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Chapter I: Birth of the Jedi Warlock



3,950 BBY [Before the Battle of Yavin]
297 BTC [Before the Treaty of Coruscant]
Around 1680 AD [Anno Domini]

In the dungeons of a well-furnished palace, two beings are present in a mental battle.

The first was a rather dark red-skinned male with glowing red eyes. He was dressed in robes fit for an emperor. His hands were outstretched towards the head of the other person. He is known as the Sith Emperor Vitiate.

The second was completely mysterious in a sense that none of his body could be seen. He wears a black robe fitted with a rusty red chest plate. Around his head was a black hood with his face covered by a rusty red helmet with a thin slit around the eyes. He is Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith.

It has been one year since Revan has been captured by Vitiate due to a slight miscalculation on his part. Scourge's betrayal, admittedly, left him surprised, but after that long year has come by, he came to understand his reason. The Force saw fit to give him the reason for his betrayal in the form a vision. Vitiate will fall but not by his or his apprentice's hands. For now, though, he would delay Vitiate's plan as long as he can.

Approximately 300 years or so later – Foundry

As Revan tiredly stares down the troops that closed in on him to deliver the final blow, he said, "And in the end, as the darkness takes me, I am nothing. Now I know how you felt…old friend." And as the final blow descended on him, Revan closed his eyes and vanished in a bright flash of light.

In unknown space – Year 1979 AS

Another bright flash appeared and Revan reopened his eyes and feasted it upon the sight of eight planets circling a sun. He smiled. Such contingency plans never cease to work for me. As he started to walk down, he stopped when he felt a familiar presence behind him. "So you haven't become one with the Force, Meetra?"

Meetra, glowing blue due to being a Force ghost, looked at him confusingly. "Revan, what are you doing here? Why don't you want to become one with the Force?"

"It's because I still have one more thing to do before that, Meetra. You can go on ahead without me because this would probably take a long time to complete."

Meetra shook her head. "I'll stay with you. I am quite interested in what you are planning."

Revan nodded and beckoned her to his side. When she did so, Revan continued walking down towards the blue planet. "After I left for the Unknown Regions and before we reunited, I was observing Vitiate and his Empire's movements. And I did all that while I was living in this planet."

Meetra looked down at the planet. She could sense an abundance of life-forms, most human, the rest nonhuman. And half of these humans, and all nonhumans, seemed to contain an unusual form of energy. "And what is this planet called?"

Revan answered, "Inhabitants call it Earth. I'm sure that you have sensed them?"

"Yes. Even after all my experiences, I rarely found a planet that has a wide array of species inhabiting it for the sole reason of living peacefully. The other planets we visited only house different species for war and for diplomacy. Also, I am quite interested in these special abilities that they possess."

"According to some whose mind I read, it is called magic."

Meetra raised a brow and asked, "As in the same as Sith magic?"

"They are the same and yet not at the same time. The magic of this world is primitive, focusing entirely on the most basic of Force techniques. And despite the numerous enhancements to its field, it hasn't reached into the full level of Sith magic. At best, their strongest wizard can only reach the middle tier of the Sith warlocks."

"Ah, so now I see why you chose this planet. This planet has nothing neither the Empire nor Republic would need or want. Even their technology has yet to reach its pinnacle."

"Enough tomfoolery, Meetra, allow me to show you this invisible world." He held out his hand to Meetra, who took it, and they vanished off into Earth.

July 31st of 1980

The duo walked along the streets of Royal Britain, having finished their tour.

Meetra scowled as they civilly passed by Buckingham Palace. "It is not different from Tatooine or Nar Shaddaa. Crime and bias are high in this planet."

Revan nodded. "I agree. And as much as I desire to make great changes to this world, I cannot allow my existence in this world to be compromised so easily. However, I did manage to perform unnoticeable acts of chivalry and benevolence. One such example is during my routine, ah, inspection of my hiding place's area. I came across an alley where I saw a young woman being harassed by five men. They would have carried through with their desires had I not interfered. After I dealt with them, the woman thanked me and introduced herself. As it was, she is the heiress of an influential wizard family. As a reward, she offered me some sort of currency. I, as the ever-manipulative person, told her that I have no pockets and thus cannot carry such a large amount of money. She was gracious enough to have her father ask their bank, Gringotts, to open up an account for me. And once she and her father have finished their task, I immediately took control of the minds of the bank-tellers, these…goblins. Their minds are powerful but ultimately succumbed to my power. I had them forget about what I did, who I am, and that whenever my vault is brought up, they would go with whatever orders given to them."

Meetra nodded.

They continued walking when, suddenly, both froze when they felt a large outburst of energy.

Once it subsided, Revan and Meetra vanished off in an unseen flash of light on towards the source of that energy burst.

