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Appealing madness.

Hidan sighed when the warm water hit his skin and then the next moment he jumped three feet high as slender arms wrapped around his chest.

"Holy shit!" he almost shouted turning around with a start and of course slipped lamely on the shower floor just to be steadied by a smiling Itachi.

"Babe..." he whispered with a smile leaning down to get a kiss, it was funny how he actually missed Itachi even though they had been in the same room during the whole orgy. Not that he would say it.

"I missed you." Itachi breathed out and Hidan wrapped his arms around Itachi kissing him again.

When Itachi pulled away looking a bit comical with the dark hair sticking at him Hidan was distressed to notice Itachi was worried about something.

"What's the matter?"

"You're okay with us?"

Hidan smiled hugging Itachi and stroking the pale back.

"Itachi, let's make it clear once and for all and you won't worry yourself with this anymore okay?" Itachi nodded his agreement.

"Right, I am fucking fine with this! And you know I'm honest... you know I don't say things that I don't mean, you know it Itachi."

Itachi smiled pulling back and looking in his eyes.



"I'm starving."

"I'll take you to my place."

"They'll think you kidnapped me!"

"We'll leave a note... besides I can get you a desert anytime."

"Do you mean..."

"No, I meant food Itachi."


Itachi's eyes widened when Hidan pulled the awfully pretty car in the car park by, and dare he say, enormous house.

"Don't tell me this is your house!"

"Afraid so..."

"Holy shit... and you live here alone?" Itachi asked opening the car door and literally jumped out, he was well suited well at least his father was but Hidan apparently was more than well suited.

"I think we agreed, that I don't live alone anymore?"

To that Itachi smiled as he rushed over to Hidan who was taking Itachi's bags out of the trunk.

"Besides there's quite a few maids living in the house."

Itachi watched his boyfriend... Hidan didn't realise how very extremely beautifully perfect he was.

When they were inside the house Itachi was following Hidan upstairs forgetting to close his mouth... the house was lovely.

"That's my-... our bedroom, If you don't like it, you choose another one." Hidan said leading him in a huge room with a huge bed in the middle and it was simply beautiful, Itachi noticed a knife hanging by the wall It looked sacrificial type, he chose not to comment or ask.

Hidan threw Itachi's bags on the bed and turned to face him.

"You could say something before I start to get all nervous and shit."

Itachi smiled, that's Hidan for you, straight forward and charming. Itachi threw his arms around the man he... loved, yes he did he was afraid to say it and maybe he wouldn't but he did love Hidan.

"I love it Hidan... everything is perfect."

"Good... now let's go to the kitchen." Hidan murmured pulling out his cell phone apparently to take a look at the time.

"I crave sweets..."

"Don't you always?"

Itachi kept behind Hidan's back as they walked in the kitchen... even though it was pretty late there were three persons there that looked like the maids Hidan had mentioned and one old man.

"Hey..." Hidan said to everyone as he walked inside. The two women smiled and greeted them politely while the old man nodded and then looked at him curiously.

Itachi tried his best not to blush when Hidan pulled him forward.

"His name is Itachi and he'll be living with me, and just to make lives easier he's a sweet tooth...breakfast, lunch, supper... sweets, sweets, sweets!"

Itachi chuckled, the note about him being a sweet tooth was clearly meant for the two ladies. Itachi though noticed the old man's expression turned even more curious if possible... Itachi started to chew his lower lip when Hidan pulled him for the table. Hidan however went over the fridge taking out what Itachi thought were random things, the maids rushed to help but Hidan waved them off, then the old man came and sat right next to Itachi.

"Are you Hidan's friend?"

Itachi gulped wondering how much he can reveal, he definitely didn't want to put Hidan in a bad position. But Hidan apparently heard the question as well. Itachi flinched when Hidan leaned over his shoulder.

"Boyfriend ...He's my boyfriend you nosy old fart."

After that Itachi was mildly taken aback when the wrinkly man grinned. "About fucking time. Right, this old man has to go to bed...was nice to meet you Itachi." Itachi was still shocked about the old man's talking habits when Hidan sat across from him. Itachi leaned forward.

"I think your rudeness has rubbed on that old man." he said to which Hidan grinned widely.

