmly now trying to ignore the way Hidan was choking on his weak attempts to mask the laughing fit... Sai remained confusingly void of emotions.

But oh the blonde's eyebrow was twitching and that huge vein on the forehead looked alive.

"Did your brother enjoyed you checking him for injuries?"

Itachi smirked inwardly, no way in hell... he would never say that Sasuke enjoyed it... he rather spends the rest of his life here as a rapist than say that Sasuke was willing and that way condemn his brother to the same fate.

"Didn't have the chance to ask..."

"If you would get out... would you ask?"

"Why don't you allow him to see me and I will ask then..."

"Your parents won't let him see you... you know it very well Itachi... your... feelings towards your younger brother isn't something anyone would approve of."

"And what the hell makes you think you know anything about my feelings and what the hell gives you right to speak for everyone?" too bad he was getting really angry... too bad that when he was angry he didn't care what he says... too bad that along with his freedom they took away his self control... damn... he wanted to get away but if he would jump up from the chair and start to break furniture, like he was tempted to do, he would get drugged... he restrained, instead remaining sitting on the chair and breathing heavily.

"All right Itachi... I'm sorry for saying that... does anyone wants to express their opinion?"

They better don't... if anyone calls him a sick fucker he will literally tear this place and that person apart.

Itachi's head snapped to Hidan when that one smirked and fidgeted on his chair.

"Yeah I can give my opinion... it's like, do we fucking have to rack in other peoples brain or could we leave this retarded shit of a meeting and do something useful like... staring in the four fucking walls for the rest of the day?"

Itachi liked the platinum haired guy, the blonde though didn't seem to appreciate all the swearing... but Itachi knew and he was sure the bitch knew as well by now that Hidan can't say a sentence without swearing.

"Hidan... I meant your opinion about Itachi's story."

"What about it... he slipped then checked his brother for the damn injuries... sounds like a caring older brother." Itachi restrained his laughing fit... that sentence would have sounded better if Hidan wouldn't be choking on the words trying not to laugh.

"Sai, you were interested in why Itachi was here... you have anything to say?"

"Mh I have something to ask actually..."

Itachi looked at the creature narrowing his eyes... good thing that that retarded smile wasn't on the guys face... never mind... Sai's face blossomed in the very same fakest smile as he leaned forward towards Itachi, Itachi wouldn't admit it but he was interested in what the question might be.

"Mh Itachi, lets imagine you're free again and lets imagine I'm free as well and lets presume that your baby brother is at least half as hot as you... could I 'slip' along?"

Itachi didn't breathe... he was simply looking in that pretty face hearing shocked gasps all around and hearing Hidan bark out a laugh, Itachi thought that his heart has stopped for good but then it started to pounce on his ribs madly... it was like electricity... those words made his mind produce so many dirty images that he thought he will black out or at least start to bleed from his nose or cock...

Itachi was still zoning out, only half aware that Tsunade was now scolding the smiling Sai harshly and Hidan was literally rolling on the floor holding his tummy and choking something that sounded like 'Jashin save me... fucking hilarious.. Can't fucking breathe.' the others were blabbing loudly something about gays and cocks in inappropriate places...

"EVERYONE CALM DOWN! Hidan get back on the chair, now!"

Itachi was still staring at the guy and the same devil was just sitting there and observing the chaos he had created with live interest.

"I would just like to explain something here..." Tsunade started tapping her pen over her clipboard way too nervously for a psychologist. "Itachi, just so you know, he didn't really mean it. Sai is... Sai is often saying and doing things just to see how others would react."

Itachi watched how two men dressed in white came in and grabbed the smiling Sai under his armpits leading him out of the room, the pretty boy looked at his salvagers with the fake smile.

"Are you two from the ape planet?"

Itachi realised that Tsunade was right, Sai had just asked that looking purely interested not like he was trying to insult the guards... that guy was seriously hunting for people reactions... Itachi was even tempted to ask something more about Sai's case... he knew he shouldn't.

"And why the fuck he does that... I mean except the fact that it's fucking hilarious?"

Itachi gave the tiniest smile to Hidan for asking so he wouldn't have to.

The blonde bitch fidgeted on the chair scribbling something on her file.

"Sai seems to be oddly unemotional it's almost like he doesn't understand the emotions so I believe that's how he is trying to understand them."

