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KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK... "Deidara get your fucking ass out of bed now or so help Jashin I will fucking screw you awake."

Deidara slowly opened his right eye, groaning at the brightness of the room.
"Go way un, try sleep here" the blonde muttered
Damn Hidan, didn't he know that today was Saturday which usually meant that Deidara would be nursing a hangover. It also meant that today Deidara would be playing at the fort felt club today...

"OH SHIT UN" Deidara yelled when he realized that that he had to be at the fort felt club in less than an hour.
"Fucking realize what you gotta fucking do today? Good then fucking hurry up, I think I hear your dad coming and he looks fucking drunk as a fuck."
Of course, Deidara thought, his dad had to come home right when he had to leave, which meant that he would get a good beating before he left the house. Probably for not cleaning the house to his father's standards. What a fucking perfect way to start the day. Deidara groaned.
"I'll be out in a minute Hidan un, meet me in the car," yelled Deidara.

Deidara jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to have a quick shower and then styled his hair into his signature half ponytail with a fringe covering his left eye. If there was one thing Deidara actually cared about, it would be his hair... And his art, his pride and beauty. After the blonde was satisfied with how be looked, he quickly grabbed a pair of ripped jeans, a white button up shirt (that showed his flawless chest and tattoo over his heart) and his favourite red converse. The blonde was finally ready to face the day. Now all he had to do was sneak past his father.

Down the hall, make a right, don't step on the third step from the top, it will creak. Go into the kitchen and stop until father is passed out on the floor. Sneak around the drunk and run towards the door and into Hidan's car. Deidara had it all planed out so he wouldn't have to run into that bastard of a father. Too bad fate decided to screw Deidara as he only got as far as the stairs.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" asked a drunk Teigor. (AN I don't know Deidara's dads real name so imma call him Teigor)
"Well, sir un, I was going to go into work today so I can Earn some money"
If Teigor ever found out that Deidara was actually going to the art gallery for a show, Deidara would get such a beating that he would be in the hospital for weeks to come.
Not that Deidara hasn't been in the hospital before because sometimes when his father was really drunk, he sometimes lost control...

Deidara's dad had a temper when it came to Deidara. Teigor had a temper when it came to life so it was not surprising when Teigor slapped the blonde across the face.
"Listen here you little slut, you don't talk to your father like that. I'm the one who raised you, who gave you food and put a roof over your head, even after you killed your bitch of a mother I still fuc"... SLAP
"Don't you dare say anything against my mother!" Deidara yelled with such venom in his voice. Teigor was in shock at Deidara's outburst. Usually the said artist had a impassive expression when Teigor yelled at him.

Deidara was just as shocked as Teigor and froze, waiting for the beating to start. There was silence throughout the house, as seconds ticked painfully slow. Once Deidara came out of his shocked state, he fled the kitchen and running through the weeds at fast as he could, and jumped into Hidan's car.
"Damn, what took you so fucking long? Honestly , I was ready to call the fucking police thinking your dad finally murdered you... Deidara?"
Deidara had a sullen aura around him
"Can we just get to the club un? We're already late as it is..."
"...sure but what fuck happened in there? If he fucking hurt you again then I'll call the services, you know I fuc"
"Will YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AND DRIVE UN?" Deidara interrupted, he could feel his anger slowly getting the best of him.

If you knew Deidara then you would know that he was usually a very happy and joyful person, always full of life . It was very rare for Deidara to lose his temper like he just did and he NEVER yelled at his best friend Hidan. Deidara and Hidan were best friends ever since they could remember. It has something to do with Hidan trying to sacrifice Deidara to his god almighty. Ever since then the two had been two peas in a pod, always sticking out for each other and Deidara always got Hidan out of jail when the police found out about the sacrificing of the cat. Deidara just had a way with people, especially men...
The rest of the way was quiet except the hustle and bustle of the big city known as Tokyo. Deidara absolutely loved he big city, it reminded him of his art, explosive and fleeting, beautiful.

"Deidara we're here so get your fucking stuff and hurry, your already 15 minutes late."
"Kay just give me a sec un." Deidara was still in a very hostile mood after his episode with his dad.

