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.Appealing Madness.

One glance at the side and Hidan smiled, Itachi and Suigetsu still breathing hard were just laying there and watching him now. This would surely be the first time he's giving a show, deciding that it was okay he gave full attention to the body under him.

Stroking the soft sides he pressed his mouth on Sasuke's parted lips, there was no resistance, instead the little doll moaned as he grinded his still jean covered hips into Sasuke's.

When his dry fingers sneaked between Sasuke's legs and rubbed on the little wrinkled hole there, Sasuke under him shivered and pulled away from the kiss, Hidan had never seen anyone so red in the face, he grabbed the lube from the bed and squirted it on his fingers slickening them up and then led his hand between their bodies again wanting to do some pushing already.

With his dry hand he managed to open his jeans and sighed in relief, he groaned when Sasuke helped him out of them. Really... it was so obvious that Sasuke did want him.

When Hidan was stark naked just like everyone else he heard two gasps one from Suigetsu one from the beauty under him. He decided to keep his satisfied smirk inside, Suigetsu was shamelessly staring at his cock and Itachi's pretty face was saying 'yep he's damn big and he's my boyfriend'.

Turning back to Sasuke he grinned, Sasuke moaned lowly as his fingers touched the little hole and it twitched under his touch, Sasuke turned his face to the side.

"F-from behind."

That made Hidan grin wider. "Sure thing." he said simply and then just as simply flipped the small body to lay on the stomach when Sasuke was about to push himself on all fours Hidan pressed on the pale back not letting, he spread Sasuke's slender legs widely knowing damn well that the beauty's erection was rubbing on the sheets deliciously. Sasuke moaned and groaned squirming when Hidan had positioned himself between Sasuke's legs he leaned forward using his dry hand to fist Sasuke's raven bangs he turned Sasuke's face with the red cheek flush on the sheets. "But I'll still be watching your face." he said.

Sasuke squirmed trying to turn away, Hidan didn't let him, he knew that was exactly why Sasuke wanted him to go from behind. Hidan was evil when he on purpose turned the beautiful face so the two observers could see as well.

Sasuke's thin hands fisted the sheets when Hidan pushed his two fingers in the tight hole and wriggled them around straight away.

Sasuke gasped but no pained sound came, well Hidan guessed it got better in time... lately with Itachi he didn't need to prepare so all through like they did at the beginning so he presumed that Suigetsu had been made this little doll used to stretching.

When he felt there's enough space he added the third finger and when he started to push them in rhythmically, he loved those little pleasured sounds he was getting. Sasuke was so... he didn't know, like pure but kinky, sweet but devilish. he guessed it was because of that delicate body that he felt so manly while doing this.

His fingers started to move faster and he leaned down biting one pale soft shoulder as he watched Sasuke's red cheeks and the black eyes half lidded and cloudy as Sasuke pushed his ass back to get more of the fingers.

"Enough." Sasuke choked.

"I don't think so." Hidan murmured crooking his fingers rather expertly.

"Nhaaa...ahh...mhh." Sasuke moaned loudly and instantly turned his face pushing it in the sheets as the little ass wriggled in circles and the delicate form convulsed under him. Hidan managed to turn Sasuke's face back on the side as he repeated the move, he growled when Sasuke forgot to object and moaned loudly. Hidan loved the sounds. He could also hear Suigetsu and Itachi moan softly but that didn't really matter right now as he started to literally finger-fuck Sasuke's now stretched hole and Sasuke seemingly couldn't decide what to do scream or growl... it was funny and endearing how Sasuke seemingly tried to keep the sounds in and failed miserably.

"Nha...ahh...fuck!" Sasuke writhed under him nearly tearing the sheets and Hidan decided that it wouldn't be nice to torture too much on the first time, he pulled his fingers out earning himself a displeased growl. Sasuke's thin hand gabbed behind, laying on his ass pulling him close till Sasuke's delicate ass rubbed against his erection and his thighs.

Hidan now breathing hard and pretty much trembling from anticipation kneeled up with his eyes on the perfect backside, he grabbed the tube of lube. When his lovely Itachi took it away from him he was about to insist 'what the fuck?' but Itachi grinned.

