A/N: The third story with the Wanderer! XD This one centers around the Wanderer and her reaction to the Untempered Schism. It might be boring, but I will have fun writing it! ^^

This story is pre-Torvic, but reading my story A Simple Wanderer first might clear some things up about Wanderer. Anyways, without further ado, enjoy~!

The 8 year old Gallifreyan girl stepped forward. She was nervous, hell, she was terrified. She didn't know what to expect. All they had told her was that it was a gap in space and time... She would be seeing the Time Vortex through a gap. A gap that none should look through. Yet everyone did, they all did. The pretentious Time Lords towering over her, watching, waiting for her to take the final step.

She took a deep breath and swallowed nervously. She closed her eyes and faced forward, knowing that when she opened her eyes...

She heard someone clear their throat, urging her to hurry in almost silence. She felt a bit annoyed at that, but the terror overshadowed it nonetheless. She opened her eyes and saw the Vortex, spinning, going on forever. Forever into the past, the future. She began to feel sick, her stomach churned at the sight of all time and space. Her head throbbed. It all was so much. Too much to bear.

She stared into the Vortex, and it into her, until she couldn't bear it.

Her feet moved without her control and she darted away, a scared puppy running from the barrel of a gun. She kept running, for hours and hours and hours, with no destination in mind.

Eventually she stopped, and leaned over to catch her breath. She had been running for hours, she wasn't entirely sure how long. Her feet hurt, and her head kept throbbing. She fell to her knees and collapsed face down in the grass, lit up light fire in the setting suns.

Before she could stop them, the tears poured from her eyes. She couldn't think straight. Her head pounded. Her stomach churned. Her feet ached. She could feel her hearts pounding in her chest. The pain was all over he body, draining her energy slowly and painfully.

As she closed her eyes, she groaned quietly in pain. She couldn't stay awake any longer; thus, the Wanderer fell asleep. She slept and slept. While she slept, her mind was filled with what she had just seen. Tears continued falling, even in her sleep.

She didn't remember him carrying her back to her House and her family, but she woke up in her bed nonetheless. She was still scared.