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...Appealing Madness.

Itachi as Hidan knew already was nowhere near shy even if it seemed like that at times when the pale cheeks dusted pink... actually Itachi was naughty and he loved it to bits, the same naughty guy crawled on Suigetsu's lap straddling the guy Hidan's breathing hitched when Itachi licked at Suigetsu's lips... the sight was so exciting.

"We should move to the bedroom." Itachi murmured bucking his hips grinding them in Suigetsu's and judging from the sharp gasp coming from the blue hot-stuff Itachi was hard as well.

Hidan had to grin about the fact that Suigetsu didn't know what he's about to give.

But apparently Suigetsu was willing to take the chances, the guy stood up putting his hands on Itachi's ass and squeezing it was clear as hell that Suigetsu really wanted that ass.

Sasuke however tried to jump off of Hidan, the key word being 'tried' Hidan grabbed Sasuke around the waist with one arm the other he used to move Sasuke so the dolly would straddle him, he almost choked feeling the hardness against his own. Ah the little 'don't like you' doll was hard... Hidan grinned looking at Sasuke's face as he stood up.

"Not because of you!" Sasuke breathed in his face stubbornly.

"Of course not!" Hidan chuckled rocking the delicate hips into his own as he started to walk following Itachi and Suigetsu, he saw Itachi is literally attacking Suigetsu's neck sucking and biting... he earned himself a shaky gasp when he squeezed Sasuke's delicate ass hard.

Sasuke however squirmed and looked at him with 'how dare you' face which only made Hidan repeat his actions grinning when the younger Uchiha dived in his neck probably to hide the red cheeks and probably thinking that that way Hidan wouldn't hear the soft moan... well he did hear it.

Thank Jashin the bed was king size even though it didn't matter for him right now, Itachi was already sitting on top of Suigetsu, straddling the guy and sucking at the lower lip while Suigetsu was seemingly touch Itachi everywhere at the same time.

For a moment Hidan didn't quite care, he pushed Sasuke up the wall earning a yelp.

He grinded his hips into Sasuke's, thin hands laid on Hidan's shoulders as Sasuke pushed him away and murmured something about him being a forceful bastard, his fingers entangled In the soft raven locks and he did forcefully tilt Sasuke's head up as he crushed his mouth on the smaller one.

Without any silly hesitation he pushed his tongue past Sasuke's lips and since there was the lovely surprised gasp he pushed his tongue past the white teeth meeting Sasuke's wet tongue and starting to push it around even though it tried to escape him.

Sasuke growled and nimble fingers clenched on his shoulders digging the nails in his flesh through his shirt, in truth Sasuke's squirming only turned him on more because he knew it's an act. Sure enough soon the wet tongue started to push at his as if to push him out, Hidan wasn't buying it, Sasuke's hips bucked forward and there was the tell tale moan coming from the hot mouth right into his.

He pulled back smirking as Sasuke was panting and barely meeting his eyes, he kind of understood what Sasuke is going through but he wouldn't have it, the little brother had no rights to be jealous of him because he's with Itachi.

Hidan pulled Sasuke's shirt off, having to struggle a bit but when younger Uchiha was half naked and still had the slender legs wrapped around his hips he turned to the bed to put Sasuke on it, his eyes went a bit wider discovering that Itachi and Suigetsu already were only in their boxers... black for Itachi and deep blue for Suigetsu... well, they were quick, he also noticed that Suigetsu was pleasuring Itachi by sucking on the rosy nipples... good.

When Sasuke's back touched the satin bedding the pale body squirmed and moaned helplessly when Hidan dived for the swan like neck nibbling and sucking on the soft skin.

Sasuke's hand fisted his white hair he smirked on the silky neck when Sasuke tried to pull him away even if the attempt was poor.

"N-no, I don't...ahh... don't want to!" Sasuke breathed out arching under him when he sucked the little hard nipple in his mouth harshly. It made him shiver but he pulled back getting in face level with Sasuke, his lips brushed on Sasuke's.

"I know you don't." he calmed crushing their lips together once more, that mouth was definitely sweet and hot and the body under him was definitely responsive.