After getting all his clay, explosive and sculptures, he headed into the common area of the building. The fort felt was really a beautiful place and the blonde was very happy about getting to show people his art, his life. Sometimes at the end of his shows he would get some people asking of he could teach them his skills and who was Deidara to say no to giving them what they wanted? From the common area Deidara moved towards the court yard where the show would be hosted. Breathing in the smell of grass and flowers, Deidara started to get ready. There wasn't much Deidara had to do though. His shows were never planned out and every show was different. The only thing that was planned was how high he should through the art and how big the explosion should be. This was just so that the audience wasn't in any danger but once in a while his calculations would be a little off but there was never any extreme injuries and the miscalculations always seemed to excite the crowds.

"Mr Iwa, your show will start in a couple of seconds so get ready." The manager wasn't sure about Deidara and his 'art' but he was a very famous person for someone so young, just turned 19 the manager thought. Kid did have talent.
For the next couple of minutes Deidara pep talked himself, he was always nervous when it came to his shows and art, what if the crowd didn't enjoy his show? The bomber was ripped out of his thoughts when the manager started to introduce Deidara.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased the announce that we have a very special guest today so could you put your hands together and give a very warm welcome to the famous artist Deidara Iwa."
Deidara stepped out into the open, such a beautiful day for a show.

"Hello, my name is Deidara un and I am here to give you a show of a lifetime yeah ." Deidara waited for the crowd to quiet down and once the artist was sure he had everyone's attentions, he threw the first sculpture. Deidara watched as his world came alive. This was his high, the sole reason for his being, to make his art. He watched the crowd's reaction as they stared at the beauty in the sky, the different colors in the air. Deidara then waited for the thrill in the crowd to settle down and started to throw more of his beautiful creations into the sky. Violent colors raided the air and crumbles of clay littered the ground, it truly was a sight to see. Finally it was time for the Grande finale, what made Deidara's heart stop a beat. Deidara walked towards the front of the stage, a clay eagle in his hands. This piece of work took Deidara two months to complete as there was so much detail in the feathers and beak. The wings were sculpted as if it were going to take flight, the talons were hand crafted with little swirls of designs. Deidara counted to three and with a take of breath, threw the master piece into the air. Deidara did the hand signs and with a whisper of 'katsu' the eagle blew up into millions of tiny pieces. The explosion was music to the blondes ears, the colors in the sky earlier were dull compared to now. It only took a couple of seconds for the explosion but that was how Deidara liked it, fleeting.

Just as the last piece of clay fell to the earth, Deidara saw a flash of blood red hair.

It was a boy, no older than him, maybe 20, and damn, was he beautiful. With red hair that Deidara wasn't even sure was his natural color and eyes so beautifully different. they looked brown but in the sun, looked red and at a different angle, looked black. Beautiful. And his body, god, what Deidara could see of the boy's body, it was amazing, like angles created him for their use. The red head was wearing tight jeans with that hugged the boys ass perfectly. His shirt was a red pull over with the black kanji for scorpion over his heart and over the shirt was a black leather jacket. To top it all off, the man had black designer shoes on that fit well with his outfit. Deidara couldn't stop looking, the boy just looked so yummy and Deidara wasn't the type to stare at a random stranger. Let alone call him yummy. The angel must of saw Deidara staring as he was walking towards the blonde.

"Hello, if I remember at the beginning of the show, your name is Deidara, right?"
"U..Un yeah" Honesty, how embarrassing can you get?
"Ok well, my name is Sasori ," The man Sasori held out his hand, waiting for Deidara to shake.

All Deidara could do was look at the young boy.

Sasori's face held irritation

"Hurry up, I don't like to be kept waiting." Sasori grumbled out.
"ni.. nice to meet you un, did you um like the show un?" Deidara was quite nervous, he hoped Sasori wouldn't notice but apparently luck wasn't on his side today.
"A little nervous are we?" Sasori gave Deidara a dazzling smile that made Deidara want to melt.
God Deidara, get it together, it's just a boy, a really cute boy...
"So un, did you like the show? It was one of my favourites, took forever to sculpt that eagle un." Deidara's heart soared when he thought about the eagle.
"It was... Ok, I thought the sculpture and painting were beautiful but why blow them up? They would've been better if they were eternal and everlasting so their beauty can been seen over and over again." (omg is Sasori occ or what? I'll try to fix that)

Deidara's heart skipped a beat, literally. He couldn't believe his ears, his art should be everlasting? Who the hell did this kid think he was? Telling him what how art should be!
Deidara had to remember to breath. He then smiled.
"Well Sasori un, if you think art should be everlasting and eternal, your are truly mistaken. Now, good day to you un, I must speak with TRUE artists." and with that, Deidara turned around and went to some very pretty brunette. Suddenly, the red head didn't look so cute.

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