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"Chaos." A deep and familiar voice came from the other side of the phone.

"Hey, I have a job for you. When can you catch the next plane to America?"

Tsunako's P.O.V:

School was finally over for the day and I was free to go. Well technically I was free 15 minutes ago but as usual that bitch and her so called friends cornered me again and take my money which was practically nothing but she revels in my pain and suffering.

At least I got lucky today and they decided to not gang up on me and pummel me to the ground as they done before. I have to go to VS right now and meet with Vongola to sort things out on how are we going to start doing the whole turn me into a singer thing, well that and I have to sign the contract, so it wouldn't look good going if I showed up dirty, covered in bruises and soaked with my own blood. But the only real damage they did today was steal my money and bend my left wrist backwards to an unnatural angle when I told them I didn't have any real money with me. They only left me alone after they took the little amount I had money and left me on the ground holding my wrist in agony.

I sighed as I hit the busy streets filled with people just going about their day. I was dodging people on the sidewalk that were either jogging or just walking around when I started to inspect my aching wrist. I tried to flex it which turned out to be a horrible idea as a shock of pain shot up through my hand and up to my forearm.

I hissed in pain and clenched my teeth while trying not to shout out. I decided to just leave my hand limp by my side for the rest of the day and hopefully the others won't notice something is wrong with it.

When I got to Vongola Studios I couldn't bring myself to go through the door so I started admiring its outer structure and size as it loomed over the citizens and most of the other buildings.

Why can't I just go in? I already agreed to do it but there's something that's still holding me back.

What is it?

"Why are you just standing there, herbivore?" A smooth voice spoke and I immediately recognized it as Hibari Kyoka who was now standing in front of me since he just came out of the building. His voice startled me making me jump in surprise and blush.

"I-I was just… huh…" I had no idea how to respond.

Hibari kept staring at me with those emotionless grey eyes of his waiting for me to answer but when no answer came he made an irritated sound and beckoned for me to follow him.

When we were on the elevator on our way up he broke the awkward silence that had swept over us.

"You're late." He stated as he kept looking at the elevator doors with his arms crossed.

"I-I know, I'm s-sorry." I quickly apologized while staring at the floor.

"Hn, I was just about to go look for you thinking you backed out on us on the last second."

"Oh I'm s-sorry f-for c-causing you t-trouble." Now I felt bad that he had to go out of his way to go look for me. I kept looking at the ground in embarrassment. Unconsciously I reached over with my good hand and gently grabbed my sprained wrist.

I did not notice that Hibari was now staring at me and that he saw the action so he was now staring at my injured wrist.

"What happened to your hand?" Hibari asked seriously.

"Huh, oh n-nothing its f-fine, see?" I showed him my right hand and flexed it with ease as I laughed nervously and I could tell by his expression, or lack thereof, that he wasn't buying it.

"Your other hand, herbivore." With that I already knew that he detected that something was wrong.

"Hmm…" I didn't answer him as I tried to come up with a valid excuse.

He offered his hand to me in a 'let me see it' gesture.

"I'm a-alright r-really." I tried but failed to convince him again as he started glaring at me with his hand still in the air waiting.

A shiver ran down my spine at the glare. It was frightening. I reluctantly placed my wrist that was pulsing with pain in his large but surprisingly warm hand. Hibari grabbed it gently and started to inspect it as I watched him.

"It's starting to swell up." He stated and when I looked at my hand again I realized this was true. It already started to swell up a little bit but it's barely noticeable unless you're really close and looking for it.

Hibari held my hand in one of his and used the other to hold my forearm while flexed the limb a little bit, very slowly. It was just enough to make me wince and sealed my lips, to try and keep myself from whimpering but a small gasp escaped my lips before I was able to stop it.

"Who did this?" He asked while still examining the wrist.

"No o-one, I-I just f-fell and l-landed o-on it really h-hard." Hibari shot me another frightening glare that made me flinch.

"Do you honestly think I don't know what a twisted wrist looks like herbivore? What do you take me for? Now answer my question." He growled out. He sounded very annoyed right now.

"S-some girl in m-my class." I caved.


"…" I looked at the ground trying to avoid eye contact.

"Herbivore, I don't like repeating myself."

The elevators decided to open in that exact moment in our designated floor, saving me from answering the question for now at least. Hibari grunted as he led the way to Primo's office.

Hibari opened the door and walked in, not bothering to knock first. He threw me a glance over his shoulder when he noticed I hadn't passed the doorway yet. Since he didn't stop staring I decided I should just go in.