He heard Itachi moan to his side and it made him glance at the two, the sight pulling a grin on his face, Suigetsu was moving steadily down Itachi's body tracing the tongue on the hip bones now with Itachi's fingers entangled in the blue hair.

Damn... he wanted to watch and he wanted the body currently under him, fuck him if he could only combine watching Itachi and fucking Sasuke.

Suigetsu's fingers curled in Itachi's boxers when Itachi sat up stopping the guy causing a terribly confused and almost hurt expression appear on Suigetsu's face.

"Wait Sui... you too Hidan."

Hidan instantly stopped his mouth and lips pulling away from his little prize and kneeling on his knees while Sasuke looking confused and a bit dazed sat up and looked at his brother waiting for explanation... they all were.

Suigetsu's face was priceless... the guy clearly looked robbed of a candy, Hidan suspected it was because the guy was pleasuring Itachi and definitely hoped to get to top this time and then Itachi goes and stops him... heh.

Since Itachi wasn't one for many words which Hidan knew for sure he wasn't all that surprised when Itachi gave him a naughty smirk and then still laying on his back grabbed Sasuke's hair puling the squeaking Uchiha to himself.

Great, Hidan had been robbed.

Itachi's next action though made him sit back on his knees readying himself for a show that he himself had requested previously while Itachi had the ice-cream.

And Hidan simply loved Suigetsu's expression as Itachi took the blue haired guys wrist firmly and led it to his own mouth as soon as Itachi started to suck and lick on Suigetsu's fingers Suigetsu groaned with wide eyes as if asking is it really happening to which Itachi nodded and smirked.

And the little devil Sasuke wasn't hesitating either, after giving Itachi incredulous look the little doll started to plant hot open mouthed kisses on Itachi's neck moving down steadily and surely.

Hidan could clearly see Suigetsu's cock trying to tear the blue boxers and get out... that's why Hidan's eyebrows pulled up when Suigetsu pulled his hand away from Itachi's mouth.

"No matter how I enjoy you sucking me... even if it's just fingers I rather get the lube."

Hidan nodded to himself in agreement, it wouldn't be good if his baby couldn't walk and couldn't receive from him afterwards.

As it appeared Suigetsu was very fast... It took around one second for the guy to jump out of the bed and rack in the drawers then to jump back on the bed holding the tube of lubricant... Itachi hummed appreciatively when Suigetsu slickening his fingers nudged the pale legs apart, Suigetsu already was shaking all over when he pulled Itachi's boxers off.

Hidan moaned lowly unable to stop himself when Itachi's back arched beautifully just because the little brother had engulfed Itachi in the little hot mouth, Hidan's mouth parted pretty much like Itachi's as the doll bobbed his head up and down humming.

Dear Jashin save him, Hidan wished he could fist Sasuke's hair just as roughly as Itachi was doing it. And when Sasuke apparently supportive of the idea of his boyfriend fucking his older brother, grabbed Itachi's legs spreading them wide while still sucking, Hidan was on fire... almost literally. his breathing heavy and ragged as he observed Suigetsu with determined face move the slickened fingers between Itachi's slender pale legs and Itachi let out shaky moans as the two digits moved inside.

Hidan was sure it was something like a well tested action when Itachi spanked Sasuke's little ass hard because the younger just moaned on Itachi's pleasured length and fastened up the pace.

Itachi however now moaning rather loudly tugged on Sasuke's jeans, he groaned displeased when Sasuke pulled back to take the jeans off seemingly not caring that Hidan was having a great show of Sasuke revealing that little ass for him... or maybe Sasuke was very well aware.

When Sasuke was naked and Itachi was arching as Suigetsu was now fingering with three fingers and quite roughly Hidan was barely keeping himself in place... suddenly watching didn't seem as appealing anymore.

"E-enough Sui." Itachi whimpered, arching and panting. "Do it."

Hidan growled but his growl was nothing comparing with the one that escaped Suigetsu hearing that.

Suigetsu watching Itachi who was laying on the back with the legs spread for him widely pulled off the blue boxers and grabbed the lubricant but Sasuke slapped Suigetsu's hand making the tube fall back on the bed.