"Sasuke you might want to wet him up...he is after all quite big."

Hidan didn't say anything but surely Itachi was enjoying the show... Sasuke however growled turning himself around and kneeling up as well.

"I will not su-" Hidan didn't let Sasuke finish, he grabbed the black hair and spanked the creamy ass with his other hand hard enough to hear a yelp and then a moan as he massaged the hurt flesh.

Sasuke moaned helplessly."I still don't like you!" the raven breathed out getting on all fours before him and felt the hot tongue licking the tip of his cock all over. Hidan couldn't believe that tongue! He couldn't believe in the deepness of that mouth, holy Jashin save him...

"Oh fuck!" he gasped watching the little beauty eating away at him, the sight was so exciting, the hot mouth was so pleasing.

He pulled Sasuke away not able to take any more...

He didn't have to ask when Sasuke turned getting on all fours and sticking the little ass in the air for him, lovely.

Hidan took his position grabbing on Sasuke's hips roughly as he aligned himself, no words of comfort no, this little one didn't need them, he started to push in, he however did go slow not wanting to hurt, even if Sasuke kind of deserved it.

Sasuke really was delicate and he really was big, when he had the very tip in the awfully tight heat he was groaning and Sasuke started to squirm and whimper trying to get away from him which was a pretty natural reaction.

He leaned over, holding Sasuke's hip in a steel grip with his hand his lips brushed on Sasuke's neck. The whisper coming from Sasuke was barely audible.

"F-fuck... too big."

Hidan bit on the same soft neck starting to push deeper still going slowly, Sasuke whimpered.

"What's the matter, can't take it?" Hidan breathed making sure Itachi and Suigetsu couldn't hear him, this was between him and the little slutty doll.

Sasuke growled loudly and then pushed back...hard. Hidan straightened up instantly stars exploding behind his eyelids as he was now sheathed completely, he was aware a loud feral growl escaped him from the sudden assault that he himself had caused and encouraged but Jashin fuck him, he didn't expect it. It took him all he got not to start banging in like an animal... as for Sasuke, well Hidan was sure he regretted the decision he heard a loud 'fuck' and then a low almost soft whimper.

Wanting to make it better his hands stroked the flawless back and his naughty violet eyes watched his big length buried in that little delicate ass, the sight made him squint his eyes shut, how he wanted to move already!

After he had listened with his eyes closed the way Sasuke forcefully breathed heavily and squirmed on him just a bit he opened his eyes his hands tightening on the fragile hips as he pulled out few inches jus to push back slowly. No sound came from Sasuke as he repeated it several times that's when he pulled out to his tip and shoved back hard not going all the way, too early for that.


Hidan fixed the first sounds, he smirked they were definitely muffled, Sasuke would do anything to make him believe that he wasn't enjoying this.

Well he would do anything to prove the doll wrong.

Hidan pulled Sasuke on himself giving a better angle for penetration and he set a nice, slow pace.

It wasn't long till Sasuke's moans became needy and the perfect little ass started to push back asking for more. Hidan's demon's grin appeared on his face as he grabbing the flawless hips slammed in sheathing his length in the tight heat completely.

"Nhaa...ahh fuck, fuck!" Sasuke screamed arching, pushing back violently wriggling his ass. Hidan knew he has hit the right spot, he held Sasuke in place sadistically.

"Ah...mnh! Fuck, move!" Sasuke choked grabbing with one hand behind the hand grabbed Hidan's wrist and Hidan not thinking much on it grabbed it and then took hold of the other one as well.

he started his animalistic onslaught on Sasuke, thrusting in hard and deep and just to double it up he pulled Sasuke on himself by the thin wrists. He was going vocal himself, but it really was erased by Sasuke's screams and growls and loud mewls.

He so wished to see Sasuke's face right now, he really did... because he was sure the little slut is drooling down his chin.

The screams never stopped and Hidan never stopped his animalistic thrusting, his skin was slapping on Sasuke's loudly and his shaft now created squishy sounds having stretched Sasuke enough, Sasuke's nails were surely drawing blood on his wrists and both their bodies were covered in sweat.

Hidan smirked hearing Sasuke's voice break. "Ahh, Hidan."