Godric's Hollow

Both reappeared in front of the ruins of a house. While Meetra gazed upon the wreckage, Revan caught sight of a spectral being leaving the house. Having no time to follow it, Revan entered the house, Meetra following him.

Inside, they found the fallen form of an adult man, who has unruly black hair and hazel eyes. His eyes were unfocused, gazing upward, and no outward sign of inflicted pain is seen on his body. Both Jedi bowed their heads in solemnity and offered him a small prayer before they continued up the stairs, where they sensed one more fallen person and one small, peculiar living being.

They followed it to a room and found the form of a woman. She has wild red hair and green eyes, which were open and gazing to the side. The Jedi again offered their prayers before they turned their sights on the small male, child on the crib, who was crying loudly.

As much as Meetra wants to console the boy, she couldn't touch him.

Revan suddenly said, "By the hands of a powerful wizard, both parents were slain…and yet the child still lives?" Narrowing his eyes at the child, he said, "I sense a faint barrier around the boy. Its feel makes it obvious that it has been raised merely a few moments before we arrived."

Meetra knelt in front of the crying boy, who oddly stopped crying, and looked upon his forehead. "There's a scar on his forehead…looks like a lightning bolt…and seems to hold dark energies within it."

"Soul anchor," Revan responded. "It has been one of the main focuses of Sith magic, to retain one's life in the mortal plane so as to achieve immortality. I sense six other soul anchors in areas within Britain. And with the dark energy within the boy's scar, that makes seven, which, according to wizard superstition, is the strongest number." Revan raised a brow as the boy slowly crawled forward and put a hand to Meetra's spectral face, which showed shock.

"He can see us?" She asked.

Revan raised a brow and said, "Oh? There's more to this child than meets the eye." After a few seconds of silence (which had Revan thinking of something and Meetra trying to touch the child's hand, which was attempting to touch her face), Revan said, "Let's bond with the boy."

Meetra turned to him and asked, "What?"

"His potential is untapped…and will remain so if we do not directly interfere with his life."

Meetra stared at him. That wasn't the only reason. It wasn't just to help the child become strong to handle challenges with his life, as she knew would happen due to a child surviving what two adults couldn't. That would cause fame to rise up and invoke possible rivalries and enemies.

The other reason would be that Revan wanted a legacy. He wanted to be just like his Jedi Master, Kreia, otherwise known by her Sith name, Darth Traya (Lord of Betrayal).

She trained Darth Nihilus, the Lord of Hunger, and he was infamous for ridding a planet of every living thing, of the Force energy within it…for being a Wound in the Force.

She trained Darth Sion, the Lord of Pain, and he was infamous for surviving since the Old Wars due to his immortal body, held together by his firm belief of the Dark Side that fuels his body using his pain and anger.

She trained Darth Revan, the Lord of Vengeance, and he was well-known for his tactics in the Mandalorian Wars, that caused his troops great victory. He was also famous for his discovery of the Star Forge, a gigantic space station that houses great Dark Side energies. Finally, he is infamous for his skill with blades and words. Not only can he speak a multitude of languages, he also used his words to redeem many Sith back to the light. And as for his skill with the blade, he is known for defeating many foes in single combat, foes that were told to be unbeatable, thus naming him the most powerful Jedi of his time. He has defeated various Sith Lords (Darth Malak, Nyriss and Bandon), Mandalore the Ultimate (rumored to be undefeated), Echani master Yusanis, a bunch of terentateks (the most dangerous enemy of Jedi), various bounty hunters (one of which was the most dangerous at that time), and a basilisk war droid (the most feared droid in the Mandalorian Wars).

Then, there was her, Meetra Surik. She is well-renowned for her unusual talent to rally followers to her side. She even garnered the trust of her allies, Atton Rand, Bao-Dur, Brianna the Handmaiden, Mical the Disciple, and Mira, by teaching them the ways of the Force. She is also known to be a Wound in the Force, feeding off of death and suffering from her surroundings.

All of them became legends and Revan, being one of them, wanted to pass down the mantle of the legend.

Also, Meetra peered into the boy's future. In it, she saw pain…suffering…death. The only light in his darkness is in his adulthood. That is something that she, as someone who has deep instincts to help people in their darkest hour, cannot allow.

Meetra gave a hard nod and said, "Alright, Revan. Let's do it."

Revan walked forward and placed his hand on the head of the child, who peered curiously at him with his emerald eyes. With a flash of light, Revan vanished.

Meetra turned back to the child, who was also staring at her, and said, "You will do great things." She smiled. "I'll see you in the future then." With that, she poked the child's forehead and she vanished, leaving the boy to look around cutely for the two ghosts, ignoring the snap of someone magically appearing in front of the ruined house.


"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. … Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies … and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not … and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. … The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…"

A voice echoes in the distance, "Harry, awaken."

And a boy in a cupboard follows the command, opening his emerald eyes.

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