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"… Baby Suno!" Chase's face fell upon hearing his name. He didn't want to go first, but if that meant getting this whole scenario would be over and done with by doing so, then he was sold. The only reason he was playing this worthless game was for Bren's sake anyway. He strongly believed in the saying 'brothers to the end' after all.

"Alright," The Suno teen said as confidently as he could. He rolled his shoulders back and lifted his chin a little. "Show me what you got Dax." Dax's eyes almost seemed to twinkle with mischievousness. They seemed to shine with a dangerous playfulness that almost made Chase say, 'On second thought, I'd rather not play.' Dax made himself comfortable by rolling onto his back and resting his head sideways on his folded arms. He smirked at Chase, showcasing his white teeth in the light of the sun.

"Have ya picked out your wager?" Chase thought for a moment.

"Is there a limitation to what I can pick?"

"Na, be as harsh as ya want!" Dax grinned. "It's funnier that way."

"What's your wager?" Chase asked cautiously. He at least wanted to know what he penalty for losing was before he started playing.

"Na uh. Can't tell ya, Baby Suno. No can do."

"Why not?" Chase asked back.

"Cause you'd chicken out, of course!" Chase eyed Dax for a few more seconds before sighing and bowing his head slightly. It'd be no use.

"Fine. I don't think I really want to know anyway…"

"That's right, ya don't!" Dax laughed, which made everyone, except Jinja and Beyal, feel uneasy. "Righto, we begin!" Dax rolled his head to the left, so that his cheek was pressed up against the cloth of his clothes. The rough material scratched his cheek a little, but he didn't really mind. He cleared his throat and said in a loud clear voice, "How do you spell… uh…" Dax racked his mind for a word, eyes landing on Jinja in the process. He winked at her and smugly continued, "Princess! Spell it." Chase didn't so much as blink an eye and answered right away without considering the question. So be it, whatever Dax's wager was! He just wanted his turn to be over.


"Chase!" Bren cried. "That's wrong!" Chase turned to his alarmed friend.

"It can't be!" Chase answered back. "He said spell 'Princess' and I did." Dax however, barked a series of laughter and held up hand displaying a 'thumbs down' sign. He imitated the noise of a buzzer, and went to say something, when Jinja cut in:

"He said spell 'it' not 'Princess', Chase."


"He said, "Spell 'Princess", spell 'IT'." She explained. Dax elbowed her with his elbow and flashed a cheeky smirk at her. He titled his face up to ensure eye contact between him and her.

"Took the words right outta my mouth, Love!"

"Quiet you!" She hissed, shoving him away. "I was just used my brain to work that out. A first grader would be able to figure that out and…" She stopped upon seeing Chase's slightly offended expression. "I'm gonna stop now." Chase nodded.

"Glasses will be next." Dax sneered, pointing at Bren. "And you have laundry duty now, Suno." Chase groaned, but in truth, that wasn't so bad.

"Before Bren has his turn," a soft voice piped up. The group's attention directed towards the Monk boy. "I have something to inquiry with Chase Suno." Chase smiled at his friend and nodded.

"Sure Beyal! You can ask a question." Beyal nodded, folding his hands on his lap.

"What was your 'wager'?"


"I assume a 'wager' is something you receive or get granted if you win against an opponent in a duel or challenge. Might I ask what you, Chase Suno, adopted as your 'wager'?" Beyal continued.

"Uh, I was gonna make Dax clean up our dishes for a week."

"Lucky." Dax whistled under his breath with a grin. However, Jinja had heard him. She leant down next to his ear and whispered some ghostly words into it:

"Luck has nothing to do with my victory. Kicking your butt is gonna be a piece of cake Dax!"

"It's not my butt that's gonna receive the kicking!" Dax hushed back with a competitive smirk. When Jinja pulled away, he cleared his throat and pulled his posture up a little. "Anyway! Glasses!"


"Here's ya question." Once again, Dax paused for a few seconds. "Say I-L-K."

"That's not a question!" Bren exclaimed. Dax rolled his eyes.

"It's a warm up. Yours is gonna be hard. So say I-L-K and be happy for it!"

"I-L-K." Bren repeated.








"I-L-K I-L-K ILK ILK ILK!" Bren yelled back starting to get a little frustrated.

"What do cows drink?"


"Okay! Monk Boy's turn!"

"What?!" Bren yelled. Chase winced and covered his ears slightly.

"Keep it down B!"

"Cows don't drink milk," Dax grunted as if it were the simplest thing in the whole world. "I tricked your brain into saying that. You lose!"

"Not fair! I demand a re-"Bren was silenced by a hand on his shoulder. Chase's hand.

"It's not worth it Bren. Do you really want to go through all that again just to get a few words in?" Bren shook Chase's hand off and huffed, crossing his arms.

"You're right Chase. And playing dirty will get you nowhere Dax."

"S'not playin dirty mate. Ya brain just wasn' smart enough. And you now have to do one hundred push-ups in the morning without a shirt on."