The pleading tone and the pure want, Hidan knew Sasuke wants to come already, the point where the body was at its limit.

He would make sure Sasuke comes violently.

He wasn't happy himself when he stopped and pulled out but no sound came from the doll-face. Instead Sasuke turned around quickly, laid on the back, spread the slender legs widely and lifted them up.

Hidan calmly noted to himself that yes, Sasuke was the most angelic looking little slut, ever.

Hidan not able to tease or torture anymore simply got between those alluring legs, hooking them on his shoulders he pushed back, smiling an ecstatic smile when he started to bang in real hard and the little dolly started to moan shamelessly for him trashing the head to the sides the little hands grabbed his shoulders as he leaned over. The nails digging in his skin made him crazy and if Hidan was honest he was long since at his limit.

Sasuke was drooling...sexy, the little body jerking with Hidan's moves, the big black eyes half lidded looking at him, he was sure Sasuke right now couldn't give a damn about he liked him or not, it really didn't matter.


Hidan... only because he so wanted and not because Sasuke asked nicely, let go of the slender legs feeling them wrap around his hips and pull him inside nearly too strong for such fragile looking legs. Hidan's eyes closed on their own accord as he made his thrusts slower and maybe just a bit harder.

The sudden bite on his neck nearly instantly set him off, his eyes popped open and his hand flew for Sasuke's neglected erection pumping it roughly as his hips kept jerking wildly.

Sasuke's teeth sunk deeper in his neck as the raven screamed and growled at the same time and Hidan honestly could admit he's gone to the fuck knows which heaven.

He felt Sasuke's seed on his hand and his stomach he felt it slide down his hand and just making sure Sasuke has finished he removed the hand from the wet cock and with one hand moving under Sasuke to squeeze the cute little ass hard he pushed in again and then again and then he couldn't do anything else than grab and squeeze whichever part of Sasuke was under his hands as he released so very amazingly fucking deep.

For a minute there he could only breathe and try to recover his eyesight, he had to admit that while trying to give Sasuke a violent orgasm he got the same thing. He heard Sasuke breathe heavily under him still moaning softly, he pulled out of the perfect creature and managed to somewhat lamely stroke Sasuke's red cheek with his hand before he pulled away and sat on his ass still panting heavily.

His eyes met with Itachi's, he almost felt ashamed that for that time he had forgotten his beautiful baby. Itachi however wouldn't take offence he was sure because Itachi already was crawling up to Sasuke, fully hard and with glinting eyes.

Hidan's eyebrows pulled up when Itachi without a word got between the younger brothers legs and the hand sneaked between them as well.

Sasuke moaned as Itachi's fingers thrust inside.

"Ah you're so wet now... did you like that, little brother? Oh you did like Hidan fucking you like an animal, didn't you?" when no answer came from the smaller of the brothers Hidan nearly crazed watched Itachi push himself in hard into Sasuke and the doll arched up and the thin hands fisted Itachi's hair.

Itachi was watching Sasuke's face intently."Missed me brother, eh?!" Itachi husked out starting to thrust and Hidan was pretty much watching with his jaw hanging open as Sasuke whimpered out his approval of how he had missed his brother in him.

Another note for Hidan was that yes, his lovely Itachi has a brother fetish.

Since he himself had teeth fetish he groaned loudly when one certain blue haired hot-stuff bit on his shoulder to get his attention.

First of all it was so weird and exciting to watch Itachi commit himself to sin so sweetly and so brutally at the same time, caressing Sasuke's chest so lovingly while shoving inside deep and hard, it was an absolute sin yet he was sure that no one in this room would play the judge.

And second he could not... could fucking not resist Suigetsu's teeth scrapping over his neck now, he pried his eyes off of the scene to give his attention to Suigetsu.

He entangled his hands in the blue hair, they were ever so silky... beautifully so. Suigetsu made a quick job to crawl on him, straddling him while Hidan's back was pressed on the bedpost so they both were sitting comfortably now. While he had a view of Itachi's and Sasuke's asses...the view of Itachi ramming into the little pink opening over and over again, both brothers moaning and whispering, murmuring phrases to each other that honestly not only turned Hidan on but freaked him out too.