Once inside he stopped staring at me and focused on Primo and an unknown figure in a suit seating in front of Primo. The stranger's suit was black, and he also wore a black fedora hat with an orange band around it and he had a chameleon sitting on top of it. 'That's weird.' I thought to myself as I stared at the animal perched comfortably on the hat. I switched my gaze to meets the strangers and got caught in two pools of black, pinning me down on the spot. I felt a shiver go down my spine as I stared at those coal black eyes that had an intense gaze. I decided to quickly change my gaze towards Primo, trying to not look all flustered by the watchful and intense eyes, and it may also be due to the fact that the guy was handsome like too handsome to be legal handsome.

"Ah Sawada-san I'm glad you made it here safely." Primo stated with his best smile.

"H-hai, it's nice to s-see you sir. S-sorry I'm l-late." I felt the urge to bow out of respect but didn't this time since I knew it wasn't necessary because we're not in Japan.

Before Primo could start the sentence he was about to say Hibari spoke first.

"I wouldn't say she made it here completely safe." He said with his arm crossed and his eyes closed as though he was thinking.

I looked at him with wide eyes. Oh no he's going to tell them and hear I thought I would have a little more time.

"What do you mean, Kyoya?" Primo asked in confusion.

"I believe he's referring to her left wrist. It's a little swollen." The stranger in the fedora spoke up for the first time with a deep and smooth voice.

My eyes went wide as I stared at the man in the fedora surprised at how easily he figured it out. 'How did he know that? It's not possible; I just got here.'

"W-who are y-you?" I found the words coming out of my mouth before I could stop them.

"Oh yes, Sawada-san this is Reborn. He's going to be working we us to help you. Reborn this is Sawada Tsunako, the one I was telling you about." Primo introduced us.

I kept staring at the one named Reborn as he tipped his fedora down in greeting.


"N-nice to m-meet you Reborn-san." I have no idea how I manage to exchange the normal formalities, but I somehow got the words through as I kept staring at his figure in some sort of shocked trance. I just realized that this man was not just your ordinary run of the mill employee. This was Reborn, Vongola's most treasured and trusted advisor. He's responsible for the success of several of Vongola's artist's fame and wealth. He became the temporary manager of those people and they suddenly rose to fame in an alarming rate.

I never actually seen him before, not even in pictures, I only know his name and his reputation.

"Sawada-san, what happened to your wrist?" Primo asked once the introductions were over and done with.

"From the looks of it somebody twisted it." Reborn said before I could say anything.

"Is this true?"

I looked at the ground too embarrassed to look at anyone in the eye even though I was now even more shocked at how Reborn got that right as well.

"You could that as a yes." Reborn told Primo.

I could feel Primo's usual kind and happy demeanor was no longer existent as he stared at me.

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"It's really n-not a big d-deal. Besides it d-doesn't hurt m-much; I'm fine r-really, nothing t-to worry a-about." I tried to convince them as I did with Hibari but like with Hibari, it did not work.

"Is that so?" Reborn asked not the slightest bit convinced. He walked over and stood in front of me; he's tall figure loomed over me. I had to tilt my head upwards just to see his face since my head reached his shoulders. I felt myself blush at our proximity.

He grabbed my sprained wrist and brought it up for a better view before looking at me directly in the eyes and squeezing my hand little. And even though it was a soft squeeze, my muscles stiffened and I clenched my teeth as the pain coursed through my hand. I involuntarily closed my eyes.

"I thought you said it was fine." Reborn said mockingly.

"I'll have somebody bring ice and tell Knuckles to have a look at it. He has some medical training." Primo said as he picked up the phone to make the calls.

"That's not neces- ow!" I exclaimed as an unprecedented jolt of pain ran through my hand when I was talking to Primo. I looked at Reborn who had flexed my wrist much like Hibari had.

"Stop complaining. This needs to be iced and wrapped." He said before releasing my hand and walking towards the door.

"I'll be waiting in the conference room." He said to us as he reached the door.

"Alright, we'll be right there as soon as we attend to Sawada-san's hand." Primo responded before hanging up the phone and dialing another number as he finished giving instructions to one of the employees.

Hibari turned to leave as well without saying a word and that's when I had the suspicion he only stayed this long to make sure Primo is informed of my sprain.

"Oh and Dame-Tsunako, don't try to lie to us again. It won't work plus it's not going to end well for you." Reborn said while glancing at me over his shoulder and smirking.

