Sasori and Kakuzu were arguing about what they should all pack, where the apartment was going to be, and most importantly, how much to spend on everything.

"No damn way am I spending more than 98,000 yen on an apartment, anything more is way to fucking much!" Kakuzu didn't complain often, but when he did, it was mostly about money.

"Kakuzu, with that budget, it won't get us anything more than Twenty-two ㎡. And I swear on my grandmothers life that I will not sleep in the same bed as you" Sasori was getting pretty pissed off

"Please, we all know you hate that old bag"

"... "





Packing up his room, Sasori started thinking of that one blonde brat. It pissed him off to no end but he just couldn't get him out of his mind, and that was weird. He didn't like the blonde. It wasn't one of those stories where you fall in love at first sight, no, it was more like the blonde was calming, if that even made sense. Deidara was an artist, and Sasori felt as though he could really get along with him. Sasori hated being alone with a passion and with people, he sometimes tended to be clingy and needy. It was one of his well kept secrets that many, even Zetsu, didn't know of. Walking out of his room, he went to meet up with Madara, who was on the couch, polishing his katana that had been in his family for generations. On important assignments, Madara's katana was his favorite weapon of choice.

"Madara, Pain said you had my info on my mission" Sasori had a slight edge to his voice; Madara wasn't one of his most favorite people in the world. With Madara knowing this, he smirked, telling Sasori that, yes; he was going to shit with him today. Bad choice.

"Ah, my lovely, and as always, beautiful Sasori. I see you look rather stressed today, come sit with me and let me relieve you of your...load" Without giving Sasori any time to think, he sat him down, making the red head straddle his thighs, and his head falling in the crook of Madara's, neck. Immediately Sasori started to struggle, wiggling his hips, but that only made Madara moan, stopping Sasori's actions. Madara was much stronger than Sasori with the way he was trapped. He ended up becoming limp, which Madara took as a good sign. Slowly, Madara moved his left hand up and down Sasori's spine, feeling the ridges and bumps the bone held. With the left hand occupied for now, Madara moved his right hand up inside Sasori's shirt, the soft flesh making Madara a little aroused. Sasori had that manly feminine body, with muscles that were perfectly defined, just for Sasori's modest body.

Flicking slightly on the pink pecks, than massaging, made Sasori moan, he may hate Madara but he craved the attention that was being brought onto his body. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) this was as far as Madara went. He loosened his hold on Sasori and gave him the famous Uchiha smirk, and stood up, making Sasori stand as well. Being slightly smaller than average height, Sasori faced Madara's chest. Discomfited by the height, Sasori went to go to his room, but not before Madara threw him a folder, which he promptly caught.



Summer was coming to an end, which told two things. One, Sasori was going back to school, and would have to interact with the little blonde brat. The second point meant it was time.

Sasori hated it when summer ended. It reminded him of how alone he really was, how people would always leave him. Summer meant he had to face his parents. They would always mock him that he wasn't good enough for them to come back home. His parents always spoke of how they were glad they would never have to look at Sasori ever again. Whenever Sasori visited his parents, they always said how worthless he was. Never the less; as tradition went, he would meet up with his grandmother, they would say some form of greeting, and then they would leave to see his parent's graves.

Sasori never had a good relationship with his grandmother. She was full of lies that ever seemed to end. Sasori thought that being little entitled you to some form of the truth when something horrific happened. Apparently, that wasn't the case. When ten, his parents would always leave home for work. They were FBI agents. Sasori would always wait by the window, counting how many red cars or blue cars passed by. He sometimes had an ice cream, but later found out ice cream meant that his parents might not come home. It happened when he was eating rocky road ice cream, counting the cars, when two men dressed as mommy and daddy went to his door. At the time, Granny Chiyo was watching over him, heard the doorbell rang. She waddled over, and went outside. Sasori, being ten, didn't think anything of it, until the door opened again. His heart was telling him something had happened but didn't really understand that feeling. Granny Chiyo slowly walked in, gave him an extra scoop of ice cream, and said his parents were just a little delayed in coming home, but not to worry, they would be here soon.

Sasori couldn't look at ice cream now.

He waited for months, believing whatever came out of her mouth.

'Don't worry; their flight has just been delayed'

'Oh, they were assigned another case, give them a week'

'Your parents? They just wanted to celebrate their anniversary in America'

Suddenly, around the sixth month mark of waiting, several men came inside the house. Sasori didn't wait for Chiyo to come out of her bedroom, (she never did) and went to greet the men in the funny blue costumes. One, he was holding a gun, noticed Sasori. The funny man walked over to him, grabbed his arm, and asked where Chiyo was. He pointed upstairs, and more funny men with guns followed his finger. The funny man told him to cover his eyes. Being almost 11, thought he didn't need to. Now he wished he did. Several men came out with Granny, bending her arms in ways that shouldn't work. They pushed her on the ground...Hit her on the back...