He reached for the lube when Suigetsu stopped him and grinned at him. "Itachi prepared me while you were busy with Sasuke!"

Hidan grinned dumbly, this was so sick on so many levels. And so arousing on so many levels...

"Hmm, let me see." he grunted out slipping his two fingers in the tight hole, it earned him a shaky moan and sharp teeth on his neck, the teeth... they made him push his fingers deeply as he grabbed the blue hair pulling Suigetsu back and watching the alluring face with the lidded eyes.

"I hope you like it rough." Hidan breathed on the parted lips pulling his fingers out and lifting Suigetsu's hips up aligning his cock.

He pulled Suigetsu on himself roughly hearing a breathless moan–like laugh, that allured him... lovely reaction. Suigetsu bit his ear.

"I love it rough, now shut up and let's fuck."

Hidan breathing hard and hearing loud moans in the background rocked Suigetsu's hips onto himself.

"You're on top but don't worry I'll help." he assured and then lifted Suigetsu up and brought him back down hard. Suigetsu's face was a joy to watch, the hot-stuff clearly had no problems to admit if he loved something and that face proved it, an ecstatic smile on the sensual lips and the eyes watching him, shining with pure wanting... it was beautiful.

Their breathing had became laboured as their pace fastened up, Suigetsu now moaning loudly with closed eyes chased his own pleasure grinding onto him roughly and Hidan loved the laugh-like growl Suigetsu did when the sweetest of spots were hit... just to hear it more and more he kept pleasuring to his heart's content.

"Mh... you feel good." Suigetsu breathed on his lips biting the lower one gently. "You think you could take the charge? I'm afraid I want you to fuck me as hard as you can!"

"With pleasure." Hidan mumbled, leaning over to the side ending up on top, he saw a spark of amusement in Suigetsu's eyes when he kneeled up and turned the smaller body on the side straddling one of Suigetsu's legs and lifting the other one up on his shoulder... from the moment he had seen Suigetsu for the first time he had wanted this.

He started to move and smiled when a loud moan escaped the sharp toothed mouth.

"Oh yes, like that." Suigetsu moaned and it was enough for Hidan to start a fast and hard pace.

Crazed... the room filled with moans and screams from Sasuke as Itachi was now seriously bending the pale body in half spanking the already red ass and simply kept fucking his brother.

Hidan thought that he might fuck himself into unconsciousness, Suigetsu was now whimpering In pleasure instead of moaning and Hidan loved that mouth parted showing the teeth, he pretty much loved everything.

Not able to keep this up, he leaned over the hot body licking the ear lobe.

It was all over for him when Suigetsu turned enough to bite him hard on his neck.

It was all over.

"Gahh... damn!" he growled out, his hips going wild he didn't care if he could hurt Suigetsu now, far from that and the loud scream-moan-growl-laugh coming from Suigetsu said it's all right.

His hand went to fist the cock between their slick bodies and as soon as he did, Suigetsu came, the hot liquid messing up the bed further, not that it mattered... Hidan followed suit. Hips jerking, he couldn't even pull out of the heat he collapsed with his cheek on Suigetsu's chest... facing Sasuke who choose that exact moment to arch off the bed and scream something that sounded vaguely like 'ahh Itachi coming.'

Hidan smirked lazily when Sasuke's black eyes closed after that and he was sure the younger brother has passed out... the next moment Itachi collapsed on Sasuke's chest... the beautiful face right in front of him... Itachi's eyes closed and the plump lips gulping for air hungrily and yet so tiredly.

Five minutes passed like that and he was dead sure the body under him was sleeping... and he was dead sure Sasuke is out too... Itachi looked too peaceful to bother.

He pushed himself out earning no reaction when his now soft cock slid out of Suigetsu as he got up from the bed, he smiled about the bluenette's calm expression and he smiled about the fang sticking out from the hot mouth it made him lean down and give a chaste kiss, there was something about Suigetsu that allured him to no end... it was almost unhealthy.

Hidan left the bed on wobbly legs.

It really wasn't easy but he managed to get the blanket over the three gorgeous bodies on the bed as soon as that was done he grabbed his clothes and went for the bathroom. No matter how he liked the cause of his stickiness he wanted to wash it off.


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