"Monk Boy!" Dax addressed informally, cutting off Bren.

"Yes?" Beyal quietly answered. Jinja's heart fluttered at his calm aura that seemed to constantly surround him.

"His name is Beyal, Dax." Jinja boldly proclaimed in his defence.

"Yeah whatever!" Dax snorted, brushing off what Jinja said without a second thought. "So Monk Boy, lend me an ear. What summaries the 'End'." Jinja's eyes widened.

"That's too hard Dax!" Jinja immediately protested, leaping to Beyal's defence.

"You saying he's stupid?"

"I'll kill you!" She whispered, so that Beyal wouldn't have to hear such foul words.

"It's alright Jinja," Beyal reassured, providing her with a small smile. A small smile that sent a huge collection of electric waves throughout her body. "It is good to challenge one's mind every day."

And Dax, of course, was the cause of Jinja's crashing halt to short-lived happiness by saying, "Ya sound like my old lady." Jinja responded by leaning down and pinching his ear lobe, to which he winced, and whispered:

"How dare you compare Beyal to a woman! Beyal is manly, you hear? Very, very manly!"

"And I'm not? Ya know, masculine, handsome and all?" Jinja paused. Yes, Dax was a bit like that, but he was so incredibly irritating and annoying. If he was a little nicer to her and a little more gentlemanly, then perhaps they'd have a chance. She wouldn't mind tracing circles on his forehead… or…

"So I guess that's a 'yes'?" Jinja snapped out of her thoughts, shaking her head as she did so.

"Shu-Shut-up!" She seedily stuttered, pushing Dax away. But this time, she pushed him away a little more gently than she usually did. Dax grinned.

"The letter 'E.'" Dax's grin faded as Beyal spoke. But Jinja however, was very pleased.

"Beyal got it right! I knew you would get it right!" She happily said upon seeing Dax's face.

"Thank you for having faith in me Jinja." Beyal replied. Jinja smiled warmly back at him.

"No problem!"

"Well done Beyal." Chase congratulated. Bren nodded his head in approval in direction of the Monk Boy. Beyal managed a small victorious smile.

"Yeah, just a game." Dax mummered. "What's your wager?"

"Nothing." That word alone caused everyone in the circle to raise an eyebrow. Or both.

"What?" They all said in sync with surprised tones.

"I have no wager. There is no need for me to wager. I already have my prize: another step towards completing my spiritual journey of mental strength." Jinja's eyes widened in awe, Chase smiled, Bren adjusted his glasses confusedly and Dax chewed on his lip.

"If ya say so. Works for both me and for you."

"Usually its I-don't care-if-you're-happy-or-not-cause-it's-my-way-or-the-highway procedure." Jinja sniffed.

"Lucky Monk Boy here gets a onetime offer because I can't be bothered."

"Do I get one?"

Dax chuckled darkly, "Ya think ya need one? Don't ya think you can take me on here and now as my last competitor?" Jinja frowned and stood up, defiantly pointing her finger down at Dax.

"Bring it on! Not only do I speak SEVEN languages but I also speak PROPER English!

"My old man used to tell me that fancy words were for fancy fools!" Dax shot back with a huge grin on his face. This caused Jinja to frown further.

"Bring it on Dax!" Dax clicked his tongue and stood up. Jinja bit her tongue in annoyance when he towered above her by a few more centimetres. She liked being the tall one, the tallest one, between her, Bren and Chase. Yet another reason why she and Dax would never work out.

"A man is in a room…" Dax drew out, just to annoy Jinja.

"Yes," She said impatiently.

"With no windows and no doors in a padded prison cell. All that's in the room is a table… how does he…?"

"Ha!" Jinja cheered excitably! "He banged his head against the wall until it was sore, used the 'sore' to cut the table in two, and two halves make a hole, so he jumped in!" Dax's draw dropped in utter shock-horror. How had she gotten that?

"Sorry Dax," Chase laughed. "B and I used to tell her that one all the time."


"Cheating?" Jinja suddenly said, cutting Dax's words off. "Not playing dirty Dax, just being SMART enough to know the answer." She teased. "I win! Now my wager can come true!" She poked Dax's chest and tugged on his collar so that his ear was near her mouth. "Remember how I said I was 'gonna kick your butt'?" Dax gulped. "I was being serious. I wasn't saying it as a figure of speech or any of that crag. I was saying that legitimately. My wager is that I get to plant my boot print on your butt." Dax's mouth went dry. He actually wasn't sure what to say. His mind went blank. Not only was Jinja's sweet breath brushing up his ear lobe and the hollow of his ear, she was also going to leave a permanent indent on his rear. That wouldn't be good. He would never score a sheila if that happened.

"Wait, I have changed my mind. I wish to use my wager." Jinja released Dax and turned around. Dax did the same, still dumfounded. The two of them, Chase and Bren found themselves staring curiously into the grey-hued eyes of Beyal.

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