The smirk sent a shiver down my spine. 'Wait, how did he know my nickname? Okay this just gets weirder and weirder.' And for some reason I felt like he meant what he said and it was best to heed his words.

Also that smirk was freaky.

With that the door was shut and I was left alone with Primo. I heard him speak with Knuckle a few more seconds before hanging up.

"They're on their way here. Are you hurt somewhere else Sawada-san?" Primo asked with a worried tone.

"No, I'm o-ok." I said taking off my backpack from my shoulders and laying it down beside me since the weight was starting to hurt my shoulders.

"Good. Now if you would please tell me the name of the person responsible for this." Primo said in a gentle tone but it was obvious it was an order more than a suggestion.

"I-I can't…" I whispered under my breath while shutting my eyes. But Primo seems to have bat like hearing because he heard me perfectly well.

"And why is that? You do realize that by not doing so you're covering their wrong doings, right? Why would you help somebody who hurt you?" Primo said in serious voice now.

"Because I just can't alright. If I tell you it will only make it worse." I told him for once not stuttering. I didn't know I managed to say that without stuttering but that is not an issue I should be concerned with right now since Primo is looking at me with shock in his eyes. 'Shit I shouldn't have said that.'

"Make what worse?" Primo asked but he got in return was silence.

"Sawada-san I'm here to help you not to judge you or make trouble for you but I cannot help you if you don't let me." Primo said with a softer tone.

I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand touch my shoulder in attempt of consoling me. I didn't hear him or felt him move which is why I was so surprised to feel him right in front of me all of a sudden.

I didn't want to open my eyes and see the pity in his. I didn't want him to know and I didn't want to talk about this. It's bad enough already I had to go through the abuse everyday but having to admit it's happening to someone else and relieve it is not something I desire.

As long as I don't tell anyone I can pretend it's not real but it will become real and ever-present if other people knew about it and held it over my head every time they see me.

"Sawada-san." There was something in his voice that made me open my eyes and look into his. What I saw there was not what I expected. I saw worry and sympathy instead of pity or anything else I'm far too used to seeing.

That's when I realized Primo is not like other people. He wouldn't do nor say the things others do. He actually wanted to help me; I found someone else apart from my mom that looked at me with something different from hate, disgust or even pity.

'I could trust him.' That sentence in itself is a whole new door that opens another world completely different from the one I live in.

"I-I know." I decided to say.

"What was that?" Primo asked confused at my choice of words.

"I k-know that you're o-only trying to h-help." I never thought I would ever say that much less find someone I could say it to.

He smiled at me gently before changing his face back to a serious expression.

"Your being bullied at school aren't you?"

My eyes drifted down towards his chest so I wouldn't have to look directly at his eyes when I say this but this time is not because of the earlier reason. And I think he took my silence the wrong way because he immediately started apologizing.

"I'm sorry I-"

"It's ok Primo. You d-don't have t-to apologize; it's t-the truth." There, I finally said it. I admitted it for once since it started all those years ago.

"How long has it been going on, if you don't mind me asking?"

"E-ever since w-we moved h-here."

I wasn't looking at his face so I didn't see the change of expressions and flash of emotions in his eyes.

"Does anyone else know? Your parents, a teacher maybe?"

I just shook my head. I took a quick glimpsed at him and saw he had his eyes shut and when he opened them all I saw was sympathy and worry directed at me but there was also anger present. I knew that anger wasn't directed at me for once, and that knowledge felt good.

But then again, why would he be angry at all? We just met and he's all worried about my well-being and angry about the actions and the lack of reactions of others about what is happening to me.

That is not something I understand.

"Will you tell me the names of the people responsible?"

I breathed deeply, trying to calm myself for the next part.

"Ke-elly Millen, Sarah T-thompson, Joan W-white, Lily White a-and on occasion Seth Wi-ilson." I listed off the names of my current tormentors. There have been more but they either transferred school or got bored of me already. Also the others can't touch me anymore because I moved to the school I'm currently in when my father disappeared since we couldn't afford the other one. But this are the names of those who done the most damage anyways. Up until they started harassing me it had all been verbal abuse not physical, they're the ones who took it upon themselves to start that cycle.

"I know what y-your n-next question is going to be and t-the answer is no, he has never touched me that way. He just held me d-down so the others can d-do all the kicking and punching at times, a-and on other occasions h-he just uses verbal ab-buse or steals my lunch." I knew that's what he was going to ask about next because it's kind of obvious with him being the only guy I mentioned. So I decided to answer it quickly and get it out of the way because it's a pretty awkward thing to talk about.

