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"Come on, honey," I said, pulling my husband by his shirt collar. I slammed the door shut, not bothering with the lock. I'm sure everyone would get the message fairly quickly. "We're going to have some fun."

Carlisle chuckled behind me and pushed me off of him roughly. "You mean I'm going to have some fun," he corrected, slamming me into the wall, his hands on either side of my shoulders.

"Of course, Master," I purred, running a hand down his chest slyly. Carlisle moaned, but attempted to hide it with a cough.

"I'm not in the mood, Pet. You listen to me and you listen to me good, you will not cum, talk or moan without my consent, is that clear?" he asked, grabbing my face so I was forced to look him in the eye.

I nodded feverishly. I was so wet by this stage that every time he opened his mouth I could feel more wetness seep from my folds. I needed him, but I knew he was going to make me beg for it. He always does.

"Good. Now go get your collar," he ordered, moving his arms, thus setting me free. I flitted over to my closet, brushing away the everyday clothes to reveal a hidden compartment, filled to the brim with Carlisle's favorite toys.

I grabbed the pink collar quickly, relishing in the sound of the tiny bell as it rang out clearly. Carlisle stood with impatient eyes, his arms crossed.

"Let's move a little quicker next time, Pet," he ordered, swatting my bum lightly.

I whimpered and he slapped my ass harder, "What did I tell you about making sounds, Pet?"

I looked at the floor in shame and handed him the collar, my hand trembling with want and need. He shook his head, "Why aren't you undressed, Pet?"

I reflexively bit my lip and pulled my blouse over my head. I unclasped my bra, allowing it to fall to the floor and release my aching breast from their confines. Carlisle's mouth twitched as he stared at my naked top half, his eyes dark with lust.

"Continue," he said, obviously enjoying the show I was putting on for him.

I did as he commanded, tugging down my skirt and panties in one movement, tossing them into the corner aimlessly. Venom pooled in my mouth and between my legs as Carlisle walked forward, skimming his hand over my breasts, causing my nipples to harden under his gentle touch.

He clasped the collar around my neck, pushing my hair aside so he could better see what he was doing. The bell rang invitingly, reminding both of us who the submissive will always be.

"This is what you want, right Essie?" my husband asked, worry tinting his usual sensual tone.

My mouth opened, surprised at his question. Years and years ago I had given Carlisle my full consent when in the bedroom, as to not 'put out the flames' in the middle of a session. So much for that.

"Of course," I whispered, running a hand through his soft blonde locks. He gave me a slight nod, his eyes darkening again. I glanced down and saw how excited he was, his pants forming a distinct tent in the crotch area. It must have been extremely uncomfortable.

"In that case," he said, picking me up by the waist and tossing me onto the bed. I bounced a few times, the collar tightening around my neck at the sudden movement. Wetness seeped from my core, staining the sheets. I would get Rose to clean them later. "We'll get straight to business."

I giggled at his tone and he smiled a bit, his black eyes gleaming. "Do you think this is funny, Pet?" he asked as he strolled over to the bed, his hands in his pockets. I eyed him, intently wondering what he was hiding from me.

I sat up on my knees, and pouted, shaking my head dutifully.

"Of course not, because you're a good girl, aren't you?" he asked, climbing onto the bed, his muscles rippling beneath his shirt.

I nodded again, positioning myself in front of him. He eyed the wet sheets, a smile pulling at his lips. With our heightened senses it's fairly easy to know when someone's aroused, but even if he were human he would be able to see my need.

"You're so beautiful, so exquisite," he moaned, trailing his hands up my body. Was he already losing himself? It seems like we can never get through a full session as submissive and dominant, because he begins to act too nice. He told me he can't help it, that the aurora I put off makes him want to make me feel happy and safe. Of course many times he can fight it, he's been able to fight it for hours, but it truly just depends on the day. Sometimes he'll deny me everything and other days he'll try to coax as many orgasms as he can out of me.

I sighed, frustrated at his weak demeanor. I pushed him back so I could hover over him. His eyes widened as he noticed my scowl, "What's wrong, love?" he asked.

I clenched my teeth and growled softly, "Why can't you just go along with the game, Carlisle?" I asked desperately. I wanted this I needed this, and yet he can't give it to me. He won't give it to me. The thought sickened me. I wasn't trying to control him, I would never do that, but my power still overwhelms him, changing his actions and his thoughts. My fist pounded into his chest, the steady thuds echoing through the large room.

"Why-do-I-have-this-damn-gift?" I screamed, ending each word with a successful punch. Carlisle just laid there, his face expressionless as I assaulted him in my burst of fury. "It doesn't do me any good anyway!" I screamed, grabbing my husband's shirt collar and pulling him up into a sitting position. I tore away his clothes, leaving him bare in front of me. He made no move to stop me, obediently sitting as ripped his linens, lusting for the skin underneath. I looked up and frowned at what I saw. His eyes had gone back to a steady red, the lust melting away.

Shame filled my body as I realized what I had done to him. I gasped lightly as I saw the web of cracks on my husband's chest, thin lines of blood trailing behind the largest ones. I had hurt him. I hurt him and he won't even do anything. He didn't even try to stop me.

"I-I'm so sorry, I didn't know what I was doing, please don't hit me," I squeaked, remembering the awful things Charles had done to me. The humiliation, the pain. I couldn't go through that again. I wouldn't. "Please, Carlisle," I whimpered as he moved towards me, his hands stretched outwards.

