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Title of Arc: The Avatar's Redemption

Basic Summary:

1000 years have passed since the age of Avatar Korra and the world has become a futuristic, dystopian society based on conquest and control. The role of the Avatar has changed from the "peace-bringer" to the "war monger" with the Avatar's main purpose being that of control. The nation of the Avatar's birth uses the Avatar as political and military figure to one up the remaining nations, and the Avatar is happy to do so due to indoctrination starting at birth. The Avatar has lost all connection to the spiritual side and has not been able to communicate with a previous Avatar or enter the Avatar state in over 500 years. This has led to the demise and darkening of the spirit world now that balance is gone. A young air nomad sees that the only hope for redemption lies within the current Avatar who may already be too far gone to save.

Characters of Book 1:


Terran is the current Avatar who has been born amongst the Earth Nation in the metropolitan city of Neo Ba Sing Se, the most militant city in the Earth Nation. He is a confident and stubborn individual who won't let anyone get in his way but he does harbor a caring side and a deep patriotism and love for the Earth Nation. For 18 years he has been training and fighting under the lead of Neo Ba Sing Se's toughest general and he has had great success in regaining Earth Nation territory from the Water Nation and in increasing the strength of small cities threatened by Fire Nation and Water Nation attacks. He believes he will be the savior for the struggling Earth Nation which was almost swallowed up by the Water Nation.

General Chao

Chao is Neo Ba Sing Se's most honored and respected General. He is a fierce and keen soldier whose stern methods bring up the best soldiers. He led the defense against the "Tsunami War" and was most likely the only reason the Earth Nation survived the Water Nation conquest. He currently trains Avatar Terran and is preparing a takeover of the Southern United Water Nation Fronts.


Toshi is a non-bender and child prodigy whose father was an infamous firebender who defected from the Fire Nation and gave military secrets to the Earth Nation. It is because of this that Toshi is revered amongst the Earth Nation and hated amongst the Fire Nation. Toshi sees the Earth Nation as his true birthplace and would lay down his life against anyone who opposed the Earth Nation and its goals. He has been training alongside Terran since he was 10 and has made sure to stay on the same level of skill as the Avatar. Toshi and Terran share a strong friendship.


Calais is somewhat of a naïve airbender and had lived in Air City as a young child until its conquest by the Fire Nation. At the age of 7 he was taken form an orphanage by monks and now lives in the hidden air sanctuaries. He lacks skill and discipline and hasn't even earned tattoos at the age of 17. He often yearns for peace and for a return to his childhood that he so vaguely remembers. He feels that the monks are hiding something from him and believes that if he were taught why this world fell he would be more open to trying to live in it.


Asima is a 17 year old girl living in the shambles of what was once republic city but what is now known as the dead land. She was orphaned at age 10 after her ailing grandmother died defending her from a fire nation army recruiter. She now lives in the dead land and supports the many orphans who live there that refuse to be drafted in an army. She sees that the war the current nations hold as a disease that will eventually wipe out life itself. She is self-taught firebender but is arguably at a level beyond that of a master and can lightning bend at a level never before seen. Her ability as a firebender surpasses that of the Avatar as well.

Book One: Awakening

Prologue: Birth of a Legend

Thousands of doctors and nurses had managed to squeeze into the bleak lobby area of the Earth Nation's largest hospital. The lobby was a bright white room with energy streams rushing through the walls and yet a somber shadow had filled the area. Everyone knew what was coming and they couldn't stand to go through it. To hear the tears of the mothers was just too much for the young doctors and nurses. Even though the recent reports revealed it was almost certain today would be the day, they secretly hoped that she would live even if it wasn't in the best interest for the Earth Nation just so that they wouldn't have to go through this.

The halocron screen had turned on. It was time. An elderly man's face had appeared on the screen and with a sigh of relief he began to speak, "Avatar Umiko has died peacefully in her sleep. The famous water bender was most known for…" Nobody was listening anymore; they were too busy bracing themselves for what was to come.


The doctors and nurses pulled out there genetic scanners and somberly moved out. The hospital rooms had become a mad house. Mothers were sobbing and whispering to themselves, some were threatening to attack the doctors if they took one step closer, and a few had tried to escape with their child. That was a costly mistake.

The doctors were scanning the newborn children to see if they had the special chromosome that allowed an Avatar to bend all four elements. Once that child was found it would be whisked away from its mother never to see her again so that the child could enter the Avatar Military Program. Even though the act is heart breaking it is necessary if a nation plans on getting ahead in the war, and the earth nation needed to get ahead.

A mother was carefully caressing her child that had just entered the world only a few moments ago. Her heart warmed as she held her child whom she loved so deeply. She looked into his eyes and teared up; she saw a strength in her child's eyes that was unmistakable. She didn't need a genetic scanner to know her child was the avatar, somehow deep inside she just knew. Her heart sank and fear crept its way in her mind as she realized what was going to happen. Her child was the avatar and yet she had no joy in this discovery. She tried to think of a way she could leave with her child without getting noticed.

A doctor had opened the door to her room. The doctor gave out a sheepish hello. He need only look into the mother's eyes to know that this was going to be his last round of the day. The doctor's scanner began to blink green as he pointed the device at the newborn baby. "I found him. The Avatar has been found.", yelled the doctor out the hall. The mother began to make her last ditch attempt to keep her child "NO! Please no! Don't take him away from me! Please… just... at least let me come with him…just..." ZZP. The mother was tranquilized and now she was going to forget she ever had a child.

The doctor sluggishly carried the little pudgy, green-eyed baby with black locks to the general. The general gave a sly smile for he knew that now the Earth Nation was going to make a strong come back.

The child cooed blissfully unaware that his birth was going to change the world.