Mage's Log 3- The Nightmare Begins

After my fateful encounter with the fire demon, I decided it was time to begin forming this new Zildjian generation. I woke up in the hallway where the encounter occurred and noticed that Sparky was not in his room. Oh, shit, he's on his way to kill mother! And with the mind-linking skills the mother taught me, I branched out into the voids of Sparky's mind.

I could hear him, see him, and feel him- infiltrating Tekiyana Asylum- his mind flooded with schizophrenic thoughts. Some thoughts would focus on the destruction of Mother, and others on how tranquil our family was with Mother out of the picture.

Sparky made his way to Mother's keep, a room that showed its contents through thick, transparent sheets of glass. Sparky then proceeded to break the glass with the demon cleaver of the Moon, infiltrating deeper and deeper with each heavy strike.

As he broke through the door, I could hear Mother saying "Oh, Sparky dear, how nice to see you." Her voice seemed to full of peace but was filled with sarcasm and hatred that agitated Sparky's mind. With his mine screaming in agonizing pain, I began to pant, gasp and shudder at the feeling.

Sparky walked over to Mother and said, "The unwanted child shall take vengeance for what the Beldam has done."

Mother seemed to be puzzled at his words, but replied, "That's right, you are the unwanted child. Being born of yellow skin when Jacque and I don't even have yellow skin! Haha," she cackled as Sparky was advancing toward her with the Sun cleaver in hand, "You think you can do anything to me! I'm more powerful than you! I'm…"

And she was silenced as Sparky delivered the fatal blow across her neck, decapitating her.

"If you were going to say 'I'm your Mother', than you're so damn wrong, bitch. A true mother does not try to kill their eldest son just because they're different than the others. You were supposed to LOVE ME! AAARRRRGGHH!" Sparky's mind went into disarray, as all thoughts were splattered with rage, anger, and huge amounts of hatred. It was as if he turned into someone else- someone who has been sleeping inside of Sparky's persona- and just awakened.

This newly awakened Sparky then obliterated Mother's corpse, hacking and slashing like there was no tomorrow. When he was finished, he let out a Scream of terrifying sorts that rattled me so hard I screamed in response. I could tell that the once white room was now painted in showers of fresh blood, and then broke off my link with Sparky's disturbed mind.

I observed from the experience that something did not set right within Sparky, and upon hearing that Scream, something awakened in me. I was not sure of what or who it was exactly, but as the Ancients said, "One demon can awaken a sleeping nightmare, and together can cause all forms of chaos."