"Yeah, he knows me pretty well and I swear to Jashin I love that old fart but he simply sticks his wrinkled nose were it doesn't belong."

"Excuse me, would you like something in particular to eat, surely the cold snacks won't do." one of the kind women interrupted.

"We'll have whatever you have already made don't worry about it... and go to bed you can tidy the place tomorrow or whenever."

Itachi watched Hidan... it was amazing how he could just watch.

When the table was pretty much overloaded for two persons the women wished them a good night and left... Itachi's eyes fell on what looked like British style trifle of course he took that and as soon as the sweet stuff was in his mouth he looked at his boyfriend.

"Is it just me or you really dislike to order people around..."

"Fucking hate it!" Hidan confirmed. "It's like they are hardly servants you know and they did live here all this time when I was gone not knowing when or if I'll come back and pay them double, kept the place in order and so, they're more like... distant relatives. The old man is nearly like my dad and the two ladies that left just now they're actually treating me like I'm their son, my driver pretty much hates me because I hate cars and the maid who makes sure the house is sparkling clean everyday is treating me like I'm seven years old."

Itachi nodded time to time and kept munching down the trifle.

"Umm Hidan... do you... I mean do you like... err..."


"Well, do you work... do you have a business or what?"

Itachi thought that maybe he asked the wrong thing when Hidan snorted.

"Itachi... four months and you're still scared to ask questions? Yeah, I do have a business and yea I will have to work double hard now because of my absence."

"Surely you won't start right away..." Itachi said hopefully, that was what he was afraid off, that Hidan will go to work every day leaving him here alone.

"Well the priority right now is to get you settled and happy if possible... then to make sure that Sasuke and Suigetsu are alright with me and then...work."

Hidan finished his speech by sticking his tongue at Itachi to which Itachi smiled.

"Besides it's not an office like work... I go whenever I want except when I have to go to another country."

"Ohh... so when you said you were in Greece you were on a business trip?"


"I see..." Itachi murmured.

"Done with the sweets 'Tachi?"


"Ready for something a bit more...err spicier?"

"If you mean something with moaning and pushing involved then yes."

Hidan chuckled as he stood up and grabbed Itachi's wrist pulling him through the hallways and up the stairs to the oversized bedroom.

When Hidan had him on the bed from which his bags had disappeared in a magical way, Itachi was already breathing hard and Hidan had already managed to rip his shirt off that was laying in abandon on the floor. Hidan was busying himself with his neck biting and sucking in the way only Hidan did.

"Mh Hidan... they won't hear us?"

"No way... they're in the other side of the house... don't try to hold those sweet moans inside."

Hearing that, Itachi helped Hidan out of the shirt and popped the button of the jeans open.

"This is the first time we don't have to worry that someone might hear or barge in on us." he murmured scraping his teeth on Hidan's broad shoulder he felt the strong body shiver and lean into him more.

"And we'll get used to that Itachi." Hidan assured him while freeing him of his jeans rather skilfully, Itachi let out a soft moan when his boyfriend pushed the large hand in his boxers wrapping the fingers around his hard length making it fully erect with few strokes.

Itachi cupped Hidan's face with one hand the other busy to try and get Hidan's boxers off. "Hidan..." he breathed out on the parted lips, dear god how he adored everything about this man.

Their lips pressed together and Itachi arched slightly up from the bed when Hidan pumped him harder, he grunted when Hidan pulled the hand away and pulled Itachi's boxers off, parting from his lips just to dive right back in the kiss grinding their hips together.

"Hidan... so why did you want...ahh... to see Suigetsu getting his way with me?" he asked and more felt then saw Hidan grin.

"First of all the sight was worth it, the way you moaned under him...mmm. Second, it was you who said that the only way to keep this going is to share and Suigetsu would sure feel left out or jealous or even hurt or whatever knowing that he's not allowed."

Itachi thought it over as much as he could when Hidan had managed to get them both naked now and was rubbing against him the right way... always the right way.

"You're right." he agreed breathlessly with his hand sneaking to Hidan's crotch, he fisted the hard flesh there earning a shaky breath and a growl from his lover. Hidan's violet eyes fluttered shut as he stroked harder, Itachi leaned in biting on Hidan's neck, he knew how much Hidan likes it and he did too.

