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Chapter 4

Reshiram POV

I, Cobalion, and Grey walked the forest looking for an ideal camp.

Our feet crunched the soft brown dirt that lay below our feet and unstable mossy rocks broke as we walked over them.

Cobalion always tried to strike up a annoying conversation about Black.

I just told him to shut up and keep walking.

Things about Black, I keep secret.

Suddenly Grey stopped and smiled.

'What's up?' I asked him.

'Thus this is the place where camp will be.' Grey said in a cold, menacing tone that shook me to my very core.

I stepped back, accidently bumping Cobalion.

'I'll gather firewood. You will set up tents,' Cobalion ordered me. 'Grey. You will patrol the camp.'

Cobalion ran off in the forest, the golden orb in the sky, was starting to set into the darkness of the night.

Grey just sat in a dark corner, his head drooping down sadly.

I walked over to him, wondering what he was sad about.

He never does what he's doing right now.

'Grey, what's wrong?' I questioned him.

'I miss my parents. They were killed mysteriously during a visit to Dragonspiral Tower,' he answered back at me. 'I was just left with my father's necklace.'

Grey showed me it. It shown like diamonds in a crystal sea. The pendant was shaped like a silver fang from a white tiger.

I looked at him, confused at what the information he told held. 'Murdered,' the thought was held in my head. 'Mysteriously killed, Black, maybe the same person did it.' I wondered, looking at Grey. Wouldn't be the first time, coincidence played a part in fate.'

'Some things are better not told to people.' Grey shook his chestnut-haired head and stood up, walking to the tents I had just put up.

'I thought about something. What are you going to do after the murder case?' I asked him again, trying to get off topic.

'Wander around the region, looking for an important person in my private life, the usual,' Grey muttered, going inside one of the tents.

'What do you mean look for an important person?' I questioned him curiously.

'I said, some things are better not told!' he shouted at me, and it rang to me suddenly.

Grey's parents were murdered by Ghetsis, in revenge for ruining his plan to rule Unova!

'Grey.' Those thoughts were the last thing before I fainted.

Six Hours Later

I woke up in a room with medical things around me, and a IV drip was on my hard white body.

A pulsating scar was on my chest and I touched it.

A string of memories hit me.

When I hatched from an egg, my first battle, meeting Black, battling N and Zekrom, beating Alder, Black's cold, blood-filled death, meeting Grey, it all came back to me.

Then a memory I had never seen before hit me.


I and Black saw Dragonspiral Tower, hurrying to the entrance.

'Reshiram, do you think it's safe?' Black questioned me.

'Sure. Let's go!' I said excitedly.

Black and I pushed the crumbling old silver doors open.

Suddenly I heard a sound that looked like a bullet sound.

Suddenly I turned around and saw two ghostly corpses that lay on the ground.

A chestnut haired child cried as he looked sadly at the two adults.

One of the corpses was a male that looked like the child, and the other was a silver-long-haired woman.

Both had gun wounds in their chests and foreheads.

'Uh, uh Reshiram, let's get out of here!' Black nervously screamed and dragged me out of the tower that the male child and the two adults was in.

End of Memory

That child was a younger version of Grey and those corpses were his parents!

'Cobalion! Grey!' I said quietly.

Suddenly the door opened and I saw the rest of the bunch at the Pokémon meetings.

Victini stepped closer to me and observed my body. 'You were attacked by Ghetsis in your chest and you lost lots of blood. Nurse Lugia just happened to be passing by and she saw you,' 'Then you were hurried to a Pokémon Centre. When she's not battling, she works on a medical degree.'

'Tell me everything! Everything you know about Grey's past. That will secure the evidence.' I looked Victini in the eye sternly.

No one cannot disobey the Reshiram Eye.

'Fine. It goes like this….'

End of Chapter

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