But instead of hitting me, or raping me like I thought he would, he just pulled me into a hug, his chin resting on my head gently. I could feel his venom and blood trickling down my breasts and stomach as his arms pulled me closer. "I would never, not in million years, hit you, Essie. Unless of course you wanted it," he said, waggling his eyebrows. A laughed bubbled through my throat, surprising both him and me.

"I'm sorry I didn't make you happy. Can I make it up to you?" he asked, kissing my cheek softly.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked, hoping he wouldn't notice the stream of venom pooling on the comforter. I shifted my legs awkwardly, trying to hide it to the best of my ability.

"Slow and easy, Essie," he cooed, making me squirm. He stuck a finger in my mouth, twirling it around my tongue, his skin soaking up my venom easily. He hissed slightly and pulled it out.

"What are you-" I started, but he answered my question before I could get it out, his venom drenched finger rubbing at the open wounds, sealing them almost instantly.

"You break me, you heal me," he said, pushing me down onto the bed, my back arching with need. "It's an endless cycle," he whispered before thrusting in to my heat. I cried out, grabbing at his skin and snapping my teeth. His thrusts weren't needy, no quite the contrary. They were loving and slow, and very erotic. He would fill me, and then pull out, careful not to push too hard or become too rough. "I'm not fucking you, Essie, I'm making love to you," he reminded me as he massaged my breasts with gentle hands.

Somehow, along the way, the thin curtains around our bed were closed, making our moment even more intimate. The sheer red cloth did little in the ways of hiding us from the outside world, but it seemed to put both of us in a different state of mind. This was our paradise, our nirvana, our home. I live for Carlisle and he lives for me, without each other we would be nothing.

Carlisle grunted as I ran my hands around his neck, kissing his lips tentatively. "I love you," I moaned, as he hit my g-spot again and again. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't even care about his own pleasure, just mine. His hands danced over my hips, casting a fire against my century-old skin.

"Love…ughh…you too," he groaned, holding onto my waist with both hands.

"Mhmm…ahh…" I moaned loudly as one of my hands traveled south to meet my clit. I flicked and tugged at the little bundle of nerves, my stomach telling me that my orgasm's mere seconds away.

And then Bella flies through the door, sputtering barely coherent cries about 'red eyes' and 'killing'.

What the hell is wrong with her now? I thought as I got farther and farther from the edge I had been so ready to fall off of.

A snarl ripped through my husband as he pushed off me, his eyes locking with my least favorite member of our clan.

"Can't you see were busy?" he screamed, obviously too angry too care about his decency.

A smile traced my lips as Bella stared at my husband, clearly surprised by his size. I'm sure she is, after all Edward's a seventeen year old boy while Carlisle's a twenty-three year old man. It must be awful to be stuck with the little bronze-haired kid for eternity. What a drab.

"Leave, NOW!" Carlisle screamed, sitting up at the end of the bed, his hands balled into fists.

I didn't move, my disappointment over missing my release paralyzing me completely. Carlisle glanced over his shoulder and upon noticing my distressed state he pushed my knees together, his face grim. I knew he was close too, and just as angry.

Bella raised a hand over her eyes, shielding us from her sharp gaze. Yea, she does that after she stares at us for thirty seconds. Bitch.

"I-I can see that," she stuttered, "but I really need to talk with you both. I think the rest of the family is trying to pull some sort of prank, and if you're in on it too fine, but I just want you guys to tell me that this is a joke. Please. I really didn't mean to interrupt, but do you really think this is the time to be…you know…" she said lamely, her hand still hiding her eyes.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Carlisle cried, causing Bella to shrink back a bit.

"I-I-I just thought-"she started, but I cut her off, sick of her sudden and annoying appearances.

"What the fuck is your problem!" I shrieked, throwing my arms up theatrically. "First you go into my room and touch my stuff and now you're ripping open our bedroom door while we're trying to have sex! Get out! Now!" I ordered, pointing to the door.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered before running to the door and out of the house, her footsteps the only memory of her ever being there. That and my lack of pleasure.

"What a fucking bitch," I muttered, crossing my arms over my chest. "She's such an air head. For God's sake, I think a human could have heard us from a mile away."

Carlisle crawled back over to me, propping himself up with an elbow. "You'll make her pay for it, won't you Essie?" my husband asked, his tone almost excited.

I leaned back into our array of pillows, my hands tugging at my nipples in search of any pleasure. "Mmmhm…of course she'll pay," I promised him.

He slid closer so our hips were touching. His body felt cool against mine as he trailed a line of kisses from my neck all the way down to my pussy, his tongue playing with the soft curls there. I moaned and bucked my hips, urging him to go further.

He laughed and slid into me, his length taking up all available space. He licked across my skin, his fingers getting tangled caramel locks. He pulled at them, forcing another cry of ecstasy to escape me.

He pumped in and out, his rhythm perfect as always. I palmed my breasts, hoping a release would come sooner because of it. He flicked my clit a couple times, whispering dirty nothings in my ear as he did. The pleasure grew, engulfing me entirely and rendering me wordless as my walls clamped down around Carlisle, my screams choked and hoarse.

"Ah-ah-a-CARLLIISLE!" my screams shook the glass, the panes quivering in their metal restraints.

"That's it, baby," he encouraged, "umph…oh God, not going to- ESME!" he cried, his seed pouring into my womb. I yelped at the feeling, but didn't pull back. No, it felt too good to move. So instead I leaned back, savoring the look on Carlisle's face. He was content, I was content. And although I know it won't last forever, at this very moment we are both completely and utterly happy.


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