Author's Note: Written for the prompt forgive, for the livejournal community ds_snippets.

Diefenbaker rests his head on his paws, pointedly ignoring his fickle packmate. He stares stubbornly out at the pale winter sky as Fraser tries to apologize.

"I'm sorry I called you a dumb dog."

He shifts his ears back, growling slightly, so that even his slow-witted packmate can understand.

"For goodness sake, we were undercover. What was I supposed to say? This is my wolf, highly skilled in taking down bad guys with a leap and a growl. Now please let us into your criminal headquarters."

He huffs noisily, blowing moist breath out over his paws.

Fraser turns to their newest packmember, grumbling and looking for sympathy. "Honestly, Ray. What did he expect?"

Ray grabs a doughnut from the box without responding. The sweet scent forces him to look, but the two men are too focused on each other to notice. Maybe he could take one before they look back?

"It'll take him days to forgive me."

Ray sighs, wiping powdered sugar on his jeans as he responds. "Geez, Frase. You just gotta know how to do it right."

Fraser crosses his arms, looking a little insulted, but says nothing.

"It's like with a woman. If you know you've messed up bad, you can't just say you're sorry. You gotta bring her flowers and chocolates. Maybe even candlelight dinner if you really screwed up. You gotta know how to apologize."

Fraser looks confused. Ray shrugs, then picks up the doughnut box and slides it across the floor to Diefenbaker.

He cocks his head to the side, studying his two packmates and wondering if this is a trick. But they make no move to stop him, so he scarfs up the rest of the doughnuts.

"You forgive him, don't ya, Dief?"

He snorts, and powdered sugar flies everywhere. For now, maybe.