Primo let out a sigh of relieve at the answer.

"Why haven't you told anyone this?"

"I-I, it's a lot m-more…because it would j-just be another b-burden for m-my mother a-and she already h-has enough t-to worry about. Besides it's all my fault anyways; s-she shouldn't have to deal w-with a stupid, useless d-daughter on top of all her other p-problems. I'm j-just a… a nuisance." The last part came out as a whisper. I was once again looking at the ground.

I can't believe I just said that and what's even more shocking is that I'm not crying.

I could feel Primo's body stiffen, taken aback by my words. Then he was holding both of my shoulders.

"Sawada-san." He called my name with such worry and pain that it scared me.

"Tsunako." My eyes widen for it was the first time he called me by my first name which almost made me look up in my shock but I didn't. I was adamant on looking at him this time, not after what I said.

One of Primo's hands disappeared from my shoulder and reappeared on my chin, forcing me to look up. As a result I was force to look up but I closed my eyes before meeting his blue ones.

"Tsunako, please open your eyes." I ignored the request with difficulty.

"Please." The tone was so pleading; I couldn't ignore it any longer. Light brown met electric blue.

"I cannot emphasize this more. It is not or nor will it ever be your fault. What those kids did to you…" He paused as if he was picking his words carefully. "Is a horrible, horrible thing that has no excuse. Those people were wrong in treating you such a way and believe me when I say they are going to pay the consequences for their actions. I'll make sure of that. Also you are not a stupid, useless, nuisance. You are a young, nice, bright, pure soul that has never got the chance to grow and blossom. I'm sure your mother doesn't see you as a burden, if anything she would be the most supporting person in this sort of situation. And if I hear you talk about yourself or insinuate you did anything to deserve this sort of treatment ever again we are going to have a big problem, do you understand me?" Primo stated the last part a firm voice, but I don't believe it was to scare me.

I just stood there utterly and completely shocked down to my very core.

He just said…it wasn't my fault. And he said it so, so honestly and with such confidence and care that I couldn't help but believe he was telling the truth.

After all this year's someone finally noticed that something is wrong, and what's more he chose my side and told me the one thing I was yearning for all this time but thought it wouldn't happen in a million years leading me to give up hope a long time ago.

Being told I'm not a stupid nuisance; a burden to my family.

But above that, being told it wasn't my fault.

I felt my heart stop at his words and a whole new sort of sensation of overwhelm my whole body and soul.

One of pure and absolute relief; one of disbelief of what is happening right in front of me and undoubtedly one of happiness.

Happiness that that one crushed and forgotten dream has finally occurred.

My eyes watered and my bottom lip started to quiver. I tried to fight back the tears, of joy or relief perhaps, but found it extremely hard. My breathing got faster as I tried to contain the tears but it was already too late since they were already making their way down my cheeks leaving a trail behind.

And after a long pause I finally gave Primo the answer to his question in the form of nodding. Primo seemed to be content with my answer and smiled lightly before letting me go just to pull me to him in a consoling hug.

I couldn't help but cling to his shirt as I felt a colossal weight finally be lifted off my shoulders. And as it did I felt a little bit better, as if the world wasn't as bad and cruel as I made it out to be. I mean if there people like Primo then it couldn't be as half as evil as I thought.

As the tears kept coming I tried to hold onto the urge to sob since I hadn't gotten to that point yet. And like all the other things Primo seemed to notice.

"It's alright; you don't have to hold back." He's reassuring voice was all it took for me to go from crying to downright sobbing.

"I-I'm s-sorry." I said between gasps.

"Why are you apologizing?"

"F-for crying a-and r-ruining your s-shirt." It sounded muffled since I was speaking into his chest.

I heard Primo chuckle and felt his chest vibrate.

"Don't worry about that, I got plenty more where this one came from but I don't actually care about it. And don't ever be ashamed of crying Tsunako; it's a sign of strength, not of weakness regardless of what others may tell you. After all anyone can say they're fine and bottle everything up but it takes true courage to express their feelings."

His words only made me tighten my grip of him even though my sprained wrist was already throbbing from the action but I didn't care.

I could barely feel it anymore. All I could feel was Primo's breathing on my hair as I laid in his warm and comforting embrace while he rubbed my back as he said consoling words.

