Everyone thinks she's perfect




and she doesn't even know

the meaning of the word.

Is it a {fake} cherry smile

and {pretend} happiness?

(because that's all she really is)

Or maybe it's being


(but she isn't that either)

So, what is it?

If you ask her,

she'll say

"being faultless"

But she'll be thinking of

stolen *kisses*

and turquoise hair

and dancing in the rain

and teddy lupin

(because she may only be

eighteen to his twenty-seven,

but she's not stupid)

-she knows she loves him-

But this doesn't make

any sense, does it?

Doesn't he belong to


(her cousin who doesn't

have to {pretend} to be perfect)

And, oh, baby Lily never even had a shot.

Because in the end,

the princess got the prince

and she got nothing but

f- a^ u` l/ t" y