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"Princess," Dax mused lying on the dirt ground, chewing on a fresh, green blade of grass.

"Don't call me 'Princess' Dax." Came Jinja's usual tempered reply. "I am Jinja, Jin-ja." Seriously, the girl felt like jumping on him and forcing his lips to form the two syllables of her name. Just to teach Dax a lesson. But the day had tired Jinja out, it had been long and uneventful and very boring. Bren, Chase and Beyal had left to scout the boarder first thing that morning, leaving nothing but a leaf in scripted with instructions on it. Those boys were going to get an earful later, a good clout to the ear. Save for Beyal, Jinja's little monkfish was forgiven. Right now, the team were camping over in a little forest glade with a canopy. She was disappointed really, she wasn't getting anywhere with Beyal, which made her really moody. And it seemed that Dax was at the blunt of it, receiving the sharp end of the stick.

"Settle ya' kettle," Dax grumbled placing his arms behind his neck and cradling his head with his hands. "As I was sayin' Princess…"

"Jinja!" Dax sighed, a lazy impish grin touching his face. He chewed on his grass before spitting it out in a dripping smeg, much to Jinja's disgust. "That's gross. It could be poisonous."

"Worried?" Jinja's brow creased, that was a big slap to the face. Like she cared about him! Seeing Jinja's face twist in anger, Dax clicked his tongue innocently. "Easy, easy, I'm not tryin' to throw a fox among the chooks."

"Stop that!" Jinja suddenly spat, growing increasingly frustrated. Sensing he had hit a nerve, Dax curiously rolled onto his side, propping his head up with his hand. Dax's elbow dug a little mound in the dirt floor. It wasn't often that Jinja gave him this much attention. It was pretty fun and actually very entertaining. He decided he would take the chance and make her tick, and soak up all of Jinja's attention.

"Stop what? I haven't done anything wrong. Haven't said anythin' either…"

"Yes you have!" Jinja accused grinding her teeth. "Your weird vocabulary is really ticking me off! Crag, it's frustrating. I don't have a clue what you're talking about!" She clenched her fists until her knuckles went bone-white.

"My lingo?" Dax snickered. "Fresh from the lowlands and the west. It's how all blokes talk. I would teach ya' but…"

"Teach me." Dax was a little taken back by Jinja's sudden demand. His eyebrows rose further on his forehead. "There's nothing to do and I'll hit you if I don't." The dark-skinned boy paused briefly before drawing circles in the dirt. He knew that Jinja was being serious, she wasn't afraid to strike those who annoyed her.

"If ya' say so, but keep up or I'll change ya' nick name and I get to choose a punishment for ya'."

"Hurry up already!" Jinja spat. It was a humid day; she was already on a short fuse. And Dax wasn't helping at all. Dax pulled a milk weed from the ground and placed it between his lips, grinning in amusement, at Jinja's behaviour.

"'K, basics…" Dax searched his mind. "Bloke means man and girl or chic is sheila."

"This lingo of yours is very informal."

"Don't interrupt Princess, and it's not 'informal' it's friendly and relaxed." Then he added half-heartedly. "Well most of the time, and continuing without any interruptions," Dax snickered stealing a look at Jinja. He cleared his throat, earning himself a pair of rolling ice blue eyes. "Animals are easy: desert dog is dingo, jumbuck is sheep or lamb, demonic bear is…" But Jinja cut him off again, frowning in disapproval.

"Greetings would be just fine Dax. I don't give a crag about demonic bears."

"Drop bears," Dax corrected, smirking when Jinja fumed. "Sounds like ya' can't keep up." Jinja crossed her arms.

"I can!"

"Wanna bet?"

"Yeah! I'll prove how much smarter girls are than boys!" Jinja shouted defiantly.

"If ya' can't, ya' know what'll happen. Punishment time." Dax grinned.

"And if I can keep up," Jinja exclaimed jabbing a finger at Dax's chest. "You stop calling me Princess." Even though the competition was pointless and juvenile, Jinja refused to lose to this westerner. Without permission, Dax took her hand and shook it roughly.

"Game on, and may the best man win!"

"Or best woman!" Jinja added jerking her hand away.

"Starting now! 'G'day mate' is 'hello', 'how are you?' is 'how ya' doin' cobba'? 'Goodbye' is 'see ya'' and 'thank you' is 'cheers'. Don't forget 'true' or 'I know right'? 'Is Fair Dinkum'." Dax rolled his shoulder blades back, shirt lifting to reveal a portion of his dark stomach. Jinja blushed lightly and tossed her head. "Recall them to me." Jinja's face blushed red in determination, and teenage girl hormones, and sucked in the biggest breath she could. Dax discarded his milkweed from his mouth and smirked expectantly, the bitter taste still alive in his mouth.

"'G'day mate' is 'hello', 'how are you?' is 'how ya' doing cobba'? 'Goodbye' is 'see ya'', 'thank you' is 'cheers' and 'true' or 'I know right?' is 'fair drinkum'."

"Eh!" Dax hollered imitating a buzzer. He fell face first into the dirt, clutching his sides as he shook with laughter.

"But I was right you liar!" Jinja protested. Dax whipped invisible tears from his eyes and shook his head.

"Nada, 'fair dinkum' not 'fair drinkum'. Booze isn't that popular!" Jinja's eyes narrowed as Dax commander crawled towards her. "Well love," he mummered tilting her chin up with his index finger. Jinja froze in shock. "Punishment time ya' muddler," he pecked her on the lips quickly and flashed her his biggest grin. His skin looked so dark compared to his white teeth. Jinja retaliated immediately by slapping him hard across the cheek. As the area faded to a red mark, Dax briefly caressed her cheek. Jinja frowned.

"Dax you're so dead." She growled rising to her feet and swinging her leg toward him. Dax just managed to crawl out the way, leaping to his feet and taking off into the forest.

"Fair dinkum!"

After Beyal, Bren and Chase returned back to 'camp', Jinja was running around looking for a sliver pan so that she could start dinner. According to the roster, that Bren and Chase had made, it was her turn to cook them all a meal, and she was cranky about it. Finally, after getting sick and tired of looking for the cooking tool herself, she called out to Dax, lazily stretched out by the fire.

"Dax, I know you know where the pan is, you know?"

"That makes no sense."

"It will when my boot leaves a shiner on your dairy air." She grumbled fiercely.

"Settle ya' kettle, love."

"Argh, I wish I'd stuck with 'Princess'!" Dax curled up into a cosy ball and yawned.

"Sure you do love. But it doesn't matter what I say, you'll always be as feral as red cat." Jinja felt a nerve in her temple twinge. As she turned toward Dax, Beyal jumped on her gripping her shoulders, sensing she was getting violent.

"One punch is all I need!" Jinja growled. "Dax you are such a bum!" She pulled free of Beyal's gentle hands and stalked to the forest glen, to cool off."

"I love that sheila," Dax whispered to himself, only loud enough for himself to hear.

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