The two exchanged worried looks before rushing over to the other wall, now moving in rhythm. 'THUMP! THUMP!'

Karkat started knocking and yelling desperately trying to grab Feferi's attention. "FEFERI! HEY! FEFERI!"

"Oh, thank glub! It's you two again!" She said. "It's Gamzee! He's- Aah!"



Karkat jumped at the noise as Vriska backed away from the wall. The roaring voice of a sober Gamzee could be heard. "I'M GONNA KNOCK THIS MOTHERFUCKIN' WALL DOWN IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!"



Karkat put a hand to his head, steadying himself. "Okay...this is good, this is good..."

"Yeah, just keeeeeeeep telling yourself that, Karkat." Vriska murmured, hiding behind Karkat.

"Kar!" Eridan's voice came through the wall behind them. "W-what's going on ovver there?"

"It's Gamzee! He's gone sober!" Vriska called back.

"Uh-oh." Terezi's voice joined in. "That's not good."

"Not one grubby little-" Another THUMP, followed by the sound of a cracking wall. "Fuck!" Karkat swore, turning to the cobalt-blooded girl beside him. "Vriska, tell Eridan and Terezi to step away from the wall. I think this one's about to-" THUMP! "Give in!"

"Gotcha." She nodded, running to the wall.

"Fishface! 'Rezi!" THUMP! Crrrrackle! "Step as faaaaaaaar as you can awaaaaaaaay from this wall! NOW!"

Their replies were inaudible to Karkat, but as Vriska came back to the wall in front of him, he was sure they had listened. "They said they were by Aradia's and Tavros's wall!"

"Perfect," Karkat said. THUMP! "This wall's about to break!" THUMP! Crack! THUMP!

Suddenly, the 'thumps' stopped. Karkat heard the sound of something sliding down the wall. "...or not."

"Um...guys?" Feferi's voice spoke once again.

"What?" Vriska asked.

"Gamzee just knocked himself out...literally!"

"Tch!" Vriska spat. "Well, that plan backfired. Hey, 'Rezi! You got anything useful in your room?"

"Nothing but a pile of buckets. THAT WILL NOT BE FILLED. Don't even THINK ABOUT IT, Ampora."

"Oh, but Terrrrrr…!"

Karkat facepalmed while Vriska rolled her eyes. But what Terezi had said reminded Karkat of something, however, while he was busy waiting for the wall to collapse, he had forgotten all ideas in his head. It wasn't until Vriska tripped on another pail when he remembered.

"Gah!" She said, landing on her behind.

Karkat stretched out a hand, helping her to her feet. "You okay?"

"Awesome as always." she said. She grumbled about it shortly afterwards, kicking one of the lewd objects to the wall with a small 'clang'. "Lousy stupid buckets."

"...buckets...buckets!" Karkat said, rushing to Feferi's wall. "Hey, Feferi! Open the closet."

"What? Why?" She chirped back.

"Just do it!"


Vriska sat on the bed and raised an eyebrow. "What are you planning...?"

"Did you forget about your own idea?"

"Uh..." Vriska said. Jegus. Karkat never realized how much of an airhead she could be sometimes. "...ohhhhhhhh!"

The clattering noise of metal on wood drifted from behind the wall, along with a somewhat shocked voice. "Oh my glub! Katfish! Why would you tell me to-"

"It's alright, Feferi, I don't intend you to fill them. Just throw some of them at the wall."


"Wow. For a future empress, you're not all that clever, are you? Or strong, for that matter..." Vriska snickered.

"What the hell do you mean?" Feferi's voice grew irritated. "I happen to be very smart and strong, thank you very much! Since I'm a SEADWELLING troll, I get a much wider variety of hobbies."

"I'll take your word on the 'strong' part, but you're supposed to throw the bucket at the OTHER wall, Feferi." Vriska said, a small grin creeping onto her face.

"O-oh! Right..."

Clang! "Um...what is this supposed to do again?"

"It gets the attention of others. That is, if anyone's there. Now keep throwing!" Karkat explained.

"Alright, so...we've already found Feferi, Gamzee, Eridan, 'Rezi, Aradia and Tavros, plus Equius and Nepeta, so that makes..." Vriska counted on her fingers, smiling when she reached the final number. "Eight! Haha, eight!"

"You forgot the two of us, asshole." Karkat said raising Vriska's last two fingers.

"Ugh...but it was at my favorite number!" She complained, crossing her arms. "Bluh! Bluh bluh bluh!"

"Stop acting like a fucking pre-cocoon grub, you filthy nooksucking fuckass." Karkat growled. "We need to find Kanaya and Sollux."



"Well, someone has to do it, right, Vriskers?" The speaker emitted the sound of Nepeta's sweet, child-like voice. "Also, guys? Please stop throwing those buckets. It took Equius and I FURREVER to collect them all, and it's probably not very comfortable if there's a dent while using one..."

Karkat shuddered as Vriska blushed and pounded her forehead.


"Gah! Bad imagery! Get it out get it out get it out get it out get it out get it out get it out get it out!"

"I think I'm gonna have another breakdown soon..."

"Oh, but Karkitty! That's not very intriguing or sedu-"




"Gog!" Karkat yelled out into open air, walking to check the door. "The door doesn't seem too strong. I'm sure we could just know, just kind of...punch it and it'll..."



"Ouchhhhhhhh...that looks like it hurt." Vriska said, Karkat's fist visibly throbbing.

"Haha, yeah, NO SHIT."

Vriska went over to take a closer look at the cracks caused by their clowny friend. "Gamzee did a number on this door...maybe we could knock it down with the buckets?"

"Yeah. Let's go with the wall." On his way back to the wall from the door, Karkat bent down, picking up two buckets and tossing one to Vriska.

"Alright, on the count of three-"

"Whaaaaaaaat?" Vriska whined. "Why not eight?"

He rolled his eyes. "Eight takes too long to count to."

She stuck her tongue out. "Ugh. Fine. One."