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"What do you want?" Jinja hissed to the shadows of the dark forest glen. Jinja seethed, she had always been a light-sleeper, and that wasn't her fault either. One could say she was irritated by the fact that she hadn't been able to get to sleep properly week. But when she finally had she had been woken by someone making an unholy noise in the night. But a truly intelligent person would say that the cause of her rising fury - on the steady now as it was - was due to the fact that she had been awoken by the last person she had wanted to see.

"Don't say that." Came a chiding voice. Jinja caught sight of white teeth and brown eyes amongst the black of the night. They reflected the light of the little lamp that hung near the entrance of her tent. "It almost sounds like you don' wanna see the likes of me." Jinja's frustration levels rose a little higher at the hybrid laughter sound in Dax's voice. Jinja sat up in her tent, pulling her thin blankets up with her and pulled a face. Dax crawled forward on his hands and knees so that he was fully visible in the little source of light. He nodded upon seeing the face and clicked his tongue. "Nice." Jinja gritted her teeth, eyes narrowing.

"Shut-up! And if this is about that stupid game 'Let's-see-if-I-can-hang-stuff-of-Jinja-when-she's-not-looking' then I don't wanna know about it!"

"Woah now! Yell too loudly and ya' might just wake up Monkfish." Jinja tossed her head. Her thick long hair swayed with the action. Dax looked away from the locks quickly as Jinja stared him down.

"If you value your life you will not anger me enough to wake up, Beyal." She crawled forward quickly and poked Dax hard on the collarbone. "And you better heed that!" She spat. "Cause there's not many places to hide a body around these parts!" She pulled away and sat a little way back from the Lowlander and sniffed quietly. "Besides that, Beyal needs his sleep."

Practically ignoring the warning, Dax snickered and teased, "Still infatuated over the Monkfish are you? Even after that kiss you and I shared…."

"What planet do you live on?" Jinja snapped. Dax grinned and pressed his finger to his lips.

"Shhh," Jinja cleared her throat and closed her eyes over as if she didn't want to see the teen no more.

"I don't recall us sharing anything. You practically molested me." Dax snorted and threw back his head. He barked laughter – quiet loudly too. Jinja dived forward and wrestled Dax to the ground, smacking hands over his mouth. With her legs, she squeezed his sides to shut him up.

"Ow," Dax rasped against Jinja's hands. Jinja kneed him in the ribs.

"Shut-up! You almost woke everyone up! I don't see what's so funny about molest-"

"Don't say it!" Dax begged on the verge of laughter again, he reached into his pocket. Jinja grabbed his face with her hands, pinching him several times angrily before slipping away to the left. Dax sat up and massaged his face with both hands. "Ya pinch hard." He said simply. Then he grinned upon a sudden thought he had. Yet another way to blow her incredibly short fuse. "And you're so heavy too. Think ya ate one to many lamingtons, love…" He was silenced with a slap to the knee. The sound that was produced was a sharp, swift noise. Jinja's head was down, shoulders shaking vigorously, hair shading her face. Her hand was still held poised in the air from the attack, also shaking. Dax leant forward, hoping he hadn't made her cry and opened his mouth to say something when Jinja began to whisper.

"Kill…kill…kill him…" Then it hit Dax. Jinja was surely about to go into 'Rampage Mode'. Though he had never seen this 'mode' before, he had heard things about it from Chase and Bren. But then again, those two got nightmares from everything. Dax smirked. With a quick action, he used his thumb to lift Jinja's face. He didn't even look at her expression as he kissed her lips, once, twice, very quickly, and pulled away.

The poor boy.

He never even had time to do the things he wanted in life.

He didn't even know he had hit the ground, back first. He didn't know how or when, but Jinja was pinning him down, slapping his face continuously and hissing like an angry snake. Dax caught a glimpse of her face and tensed. Man, she looked mad. Mad was an understatement. He had never seen her this angry. He pushed her off of him, a little harder than what he meant to, and scrambled to his feet. He took off like buggery, running around the extinguished fire as Jinja chased him like a crazy insane dingo would chase after a wiry-hare. Amongst all this though, Dax saw how humorous the situation was and grinned a wide grin. He even started to laugh loudly, and although it hurt his ribs, he continued to do so for a while. Eventually, Dax succeeded in waking everyone up. As quickly as they could, Chase, Bren and Beyal leapt out of their tents. Dax only laughed harder at their expressions and ran between the three.

"Look out!" He laughed. "Here she comes!" Dax ran around the back of the tents. The three boys jumped out the way as Jinja charged between them like an enraged bull with its horns down chasing after something bearing the colour red. This whole scene continued on for a few more moments until Chase said,

"We gotta do something guys!" He turned to Beyal. "You said that we the destiny of the five, and if Jinja kills Dax then that'll be broken and we'll never get anywhere."

"But if we step in she'll gut us too and wear our skin as a coat!"

"I don't think she'd do that to us, Bren." Chase told his friend. "But I guess you're kinda right. I don't wanna find out."

"Allow me to confront Jinja." Beyal said quietly in his soft voice.

"What?" Bren and Chase said at the same time. They didn't want their physic link to be lost to Jinja's anger. And besides, Beyal was a quiet, nice person who didn't deserve such a cruel and horrible death.

"Please allow me to confront Jinja," Beyal repeated. "I think I will be able to soothe her."

"You 'think'?" Bren cried.

"I know," Beyal replied. He nodded to the two and ran to catch up with Jinja. He tugged on her sleeve, forcing her to stop and stood in front of her bravely. "What is wrong, Jinja?" He asked her innocently. "Why are you so angry?" Jinja gritted her teeth, eyes boring into Dax, who stood on the opposite side of the fire. He pulled a face at her and laughed. Jinja began to walk forward preparing to go break into a run, but Beyal stopped her gently by nudging her.

"Dax kiss-… Dax did something!" Jinja seethed through gritted teeth. Beyal reached up and squeezed Jinja's arm. This caused her to gaze at him curiously. Dax's face fell a little as the centre of attention shifted away from him, but his grin still remained.

"But there is no need to be angry. Everything will play out as it will, my sister." Beyal gave her a small smile.

And Jinja snapped out of it.

"Oh Beyal!" She sighed, cheeks flushing pink. She held her face in her hands and started swaying from side to side. A big happy grin etched across her face. "You're just so incredible!" Bren and Chase sweat-dropped at how comical the whole scene seemed but were glad that Beyal hadn't been minced to shreds, or at all for that matter. Beyal turned the opposite way and nodded at Dax.

"Treat Jinja well Dax and she will treat you well in return." Then he walked away, back to his tent and softly voiced his greetings for the night.

"So are you guys cool now?" Chase asked.

"No more attempted maiming in the night?" Bren inquired. Dax glanced at Jinja, who was still fan-girling over Beyal happily and grinned.

"Yeah, we're cool. 'Night fellas!"

"Good night," Chase yawned before retiring to his tent. "'Night B."

"Good night Chase." Bren returned before doing the same. Dax glanced at Jinja one last time before crawling over to his tent and lying on his side. Jinja's whispering eventually died down and she too went back to bed, on the opposite side of the fire. Dax grinned as he turned over to the right and fell asleep. Little did Jinja know that she now had one of Dax's necklaces hanging around her neck. And she wouldn't know until the next morning at breakfast time the next day. Dax's midnight mission had been a success .

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