I watch the landscape rush by, the colors all becoming one large blur. The greens of the grasses and trees, the gray cobblestones of the road, the blue of the sky, and most of all, the reds of the poppies that line the roadside. I sigh contentedly and turn to look at Dorothy, my heart skipping a beat as it always does when I'm around her. The sunlight filtering in through the carriage windows coats her in light, making her appear to be an angel or a princess. Her slightly wavy golden hair falls around her face as she runs a hand over the wall of the carriage.

"This carriage is so lovely, Ozma. But may I ask: why is it pink and green?" I shrug and try to think of a suitable answer.

"Well, green for the Emerald City. Pink…I'm not quite sure. The flowers that grow in the garden during the summertime are pink, so perhaps that had something to do with it. In any case they complement each other quite well, don't you think?"

"Pink does go good with green…" Dorothy laughs, a clear peal of happiness that makes my heart soar. "Maybe the carriage was painted because of you," she remarks, a scrutinizing look on her face as she turns to face me. The sunlight falling on her face causes her chocolate-colored eyes to look warm and bottomless, as if one could fall into them and never come back out.

"Why would you say that, my dear?" I ask, confused. She moves closer to me on the bench and my senses suddenly are more alert. I become aware not only of her close proximity, but also of how much the white dress does make her look otherwordly- and beautiful. I swallow hard, keeping my hands folded in my lap.

"Well, you're wearing a light green dress," Dorothy begins, fingering the silky cloth of my dress. "And you have a pink flower in your hair." She reaches out a hand to gently touch the flower, and all of a sudden our faces are incredibly close. On impulse, I wrap an arm around her waist, drawing her to me, and kiss her, reveling in the feeling of our lips pressed together. This had happened once before, after I had been returned to my human form in the Nome King's palace, but that kiss had been more chaste. This one…This kiss had all of the love I had grown to feel for the farm girl in it.

When we break apart, Dorothy is blushing quite crimson and I would be surprised if my face isn't the same color. I release my hold on her, unsure of what else to do. I'm not sure how she will react; I suppose the most likely reaction is one of shock and anger. Instead, she takes my hands in her own and gives me a light kiss that makes me feel as if I'm flying.

"Oh, why must you leave?" I lament once we break away from each other once more. She looks at me sadly, brushing a stray piece of raven hair away from my face.

"I must to back to Auntie Em and Uncle Henry; they are so worried for me. I have to make sure they know I'm alright, you know that." I do know, but that doesn't lessen the sting at Dorothy's leaving.

"Will you ever come back?" I ask quietly, tightening my hold on her hands and meeting her gaze. She nods.

"Perhaps one day I will find my way back to Oz, and then we may be together, dear Ozma," she replies, leaning in to kiss me more deeply and passionately than before. I hold her in my arms for the rest of the carriage ride to the court of Glinda the Good, knowing that I will be incomplete once she left.

But maybe one day, my dearest Dorothy will come back to me….