Erase This Day

Summary: Artie's thoughts as he makes a decision. Major spoilers for A New Hope.

A/N: I've been meaning to finish a WH 13 fic for awhile, but the projects I was starting were a bit more ambitious than I usually try (multi-chaptered, and coming up with artifacts is hard, plus I hate conjecturing about the new season at a transitional time). But the premiere gave me some inspiration so I figured it's time to dive headfirst into the fandom with my little quick-shot.

Pete is dead on the floor.

There are a thousand thoughts spinning in Artie's mind, but it keeps coming back to this. Words are floating around him, a whisper, an evil of your own making. This is not a choice he makes lightly, not at all. There are always, always, consequences to face for every action a person takes. He is afraid of what this might do to himself, to others, to humanity in general. He's known for a long time now that it is not an agent's role to play God, to mess with primal forces produced by the artifacts (he lost James to this very disagreement), but the world is in chaos now.

Steve is dead, and this is something fixed and irrevocable, something beyond his power to change. This will haunt him, keep him grieving for years, for the rest of his lifetime.

But the Warehouse has been destroyed, HG is dead, Mrs. Frederic is dead. Myka has been arrested, Claudia is trapped and quite probably suffocating in this instant. The world has lost hope, and what he's about to do doesn't seem so much an act of playing God as it is fixing what should not be broken.

The bodies are piling up around him, and Artie cannot bear to look. This is not right, he thinks. Let me erase this day. It is a plea, a prayer, and yet it is not the pure salvation (of family, of friendship, of hope) that he seeks. There is no light without the dark, and there will almost certainly be hell to pay.

An evil of your own making...

Artie is afraid, more afraid than he's ever been in his entire life.

But Pete is dead on the floor, and in the end, there really isn't a choice at all.