I didn't hear the knock on the door, neither did I hear two people come in the office or realized Primo was talking to them. I didn't hear the footsteps as one of the two newcomers left shutting the office door behind them.

I started to calm down after what seemed like an eternity of crying but may have been only minutes. I tried to calm down my breathing to a normal pace and released my death grip on Primo's now tear stained shirt.

"Feel better?" Primo asked with that blinding smile of his.

I just nodded, still not trusting myself to speak just yet. I was a lot calmer now as the little break down I just had turned into hiccupping.

"Good." Primo said before looking at something above my head.

I turned around to see what he was looking at only to find his Sun guardian standing there.

I stiffened when I saw Knuckles smiling politely but this smile was smaller than his usual ones and it seemed different for some reason but I don't know why. His eyes noticeably softened as he noticed me staring at him.

I started to feel ashamed at the fact that he just saw that and I could feel as my ace started to heat up.

"It's alright Sawada-san. It's just Knuckles, we can trust him. He's not going to judge you for crying so you don't have to worry, isn't that right Knuckles?" I noticed how he went back to calling me by my surname.

"Yes, Giotto is right. There is no shame in crying, it is a sign of courage." Knuckles stated.

"That's what I said." Knuckles smiled at Giotto before turning to me again.

"I'm told your wrist got hurt Sawada-san. Mind if I have a look at it?"

I shook my head in response before offering my left hand.

Knuckles stepped forward with a bag of ice in one hand and some compression wrap in the other. He inspected it first before suggesting we sit down. He applied the ice on my aching wrist as we sat on the chairs that are for the guests. Knuckles told me I should leave the ice on no more than 20 minutes and then he'll wrap it.

"It seems like ligament isn't broken which is good but it does seem overly strained which is the cause of the pain and swelling. So I want you to keep this on for at least four days, more if needed and ice it for 20 minutes every four hours for the next two days, alright?" Knuckles asked.

"Y-yes." I said.

Knuckles smiled at me and petted my head as he got up and told Primo that the other Guardians assembled in the conference room. He left as soon as Primo thanked him for his help and the information.

"We can either go right now or we can postpone the meeting for tomorrow. It's your choice." Primo said.

I thought about it for a second before making up my mind.

"W-we c-can g-go now."

"You sure?"

I nodded and he smiled.

"Alright then. Let's go." He said and then offered his hand to help me stand; I took his hand and he pulled me up.

His gesture made me smile oh so slightly. I couldn't help it, his smile was contagious and he was way too nice for me not to smile even after all that has happened today.

When we got to the conference room all the Guardians were present and so was that Reborn character, but oddly enough the president was not here. And even though I wiped away the tears it apparently was evident that I had been crying because they all gave me an appointed look but didn't say anything, and they almost simultaneously glanced at my iced wrist before looking back at Primo. Primo offered me a sit next to him before sitting down and starting the meeting. He stated why we were here, what we while be doing this next few days as well as the next few weeks with Vongola. He started to explain the contract that G just handed to me and everything it implied. I read the whole thing and just when I finished doing so Primo said something very interesting.

"Also Reborn will be working with us as I mentioned before. I presume you heard of his reputation in Vongola?"

"Y-yes. I b-been wondering a-about this for a while, when you s-say working w-with us to help me, w-what exactly w-will he be d-doing?" I asked him. I was curious since it was the second time this was mentioned. Oh and I heard of his amazing reputation but I also heard his a very sadistic man who loves to torture whoever he is in charge of. The stories I have heard make me feel sorry for those poor souls who never had a chance, mainly called his students and clients.

"Oh yes I was just about to inform you about that. Reborn will be acting as your manager as well as your Home tutor."

My eyes went comically wide. I looked over where Reborn was sitting to see him smirking evilly at me.

"Oh I-I see." I said in a low and surprised tone.

Apparently I'm now in the category of poor souls who I should pity for being Reborn's students because I'm his next vict- ermm…student.

Reborn's smirk widened.

"I can't wait to work with you Sawada Tsunako." The way he said that made me shiver in fear making him look even more amused than he already was.

Internally I was crying and cursing my bad luck but externally I just sat there gulping in fear of the future with the sadistic tutor now in it.

'HIIIEEE, I don't want to work with you!' I screamed mentally and for some reason Reborn chuckled. It's almost as if he…

'OMG, can he read my mind?' As if on cue Reborn's smirk grew.


"Do you have any questions regarding what has been said up until now or something else you wanted to ask about Sawada-san?"

