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Admiral Matthew Shepard stood silently in front of the casket. The sun was setting in front of him insuring he was looking down at the reminder that he would spend the rest of his life apart from the one person he needed most.

"Ashley Williams-Shepard lived 122 years and left behind a husband 3 children and 7 grandchildren. She retired as a Captain in the Alliance Navy, the second human spectre, and recipient of the Star of Terra for Valor shown during the battle for Earth." the minister continued on.

Shepard was lost in his own thoughts. The Alliance had asked to officiate the ceremony but he knew that Ash would have wanted the minister to do it. Even after all they had scene and done she never lost her faith in God and her belief in something bigger out there. He bitterly laughed to himself as he thought how she never met the Catalyst. Never had to choose whether to destroy whole races or become a god herself. If there is a God out there he had a fucking sick sense of humor.

Shepard looked up over the faces that had come from all over the galaxy to be there. It's been almost a hundred years since the end of the reaper war and the crew of the Normandy had all drifted apart, yet every time one of them succumbs to the one battle they all will lose they all gather to offer support to the ones left behind. The first one was right after the reapers were defeated when they finally had the chance to honor the ones who died to win that war: Kaiden, Thane, Legion, Mordin, Samara and so many more.

He glanced up at EDI and thought about what he would do if he could bring Ash back like Jeff did for EDI. It took 3 years and help from anyone and everyone who would listen to him to bring her back. He would never forget Joker limping all the way up to see the newly formed counsel and telling them he was going to bring her back and if they didn't like it they could go fuck themselves. The breakthrough actually came from David Archer of all places, yet here she was and Ash was gone. The really shitty part was that Joker died just a few years later from complications of a fall.

They have lost others along the way of course. Jack died saving her students during a raid on a base on Horizon. Jacob died in a random shark attack off the coast of Australia. Dr. Chakwas passed peacefully after retiring from the Alliance. James died fighting to protect Eden Prime after they were attacked again, this time from the group known as New Cerberus.

The rest were here: Liara with her 3 daughters. Primarch Garris Vakarian looking every bit the hundred plus years he had. Admiral Tali-Zorah vas Normandy came with her family and the couple of the new geth. Wrex, Grunt and Bakara all came although Wrex did say he had business he needed to discuss with Garrus, Tali and himself. Even Miranda showed up which kind of surprised him since they never really did see eye to eye.

He was brought back out of his own thoughts when the Minister started to pack up and walk away from the podium and he noticed people start to move toward him to say their condolences to the family. He stood in a daze saying thank you for coming to everyone who came through looking over at his children as they did the same thing.

Finally after what seemed like hours just about everyone had left and he was just about to get the in skycar with his youngest Kara and her daughter Ashley when Liara stopped him asking him if he could talk for just a few minutes before he left and she had to go back to Thessia.

"Sure" Shepard replies

"Thank you there is something that I need to tell you and I really can't wait one more day to do it."

Shepard leaned down and told his daughter he would catch a ride back after he was done with Liara and not to worry about him. She replied "ok Dad but don't be out to late ok."

He smiled at her "I promise sweetheart I won't be long."

Standing up he turns toward Liara and her daughters as she pulls the car away and speeds off toward home.

"What do you need to talk to me about?" Shepard asks the car fades off into the distance.

"Matt I would like you to meet my daughters. This is Silia and Nyra my youngest." Liara replies pointing out each one as says their names.

"Nice to meet each of you I always wondered when I would get to meet your girls Liara you hid them better than you hid some other things about yourself." Shepard smiles at his long time friend and shakes each of the young asari's hands.

Liara blushes and looks away as she points to her other daughter. "This is my eldest daughter Tessa. She just completed commando training and will be joining me in the" Liara pauses and looks around before finishing her thought "family business."

Shepard shakes her hand noticing shes looking at him expectantly. "It is very nice to meet you Tessa I am sure your mother will have you wishing you were back in commando training in no time."

Liara looks down for a second before just deciding to come right out and say it. "She is also your daughter Shepard."