"That can't be a fucking reason to be here."

"It can be when he becomes dangerous for himself... he doesn't fear or realise the consequences to his actions."

To that Itachi could only agree... Sai was dangerous for himself if he said such things not thinking about consequences.

"You seem interested Hidan..."Tsunade was fighting a long lost war, she would never cure any of them... as long as they thought there's nothing to cure and Itachi knew for sure that Hidan thinks there's nothing to cure just like himself.

"And what the hell you want to hear... do you want me to pretend compassionate because honestly I fucking doubt I can... I'm interested because there's nothing else to be interested in, in this fucking shit of Jashin forsaken place..."

"I think you need to calm down Hidan."

"And I think you need to go and fucking get a damn dildo!"


Itachi sighed, observing the same guards from ape planet march in and drag Hidan away, Hidan though this time seemed unwilling as he punched one of the guards in the nose causing a massive bleeding, Itachi couldn't deny that the platinum haired guy was definitely strong and all manly and maybe if Itachi wouldn't be in the feminine type of guys he would have hots for the damn Jashinist... okay so he had hots for the guy but just because Hidan was something like a perfect picture of a man... or maybe because the same guy so randomly choose to show off his muscles neglecting his shirt on regular basis.

He even chuckled to himself when Hidan simply didn't stop swearing at everything that those violet eyes fell upon as the guy was dragged away.

"Don't you fucking dare to make a vegetable out of me... you hear me blonde bitch don't you fucking dare...THAT DILDO WOULD MAKE YOU RELAX, FRIGID COW!"

That was the last he heard of the guy as he was dragged out of the room...

"Were finished for now... I'll meet you all in the evening."

Itachi stood up and went down for the lunch hall immediately, he ate the desert neglecting the main course and went back up to his room as far as he knew there were six floors to the building... or more like six floors were they were allowed to freely roam around... all the exits were sealed of course... he was kind of grateful that this place wasn't like few other mental houses... he was glad he wasn't locked in his room all day... well at least till he vaguely behaved.

He sat on his bed tapping his foot on the floor. As soon as he saw through his room window the guards march down the hall he stood up and left his room...

He didn't knock he simply opened the white door and walked in the dimly lit room. Hidan lying on the bed gave him a creepy kind of grin.

"Hey Itachi, how comes you always come to me when the fucking guards take me away?"

Itachi sat on the edge of the bed looking at the platinum haired zealot. He really did that, he always came in Hidan's room when he knew the guy must be sedated... but it was okay because those two times Itachi had been sedated Hidan had come as well.

"You know why, idiot... it's boring and you probably can't even as much as raise your arms."

"No I can't. this fucking place Itachi... I want to burn it down."

Itachi so well understood... "Don't let them hear you say that though..."


Itachi watched Hidan's face... it was strange how rude and brute this guy seemed but that face didn't... Hidan was handsome, really alluring in a way with those purplish eyes that looked kind of sad and with the thin neat eyebrows that were a tone darker than the hair... almost grey. he liked how the hair were always nicely combed back with few stray bangs falling into the pale face, the guy had a fine nose and tempting lips... except those lips looked a bit chipped, he knew it's from the sedative drugs, they did that shit.

"Itachi... are you checking me out?"

"No!" Itachi said a bit too fast and then coughed seeing Hidan watch him with narrowed eyes... Itachi took a glass from the near table. "You must be thirsty."

To that Hidan nodded and Itachi lifted the Jashinist's shoulders up a bit to get him in a near sitting position and then watched the lips touch the glass as the guy drunk the water with hungry gulps.

When that was done Itachi sat back down on the edge of the bed touching Hidan's.. he kind of hoped Hidan is not disgusted by him now that the guy knew why Itachi is here... at least Itachi was sure that Hidan had realised that 'slipping' and 'checking for injuries' meant molesting... in a way.

If he would have to stay for long in this place Hidan might become his friend, they already were in some odd ways... like helping to drink when the other was unable... that was a friendship of some sorts as well.

It unnerved him... it always did... whenever he saw Hidan smirk it unnerved him... Itachi wasn't scared or afraid but he had to admit that Hidan possessed the most devilish smirk he had seen.

"So are you gay or is it just your baby brother that you're after?"