I shook my head at Primo's question since all I was wondering about was cleared up during the meeting. Although…

I looked up at Reborn again.

'I wonder if there's anything I can do or say so I don't have Reborn as my manager nor tutor?' I thought.

Reborn locked eyes with me, smirked again and shook his head no answering my question. That just freaked me out more and made me cry internally again.

Primo nodded as I turned back to him and handed me a pen.

I took the offered item and looked at the contract in front of me.

'This is it. No turning back.' I thought and then I felt a small part of me start to doubt if I could really go through with this. This contract binds me to Vongola Studios and Reborn for three years. Can I really make it?

Just then a memory of my mom smiling, care free, and healthy looking flashed through my mind.

I would do anything and bare anything to get my mom back to that, that smiling and happy woman she used to be.

And that anything includes this. I made my decision yesterday and I'm not backing down.

With that thought in mind I internally nodded and took a deep breath.

I tightened my grip on the pen and signed the contract.

I looked at Primo as I slide the contract his way. He smiled my way and accepted it.

"Good. I will be looking forward to seeing you on stage Sawada-san." Primo said.

I nodded even though the thought of me on stage scared me.

"Oh before I forget, one last thing. You don't need to go to school tomorrow Sawada-san; from now on you'll be homeschooled by Reborn." Primo stated in an end of discussion sort of voice.

'Oh no.' My intuition was telling me that I wasn't going to like what was coming next. So I sat there quietly, waiting for the shit to hit the fan and I believe it just did, on the highest speed possible.

I looked at Primo with disbelief. 'He can't be serious.'

When his expression didn't change I knew he wasn't kidding. I knew why he was doing but that doesn't mean I like it. Don't get me wrong, if it was under any other circumstances then I would be thrilled by not having to go back to that hell hole but…

I looked at Reborn who seemed to be enjoying himself, reveling in my misery.

I do believe the Americans have a saying for this sort of situation as well. Something like 'out of the frying pan and into the fire'. Well since in my case Reborn is involved I think it would be more appropriate to say 'out of the frying pan and into the giant pile of burning shit'. Yeah that sounds about right.

"P-primo I…" I trailed off at the pointed look he sent my way.


"Alright, then I believe with this we are done here. Also I think the 20 minutes are up." Primo said pointing at my hand.

"Giotto is right; in fact it was up 15 minutes ago. Better let your hand rest a few minutes before wrapping it. Oh and make it every five hours for today. " Knuckles said as he looked at his watched and realized we got caught up in the meeting and didn't notice how fast time flew by.

I nodded as I took off the ice bag that was lying on my hand and set it on the table.

After a few minutes past Knuckles wrapped up my wrist and I said goodbye to the remaining people in the room because some have already left.

Primo had order a driver to take me home and ignored all protest from my part. I gave up eventually when I saw the discussion going nowhere fast.

I got in a very expensive looking car that I do not know the name of because I'm not into cars, and a man in a driver suit, like the ones you see in movies, drove me home without me having to say anything.

And since I got home before mom today I decided to cook for her and wait so we can eat together for once in God knows how long. I couldn't wait to tell her what's happening but when she got home hours later she looked so exhausted but surprised I was already here. I offered her food but she was so tired she didn't want to eat right now but she thanked me anyways, kissed me goodnight before heading to her room to go to sleep.

I sighed as I ate dinner alone. I won't lie; I am disappointed I couldn't tell her about VS since she always said that I would become a wonderful singer but I can tell her tomorrow I guess.

I finished my food and cleaned up the kitchen before getting ready for bed.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for me.

My first day working with Vongola Studios and I have to be there by 9 am sharp to start with Reborn. Who surprisingly didn't complain about the time set by Primo; I thought he would say that was too late and that I had to be there earlier but probably didn't say that because of the whole wrist thing.

Since he knows it was in fact twisted by someone then he knows I been bullied, and he probably already figured out Primo confronted me about it which is why he saw me crying earlier. He just seems like the type of person who would but all that together and my intuition just confirms that theory. So in other words he didn't complain and make me be there at a hellish hour out of concern and/or pity.

'Huh, maybe having him as a manager/tutor won't be so bad.' I thought.

Pause. Replay memory of the evil smirking sadistic man and rethink.

'Ummm yeahhh no, it will probably be hell on earth.'

What have I gotten myself into?

I sighed again.

Well there's no point whining about it now. I have a lot to look forward to tomorrow.

After all tomorrow is the start of my new life.

To be continued…

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