The Secret Life of Fortis

(AN: Hey guys, so I just watched the movie "In Time" and really enjoyed it. I thought it was a really interesting concept. I got an idea for a short fanfic; its about Fortis who is played by Alex Pettyfer in the movie. ;) Enjoy, and don't forget to R&R!)

"What?" He screamed, turning around to face her.
His features softened once he saw the look on her face. "What?"
"I don't get it Fort. Why are you doing this?...Killing innocent people...Children." Fortuna asked. She didn't understand; she never would.
"Tunie, I'm doing this for us. We need this."
"We don't Fort. We could get out of here, make a name for ourselves. Get jobs, good ones too. We could work our way up. All the way up to Grenich."
She had that starry look in her eyes. She did this every time he went out on one of his sprees, his minute men minions never far behind.
He replied to her the same as he always has. "It's in my blood Fortuna. I was destined for this since the day I was born, just like the people in Grenich were destined for immortality."
"We could change that though! We could-" She started but he cut her off.
"We could do a lot of things my love."
"I dream of getting out of here. It's not good for us, for you." She said, stressing her point, getting worked up.
"And that's why I love you; you're a dreamer, it's to be admired. Maybe a bit naive, but admirable none the less." He stated, unintentionally condescending. He kissed her forehead and started towards the door, but she grabbed his hand before he could leave.
"You don't have to do this." She said.
He met her eyes, which were moistening with each passing second.
"Those people would do the same to me if they got the chance." He spat.
"You don't know that Fort. What about me, huh? You spared me, why am I so different?" She asked inquisitively.
He was stumped for once. "Because...Because you're...You."
She sighed knowing nothing she said could change his mind, at least not currently.
He peered down at her hand before looking at her in alarm. She had ten minutes left.
"Tunie, do you ever check how much time you have? You ask why we can't just leave? This is why. Because you're careless." He told her harshly. He grabbed her wrist and gave her another day.
She looked down at her shoes. "Thanks."
"Don't waste my time again Tunie."
"Stop talking to me like a child Fortis. You act as if it's my fault." She countered.
"It is! You never check your watch! If you died...ran out of time...Tune...I can't. I can't bear the thought of you not being with me anymore." He softened for the second time that night.
"Ok, I'm sorry. I'll be better about checking my watch." She replied stubbornly.
"So...I'll see you tonight, yeah?" She asked, changing subjects.
She sighed again. "Fort..."
"Sorry. I just...hate when you get so upset with me."
"I could say the same for you."
"Ok, ok. You're right. I'll try to be more understanding." He smiled, looking down at her.
"You're going to have to be." She smiled back, one hand on the back of his neck, the other on her stomach.
He placed a hand near hers on her stomach, feeling a soft kick. "Yes, I will."
He gave her a kiss, which she lovingly returned.
"Try to get home as soon as you can, I'm making your favorite tonight." She called as he walked out the door.
He peeked his head back in. "Can't wait."
And with a wink he was gone.

That was the last time Fortuna would ever see her husband, the minute man gone lover. He would be killed that night by a man named Will Salas, who Fortis' unborn son would grow up to hate, becoming a minute man himself. His only mission? Kill Will.

(AN: So...Hope you liked it! I may do another ff with his son, but I doubt it unless people really want me to. R&R!)