Grabbed her chin

Blood came from the mouth

Granny didn't cry, nor make a sound

Funny blue man wasn't so funny.

Turning eleven was supposed to be a big deal. Parents were supposed to make a birthday cake made out of candy and chocolate. Grannies were supposed to give you lots of gifts. Cousins were supposed to let you have your way...but maybe that was just another lie.

Turning eleven for Sasori entitled another home, with more strange people. No more Grannies, no more Mommies. No more daddies. Turning eleven also entitled being allowed to visit his Granny. The not so funny men would pick him up from the strangers, and drive him to the police station. He would then go through a machine that would sometimes beep, and then he would be permitted to see Granny, although; Granny never wanted to see him.

The meetings from then on would always be the same.

Sasori would ask her how she was,

Chiyo would grunt.

Sasori would ask her when she would come home.

Chiyo would chuckle.

Sasori would say the strangers he lived with didn't have ice cream.

Chiyo would stay silent.

Sasori would ask when mommy and daddy would come home.

Chiyo would say 'soon.'

It wasn't until Sasori turned fourteen and two more foster homes came and went, that he met Pein. His first thoughts of Pein were 'He's pretty.'

Sasori soon realized that only Konan was allowed to say that. Anyone else would have a black eye.

Itachi told him the black eye went well with his red hair.

Itachi and Sasori became friends.

Sasori then meet Kakuzu. His first thought of him was 'What a tight wad bitch.'

Kakuzu and Sasori became friends.

Konan loved paper, Sasori soon realized. Konan would teach him how to make paper cranes. Sasori would then attempt to give them to Orochimaru, the school's loner. Orochimaru would just scoff at the paper, and make out with Kabuto.

Konan and Sasori became friends.

Orochimaru and Sasori did not.

This was the group Sasori found himself hanging out with, and finally felt like he has a family again. He still saw Chiyo, and still jumped from one home to the next, but his friends still stayed constant.



It wasn't until his sixteenth birthday, and another foster home came, that Sasori found out about Chiyo.

Things always seemed to happen on his birthday. When Chiyo was let out of jail, the only thing she asked the judges was to have no contact with Sasori. When Sasori confronted his only living family, her only reply was 'you killed him.' Chiyo then promptly walked away.

Sasori had no contact with Chiyo for ten months. On September 21, the day Sasori's parents never came home, a knock on the door echoed through Sasori's foster house. Walking slowly to the door, he could see a faint outline from the frosted windows. Sasori could only open the door with an impassive expression, as Chiyo's face came into view.

'Come with me'

That one command was all it took for Sasori. He followed his 'grandmother' out onto the streets, and allowed her to pull him wherever she wanted. They ended up at the cemetery, and faced two lone graves, side by side, ingrown with weeds. One name adorned each headstone. One was Kotori, the other, Teruo. Both graves held the same proverb.


Chiyo and Sasori stood there, and every year that followed would be the same. Chiyo would chant 'Teruo, Teruo, Teruo.' Sasori would then ask Chiyo when they were coming home and Chiyo would reply




Turning seventeen was probably the most elated moment Sasori had ever had. His signed documents from court arrived, approved. He could finally leave foster care and live on his own, but Pein had thought of a better idea.

Over the year, Sasori, Pein, Itachi, Kakuzu, and Konan became, Sasori, Pein, Itachi, Kakuzu, Konan, Kisame, Zetsu, and Tobi. Sasori liked everyone, except Tobi (Everyone believed him to be a wondertard, AKA, someone so dumb they make regular retardation seem advanced.) But enough about Tobi. They became a gang, calling themselves the Akatsuki.

When everyone turned seventeen, Pein proposed they all live in one house. Which everyone agreed on. The rich ones supplied enough money to get a nice sized house, and the others paid for food and furniture.

Sasori soon found out that this living arrangement allowed everybody to have a partner. Being even in numbers allowed Sasori's partner to be Kakuzu. It wasn't too long after, that Pein started talking about drugs, prostitution, and implying murder. Some of the members were already selling drugs, and going to the red light district, but Sasori usually stayed away from them. Pein's philosophy was simple; people should understand Pain, like the Akatsuki had, and that whoever made their lives miserable, should pay. Everyone had agreed. This began Akatsuki's plan to get to the top of every gang there ever was, and make themselves feared above all in Japan.

One year was all it took.

Petty competition such as Cloud, Sand and Hebi were purged. The only person who could get in their way was Orochimaru, gang leader of Sound. Fights started in their last year of school, and outside, competition was fierce. Leader made sure that all of their actions would be recognized in a way they would not be caught. One or two nights would be the worst chastisement they received. They did their work well, silently, and swiftly. Triumph was the only option, and that was the reason why Orochimaru would soon fail, and Akatsuki would be the only one left standing.

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