Olivia and Alex were inseparable for a month or so. They would spend almost every night talking on phone for hours at a time. If they weren't on the phone talking to each other, and they were at each other's places. Alex was more eager to spend time with Olivia that she was going to less and fewer parties. Olivia started to become more sociable while Alex was around.

They were at Alex's penthouse getting ready for Olivia's seventeenth birthday dinner. Alex was sitting on her bed flipping through a magazine waiting for Olivia to get dressed.

"I'm not so sure about this." Olivia said coming from the bathroom.

"I'm sure it looks fine, but I can't tell you how you look, if you don't come out and let me see." Alex smirked about how nervous can get about the little things. Olivia walked out of her bedroom standing with a pair of her black pants, and Alex's white corset, Olivia was feeling nervous about going out into public with out her shoulders being covered. "Hot," Alex sighed at the look they created, she walked to over to Olivia to take her hair out the pony-tail that she always wears. "Shake you hair." Olivia took a step back to bend over, and started to shake her head. Alex ran her fingers through her hair for her to flip her up to revile life in her hair. The end of her hair brushed the top of her shoulder. "There we go much better."

Alex had Olivia sit down at her vanity to do her make-up, "So do you have any plans after dinner?" Alex questioned starting to work on Olivia's eyes.

"Well Dean and I are suppose..." Olivia started to blush getting embarrassed about talking about sex to anyone.

"Yeah, what else is new." Alex smiled.

"No, actually we haven't."

"Shut up, I totally thought two already had."

"Well we've done other things just never that." She confessed.

"Are you nervous?"

"A little, but I know it will be great."

"Okay I think we are done, wanna see?" Alex asked Olivia putting down mascara tube on the counter. She nodded to the questioned, turning around to the mirror. Alex put the last touches on Olivia with a necklace and earrings.

"Wow," Olivia smiled at the looked Alex created for her.

"Yep, you're gorgeous," Alex smiled walking into her closet, to get ready herself.

"Alex, honey open up your schedule on Thursday..." Jane said walking into Alex's room. "Oh, hi." She greeted Olivia standing next to her.

"Mom remember I asked you to knock," Alex walked out of her closet in a pair of jeans, and a light purple bra, while she had three shirts in her hands trying to choose. "Now what were you trying to say?"

"Thursday we have a charity event to go to keep it open."

"Okay," She said standing in front of her mirror, "Oh this is my friend Olivia."

"So, you're Olivia, I've heard a lot about you from Maria, You are the one keeping my little girl in check." Jane smiled to Olivia.

"Mom," Alex called out needing the subject to be changed. Jane looked at Alex, "Which one?" going back and forth on shirts.

"That one, " She pointed to a dark purple v-neck.

"Thank-you, not to be rude but can I finish getting ready we need to be at the restaurant in like 45 minutes." She said looking at her tennis watch.

"Okay you girls have fun. Olivia it was a pleasure meeting you, you are always welcomed here."

"Bye mom," Alex rushed her out of the room. "Sorry about that she can be embarrassing sometimes."

"I like her, She is really nice." Olivia replied watching the shirt cover Alex's pale torso.

"Yeah, I do love her." She said sitting on her bed to put on her boots, "You know you never talk about your mom."

"What's there to talk about you already know her." Olivia wasn't liking where the conversation was going.

"Yeah, I know her as a professor, not as a human," She laughed, " and you never bring her up in any of our conversations."

"I don't are you ready?" Olivia stood up completely changing the conversation. Alex nodded grabbing her coat.

At the restaurant Elliot, Alex, Dean and of course Olivia were at one of the fancier Italian restaurants in the city thanks to Alex connections. Alex and Olivia were talking through the whole dinner, barely talking to Dean and Elliot having them talk to each other. They even went over to the menu together, but managed to share each other's meals.

Olivia and Dean made their way back to his dorm, they were sitting on his bed kissing.

"I'm sorry. I've spent so much time with Alex, especially tonight." She commented on playing with his collar and hair.

"It's okay." He replied to start the kisses back up.

"I...know...she...isn't...your...favorite" She still needed to finish the conversation about Alex.

"Babe," He pulled her upper body closer to his. "I love you, but can we please not talk about her for the rest of the night?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry." She smiled laying down on the bed. Dean hovered on top of her, Olivia unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a pale size two waist. Olivia trailed her hands up the body playing with the filled light purple bra, that she admired earlier that day. She looked back up to Dean's brown eyes and smiled to pulled him for a deeper kiss.

Dean moved his kisses down her cheek and whispered in her ear, "I love you so much." Olivia head it with a slightly higher pitch voice, than his voice.

"Stop!" She commanded.

They both sat up, "Are you okay?" He asked in concerned.

"I can't do this." She looked into his eyes not being the eyes she was thinking about, "I've... I've got to go." She quickly left his dorm with her things.

Olivia knocked on Alex's door, Alex opened the door with a smile, "Hey, what are you doing here you're supposed to be with Dean."

"Hi," Olivia smiled from Alex's smile, "No, stop smiling, I don't want to be your friend anymore."

"Wait what?" Alex asked confused, seeing the worried look on Olivia's face.

"He's my boyfriend," She started to pace back and forth while she began to rant in un complete sentences, and Alex trying to put the pieces together. "I'm with him, I shouldn't think about you."

"Olivia," Alex touched Olivia's arm to get here to stop pacing, their eyes finally met, "What are you talking."

"You are making me feel something that I shouldn't feel." Olivia confessed to Alex, "I can't do this." She shaking her head, confused with all her emotions lately.

Alex wasn't sure how to fix the situation she had in her hand, "Hey, I understand." Alex told Olivia tucking Olivia's hair behind her ear. Alex had a slight pull to Olivia's cheek. They quickly moved to their lips together. Their tongues parted each other's lips to find what they were looking for in each other. They eventually broke the kiss to examine every inch of the face playing with their hair, smiling at each other to start another kiss.

Alex had as many mixed emotions as Olivia. She was happy that she knew why she needed to be around Olivia so much, but hasn't dated anyone in a long time. She cares about her too much to even dare to hurt her. She took a step back to break the kiss, not wanting to look at her, "I think you should go." Olivia was confused on the words coming out of Alex's mouth. Alex took a deep breath and Olivia's face, "Look at me, I think you are the most beautiful and amazing person. I jus... I... I just don't want this." She choked out. "Please just go now."

Alex didn't want to look at her and walked back into her place closing the door. She leaned back on the door to take a deep breath, not believing what she just did, with her heart sink down to her stomach.

Olivia walked home, after the moment she had with Alex. She walked in the apartment to see her mom still up. "Olivia Benson where have you been?" Serena yelled.

"I was out for my birthday dinner with friends." She got straight to the point really not wanting to deal with her mom.

"It's eleven o'clock at night, and this place is a mess. What is going on with you lately." Serena started going off on Olivia partly sober.

"Don't worry, mom tomorrow after work, I will be here to thoroughly clean this place." Olivia sighed out fighting her tears, heading to her room.

"Olivia," Serena called out to her daughter. Olivia looked back to her mother, "Happy Birthday."

Olivia smiled to her mother closing her door, not having the strength to make it to her bed, and slid down the door to the floor. She finally surrendered her tears into her hands that covered her face.

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