"Mh Itachi..." Hidan groaned and Itachi gasped when he felt two dry fingers press in-between his ass cheeks. "Could we...fuck... skip the foreplay?"

For an agreement Itachi nodded gathering his spit on his tongue then licked his fingers leading them to Hidan's shaft and smearing it evenly hearing soft gasps. To make his point clear he brushed Hidan's hand away from in-between his legs and guided the large swollen flesh between his ass cheeks.

"L-let me prepare you..."

"No, its fine."

They had done it before without preparation and Itachi thought that sometimes it was well worth it, he loved to feel Hidan pushing into him forcefully... taking him. Besides Suigetsu had already stretched him not so long ago.

"I'm not gonna go without prep and without lube."

Itachi grimaced, god damn it he was so needy. "Well damn you Hidan... fuck." Itachi grabbed Hidan's face pushing his own lips close till their noses brushed together. "Can't you fucking tell how much I want you...right now!" for emphasis Itachi locked his legs around Hidan's hips and pulled in. His boyfriend growled and grabbed his hip in an iron grip and since Itachi knew what to do to set this man off, he bit on Hidan's neck roughly and kept biting roughly when Hidan pushed into him not very gently... it was probably hurting them both.

The body over him was shaking when the hard length was into him fully, Itachi was staring in the ceiling with what he thought was a pretty dumb smile on his face till Hidan pushed up a bit and kissed him...mind-blowing. Hidan was mind-blowing.

The pace when it started was slow and sensual. Itachi breathing heavily smiled... it was rare when Hidan went slow and kind of lovingly but he loved it immensely even though none of them were the kind to go gentle and that's exactly why it felt so meaningful and it was... Itachi knew it.

Each touch, each caress, each kiss, each breath they shared was important... and felt so greatly with each nerve Itachi had.

Hidan's hands were touching every part of him, every inch of him making him feel... loved.

"Hidan..." Itachi breathed, his parted lips pressed against Hidan's temple tickled by the stray bangs of the soft platinum hair, Itachi hips kept bucking up whenever Hidan's pushed down, Itachi's hands kept stroking Hidan's back and arms till they wrapped around Hidan's neck pulling the man closer.

As Hidan kept pushing into him...sliding in and out so deliciously, Itachi really felt joined he felt complete.

Hidan's hips stated to move faster as their breathing got heavier, their moans and groans louder, Itachi lifted his legs higher up pressing them against Hidan's sides, moaning loudly when his sweet spot was struck from the new angle.

"Ahh Hidan, more." he panted, instantly receiving more as Hidan doubled up his pace and strength, Itachi clutched at the strong arms and threw his head back, the pleasure taking over him. His eyes cloudy, half lidded he looked at his boyfriend and lover. Itachi loved the way Hidan was always watching him when he was close to his peak. As if Hidan wouldn't and couldn't miss a single expression... it made Itachi smile and pull his violet eyed lover down for a sloppy kiss.

They filled the kiss with moans, that way making it better, and when they parted and Hidan wrapped his hand around Itachi's erection it took them few more hard and fierce thrusts and few more pumps till Itachi's body went rigid and he moaned and growled together releasing himself, Hidan always made sure he has finished completely, always made sure every drop is set free...and only then Hidan allowed himself to come while Itachi sucked on Hidan's lower lip and stroked the broad back.

When Hidan's hips stopped their jerking and Itachi heard his lovers breathing calm down he let his fingers through the soft hair...



Itachi almost started to worry when Hidan rolled off of him and laid on his side looking all serious, Itachi was sure that for the first time he saw something like fear in the violet eyes.

"What's the matter Hidan?" he asked pushing up on his elbow to face Hidan.

"I love you... really... I do."

Itachi stared and then he hugged his lover pressing his face in Hidan's neck to feel it and to hide his tearing up eyes.

"I love you too, I really do."

"Great because I was scared shitless..."

Itachi chuckled and he was sure Hidan could hear the happy tears but he didn't let go anyway.

He didn't let go till the morning came and they awakened in each others arms... a bit sticky... but in love.


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