Zildjian 459

The Elements. The basic fundamentals that binds the Earth together. The highly adorned gifts from God Himself. This is the story about those gifts. My name is Henri Lafever, and I am recording these events in the book of the 459th Zildjian.

Mage's Log 1- The Beginning of the Beginning

It was late evening in the twilight sky, and my two brothers and I laid in the grass underneath the stars. We gazed at the stars, waiting for the expected meteor shower to occur.

My older brother Sparky exclaimed, "Look, guys! It's starting!" My younger brother Jordan and I quickly turned our focus back on the stars.

"My goodness, it is so beautiful." I said.

Jordan chimed in agreement, then he said, "Hey Henri, lots of them are moving really fast."

Astonished at the sight, I replied, "Yeah, they are aren't they?" With me being a scholar of the stars, I knew something was not right. They aren't supposed to move that quickly and in mass groups. Then, the stars seemed as if they were heading towards us. Panicked, I yelled, "Guys, the stars are moving toward us!" We began to move as fast as we can, but we froze. The stars hit us, and it felt like a piercing arrow shot through my heart.


The next morning, I awoke in my room clad in astronomical décor and tried my hardest to remember the previous night. The star hit me and then what? I could not muster any more memories for it seemed as if they were blocked by something.

As I came to this realization, my mother opened the door and cheerfully said, "Henri, it's time for your destiny to unravel today." Confused and still half-asleep, I questioned her statement. She noticed the puzzled look on my face and said, "This is the day where you fulfill the family tradition of becoming the leader of the next Zildjian generation." At that moment, my memories snapped together. Ah, of course! How could I forget about this!

My mother than draped me in a red rode with white fluff at the ends of the hood and sleeves. She then tied a blue-green sash around my waist and proudly said, "There! Looking like a MoonScar Mage already!"

I looked at my appearance and bluntly stated, "Uh, Mom, it's a bit big for a seven year old like me."

She pondered at my statement then said, "Honey, I made it big for you so that the robe would fit when you get older. Now, let's get going to the ceremony." She then spoke the ancient Suarthen words of old and a portal appeared before us. We stepped on through, with me not knowing what is to come.


[Zildjian Council Central Chamber]

After arriving, I glanced around the large room. There were many people sitting in highly elevated court room chairs and desks. But no one could see their faces, for dark veils surrounded them. Only their profiles could be made out. The most striking of the people sat in the center of them, with his chair being the highest elevated. Seems like he's the leader. He then stood up and announced, "I am Lord Lionel of the Zildjian Council and today's ritual is to commemorate the inauguration of Henri MoonScar as the leader of Zidjian 459!"

All eyes fell on me and I smirked out of embarrassment. Then a member of the council wearing a hooded robe came before me and placed a large book on a stand in front of me. It read: "Ye of the Moon's blessed, place yer blood here to seal the contract as permanent leadership of the new generation of Zildjian." I read a little further, and I became fearful as I read these words, "By sealing this contract, you must seek out all of the Elements and gather them in one place. If you fail at this assignment, you and all the people you have gathered shall be put to death."

I froze and began to shake for fear of my life. What kind of deal is this? Is there any benefit for me doing this? But I am being forced to do it after all…Oh, God, please let there be a way for me to get out of this.

Lord Lionel asked, "What's the matter, boy? Oh, you read the Terms and Conditions haven't you? Don't worry; it's really hard to fail." As he was saying this, I saw that he had a wicked grin on his face. He then snickered and said as if he read my mind, "Besides, the benefits for you are that you make lots of new friends and that your powers will be used for the good of the Universe."

I was startled, how is that a benefit for me? I then shouted with pain because the member who was standing next to me sliced my left hand with a dagger.

"Why did you do that!" I exclaimed.

Mother grimaced at me, a foul look in her eyes. "Behave, or there will be punishment when we get home." I flinched at the thought of punishment but noticed that my flinch caused some of my blood to fall on the book. Oh,shit. I did not mean to do that. Right as my blood fell on the page, it began to move into the letters of my name.