Another groan came from Hidan and a louder one from Suigetsu when the younger Uchiha took Suigetsu's cock in the hot mouth, wetting it for the 'job'.

"Ah damn, Sasuke." Suigetsu was trembling with anticipation but he wasn't the only one.

Sasuke pulled back humming when he looked at Suigetsu's erection that was now dripping wet. Hidan was crazed how he wanted to feel that little naughty doll's mouth on himself... and when Sasuke turned and looked at him over the delicate shoulder Hidan clenched his jaw, that little tease knew what he was doing. Sasuke's tongue darted out playing over the lower lip while the black half lidded eyes clearly said 'bet you want some of this fucker!'.

Hidan promised to himself to fuck Sasuke stupid as soon as he gets the chance.

Sasuke turned back to his brother diving for a kiss just when Suigetsu drove the hips forward, Itachi arched beautifully and moaned muffled because of Sasuke's mouth and when Sasuke pulled back all three of them were watching Itachi's expression as Suigetsu pushed in forcefully.

Hidan's eyes moved to Suigetsu's face though and if that wasn't the purest form of pleasure there then he didn't know what pleasurable expression looks like.


Suigetsu complied instantly starting a slow pace that increased in speed with each thrust, Hidan loved the way Itachi moaned and then when the pace got fast and the shoves hard Itachi mewled and judging from Sasuke's and Suigetsu's expressions they had never seen or heard Itachi like that, judging from their expressions they loved Itachi like that... and who wouldn't.

Itachi was arching, gasping for air, the eyes closed, the long black eyelashes fluttered on perfectly reddish cheeks as Suigetsu kept slamming in with force and abandon putting Itachi's legs on his arms, getting a much better angle as Itachi's bottom was lifted off of the sheets completely.

The hard thrusts jerking Itachi's body. there were three growls heard in the room and one loud scream-like moan from Itachi. Hidan thought everyone in the room knew Suigetsu has hit the right spot. Itachi's body was convulsing, wriggling on Suigetsu. Itachi's hands grabbed on Suigetsu's wrists digging the nails in there urging the guy on... and Suigetsu did so groaning and growling out his pleasure.

Skin slapping on skin... Hidan loved the sound.

Hidan through his heavy breathing was chewing on his lower lip thinking that it sure would look lame if he would simply cum while looking... but he felt like it.

His gorgeous boyfriend was now saying short murmurs of approval and encouragement and Sasuke was panting until he leaned down taking his older brother's cock in his hot mouth anew.

Itachi's hands immediately laid on Sasuke's black hair and pushed down hard.

Hidan was about to pass out from all the excitement, Itachi fisting Sasuke's hair held the little brother down while Itachi's body was twisting on the bed and Suigetsu most probably seeing Itachi already nearly coming rocked his hips hard in circles.

Itachi did cum then, Hidan could tell by the moaning/growling sound and by the way Itachi's body convulsed with the hips jerking.

"Gha fuck... good." Itachi breathed when his hips calmed and he let Sasuke pull away, Suigetsu however slammed in for few more times and when Sasuke moved away Hidan groaned and his hand jerked as he wanted to stroke his rock hard erection.

Suigetsu laid on Itachi's chest and while jerking his hips roughly, the guy then bit Itachi's neck and kept biting while growling till the jerking of the hips stopped.

Hidan watched the two satisfied bodies go limp and pant heavily... so there were only two guys left in the room needy and all bothered.

Hidan grinned.

"H-Hidan...no!" Sasuke squeaked out when he grabbed the guy from behind, it was so easy to pull Sasuke and then turn to face him as he crawled on top of the small body his hand took advantage of Sasuke's nakedness laying on the hard erection and giving it firm strokes.

Sasuke's body arched and a low moan escaped from the hot parted mouth."Not fair..." Sasuke breathed out clutching on Hidan's Broad shoulders.

One glance at the side and Hidan smiled, Itachi and Suigetsu still breathing hard were just laying there and watching him now... oh well this would surely be the first time he's giving a show, deciding that it was okay he gave full attention to the delicate body under him.


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