Itachi paused in breathing... mostly because he didn't hear a single cursing word... he turned a bit now facing the wall he knew Hidan can still see his profile just fine but somehow he felt better not looking in those violet eyes.

Should he trust Hidan, most probably not... but maybe he should... Hidan was different, Hidan had different view on what's right or wrong.

"Hey Itachi... you don't have to fucking explain anything to me... seriously dude."

Itachi grimaced... he kind of... wanted to.

He stood up marching for the window and looking out of it...

"It's not that simple... fuck, they all think I'm a monster... if they had caught me fucking some random guy it would be all good... I would be marked as gay... a fag... whatever, I wouldn't be here... but because of Sasuke..." Itachi turned to face Hidan and maybe he felt encouraged by the calm expression the guy had it was clear as day Hidan is listening intently... so Itachi blabbed on.

"He's underage... and he's my brother... you know like truly... from the same mother and father... which makes an incestuous paedophile of me."


"No..." Itachi interrupted whatever Hidan was about to say. "You know, maybe they are right... maybe I am a monster."

"Itachi dude, come and fucking sit down..."

Itachi did... now facing Hidan and Hidan even managed to lift his hand in his sedated state, he put it on Itachi's knee.

Itachi didn't mind...

"Tell me... what your brother thinks of it... when they caught you... I mean... it wasn't the first time right?"

Itachi managed a tiny smirk as he watched his purple fingernails now.

"No... We were screwing like bunnies for half a year."

"So Sasuke was more than just willing..."

Itachi shivered... yeah, his baby brother was more than just willing...screaming and begging for more, loving his every touch... Itachi tried to chase the thoughts away but there was no escape...


"Why didn't you try to explain your parents how it was... they probably think you were about to rape the kid... how old is he by the way?"

"Hidan... that's exactly why I'm here because they think I was about to rape him... and it will stay like that... otherwise they will lock him in this shit hole as well... he's about to turn eighteen in two months."

"Pfff... seventeen is not a fucking kid anymore... hm, you have been here for more than two months, your brother must be lonely."

Aw, what the hell was Hidan trying to get at... Itachi seriously didn't want to feel bad for Sasuke now, he was feeling bad for his own fate... their fate.

He knew he and his little brother will never have a happy ending but he also had hoped it won't end so abruptly... they only had a half of a year to enjoy themselves.

"He'll be fine... his boyfriend Suigetsu will take care of him."

Itachi with a corner of his eye saw Hidan's lips form something like a half devilish smirk.

"So it was more like a free relationship."

Itachi crossed his legs leaning back a bit pressing his back against Hidan's side, the Jashinist seemingly didn't mind the touches, even knowing that Itachi was a freak in the sack...


"And how comes you ended up caught?"

Itachi noted that Hidan didn't swore again... it got his interest mildly.

"We got careless..." Itachi smiled one genuine smile remembering Sasuke's needy state..."And when my brother makes big puppy eyes, there's no way to hold back, even if you're sent to hell itself afterwards." Itachi cursed under his nose... thinking and remembering was bad for him... the thought about Sasuke made something stir in his jeans, he fidgeted on the bed hoping Hidan wont realise his little problem raising.

Hidan's chuckling got his attention and he blushed looking at the Jashinist from that evil smirk Itachi thought that Hidan is realising.

"Itachi..." Hidan started and Itachi knew he's in trouble...

"You were fucking checking me out earlier weren't you?"

"What if?" Itachi said and then watched Hidan lift his arms and make fists then relax them and make fists again, Hidan smiled.

"Seems like I can move again... say Itachi could you help me to get to the bathroom?"

Itachi didn't say anything he simply stood up pulling the blanket off of the manly body... he understood that Hidan didn't want to carry on their conversation, it was fine... he will respect that.

"Come here..." he murmured when Hidan got up, he put the muscled arm around his shoulders and wrapped his own arm around Hidan's waist and god damn him, the guy really had nice body... for that kind of body he might even close his eyes on the fact that he liked to dominate his partners.

Itachi opened the door for the bathroom and led Hidan inside noticing that the Jashinist was walking just fine... noticing that devilish smirk too late.

It was amazing how the fact that he had been caught like a mouse by a cat made him yelp strangely. Hidan pushed him against the wall as soon as the door closed.


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