Then, the book began to glow with a primrose light, and more pain seered through my hand, trailing down my arm. I cried out in agony and fell to my knees. As soon as the pain was gone, I looked at my hand and there was a magic circle, the symbol of Zildjian, carved into my hand.

Lord Lionel had a psychotic grin smeered across his face and shouted, "The new generation, Zildjian 459, has been formed!" All of the other members of the Council began to rejoice with claps and cheers.

I began to say, "But…wait…why…are you all rejoicing for my pain?" But I was ignored and pulled away from the book by my mother who seemed pretty angry. Oh great, she's going to go home and beat me. She said her condolences to the Council then created the portal to home.

[MoonScar Residence, near Henri's room]

As soon as we got home, she backhanded me across the face. "Why the Hell did you act like that in front of the Council, especially Lord Lionel!"

I stammered, "I..I don't know. They… made me go through pain and…they enjoyed it. Does that seem wrong to you Mommy?" She responded with another slap to the face, sending me flying and then crashing into the wall in front of my room.

"Are you serious?" She yelled. "Don't fuck with me Henri! The ritual is supposed to be painful! And here you are, thinking it's wrong…" As she drew in closer to begin my beating, Sparky stepped in between her and me.

"Stop it, Mom! You're hurting Henri! He didn't deserve the ceremony, and he certainly doesn't deserve punishment!" He said this while stretching his arms out to make a defensive stance.

Mother chuckled and said, "If you don't get out of my way in five seconds, I will give you a punishment you won't forget!" She reached her arm up high, ready to slap Sparky. He closed his eyes and winced, trying to brace for the pain to come.

But a hand stopped her arm, holding it in place. Father intervened and said, "Stop it Angelina! I won't tolerate you beating our boys anymore!" Mother stared intensely at Father, eyes ablaze with madness.

"What are you going to do about it, Jacque? Kick me out of this house? Divorce me? What is it, Jaaaacque? Teeeell meeeee hehehehe…" She then burst into maniacal laughter.

Father then slapped her across the cheek and replied, "I am going to send you to the Tekiana Asylum, Angelina. You have beaten the kids so many times and everyday your madness seems to grow. I do love you, Angelina, but this is for the good of this family."

Mother smirked and said, "Fine, Jacque. Do what you wish but I WILL pay you back for this. I just want Henri to become a lovely Zildjian leader."

"You want him to be much more than that. If that were not the case, you wouldn't be trying so hard to make him a Mage."

"So so true, my dear." Mother scoffed, and then she strutted off, mumbling to herself.

Father turned to me and Sparky and said, "I'm so horribly sorry, guys. I did not know that she had been trying to kill you, Sparky and making you study magic, Henri. From now on, I will protect you not only as your dad but as your guardian. Understand?"

We nodded in response. I went to my room and tried experimenting with my newly discovered power. I focused solely on my hand, seeing if anything would appear. At first- nothing happened. Then I felt a pulsating sensation between my eyes. It hurt, but held a feeling of pleasure. It was as if my senses were enhanced- like I could accomplish something great- something that would give meaning to my distasteful life. After living for 200 years, I finally felt as if I accomplished something.

And at that moment- my hand turned warm and a primrose glow grew from the center of my palm. The longer I held this light in my palm the hotter it grew and I winced in pain. But I thought to myself, I can't give up because my hand's burning! There has to be a way to make it bigger! I then attuned my focus to grow the light even bigger, and then it engulfed my entire hand. I smiled brightly as I was constructing this primrose light from nowhere.

I then let the light fade as I broke my concentration. I glanced at the clock on my nightstand- 12:36am- then quickly got ready for bed. As I slept, I dreamt of the future, where I have organized my Zildjian team and we defeated someone- one who I was familiar with- but I could not make them out.