In the Detention Center, Carol remained looking down at the charm she held ever so tightly. She thought back to last night, trying to remember the real shooter's face, or if she had really seen it or not. She knew it would only help if she could remember what he or she looked like. She sighed, giving up once again, twirling the charm in her hand. Her eyes softened with the sight of the charm, a light, sweet smile passing her lips.

Though that smile was short lived when she saw the door opening up beyond the glass. She saw the blue-suited, spiky-haired defense attorney with his purple-gowned medium sidekick following after him. She sighed, pulling herself closer to the glass.

"Hello once again, Mr. Wright," she sighed. She thought that, in the amount of time he was gone for, he couldn't possibly have found out enough yet.

"Uh...yes, hello, Carol," Phoenix replied, knowing he might be able to get more from her this time.

"Carol?" She responded, looking to him questionable.

"Y-Yes, that's your name, right? I thought it would be alright if I called you by your first name," Phoenix said, starting to sweat, thinking he shouldn't have done that.

"Trying to make friends...Phoenix?" Carol replied mockingly with a grin. "Fine, whatever. Call me whatever you want right now, but when I do become an officer, I would like a little respect."

"Y-...Yes, sir," Phoenix muttered.

"Well, have you found anything that could clear my name?" Carol asked, twirling her charm once again.

"As a matter of fact," Phoenix began, remembering the four Psyche-Locks she had. He grabbed at the Magatama in his coat pocket. "Take That!"



Sheek Sheek Sheek Sheek

Carol could feel an odd aura around her as the four Psyche-Locks reappeared around her. She looked to the glowing Magatama, trying to smile at it.

"That's a pretty charm," Carol said, trying to clear out the air.

"Why thank you," Phoenix started. "Yours is rather nice too."


"In fact, I was wondering where you got it."

"I...I thought I already told you where I got it," Carol said, starting to sweat a bit.

"No, you left before you got the chance...but now, I think I can even tell you," Phoenix said, then began with confidence. "I think this is exactly where you got the charm," he said before going into his Court Record to find Officer Meekins' profile. "I seem to remember a certain officer had a very similar charm around his ID card. He would hold onto it from time to time. Perhaps you know him. Officer Mike Meekins?"

Almost immediately, Carol's face turned a hint of red.



One of her Psyche-Locks broke with ease. She held a tighter grip around the charm, looking away.

"Heh...this was Officer Meekins' charm?" Carol began. "I didn't even know he was there. I just found this on the ground when I was walking out," She continued, getting relaxed once again. "In fact, it was around then that I heard the shooting inside. I had just picked it up when the panic rose, and I had to run back in to see what was the matter."

"Is that so?" Phoenix asked.

"That's how I remember it, yes," Carol nodded.

"To be honest, Carol, I find that kind of hard to believe."

"And why is that, oh Ace of Attorneys?" Carol asked, grip tightening slightly on the charm once again.

"Because, I had a visit to the Worldwide Tastes restaurant and had a chat with the hostess there. She said that, at the time of the shooting, something happened. Something that made her pretty nervous for her safety, as well as that of the other customers," Phoenix said before presenting the information on the broken doors. "Did you happen to notice the size of the crowd from the panic?"

"I did," Carol responded. "It was quite busy last night. The crowd was pretty massive."

"It was. By what the hostess told me, the panicked crowd was so great, the force from them trying to get out was enough to break the doors off their hinges."

Carol's face changed to completely stunned.

"I'm quite surprised you could've fought through such a strong crowd to get to the shooter that fast," Phoenix explained.

"Y-You dare underestimate my strength?!" Carol shouted before another one of her Psyche-Locks broke with a loud Crack!

"I obviously didn't have to. Your expression enough tells me I'm getting to the bottom of this secret of yours," Phoenix said.

"Wh-Who," Carol began to stammer.

"Excuse me?"

"Who told you...ok, fine. I waited for the crowd to die down a bit before I ran in, but that doesn't prove anything!" Carol fought with her words, trying not to foul up.

"That may be so. Or it shows that you couldn't have ran back in immediately after hearing the gunshots! If you're lying this much in your questioning, how are you going to be proven not guilty when the truth comes out?"

"That...that was the only thing I lied about...I could still see the shooter running out, but it was around the crowd instead of inside the building," Carol admitted, looking down.

"Alright, I'm glad you told me about that," Phoenix said. "However, I'm afraid you're still lying to me."


"You told me you were only eating dinner with Detective Gumshoe and Officer Byrde. And I think you may have done some convincing to the two of them before you were arrested. They told the same story you did. However, there was someone you didn't think to convince," Phoenix stated, going through his Court Record once again for a different profile. He held up the information on the hostess at Worldwide Tastes.

"Who is she?" Carol asked, acting like she couldn't remember.

"This is Ms. Ruby Silverstone. She was working as the hostess at the time of the murder. She was the woman I had a little chat with earlier. She said that she clearly remembers seeing you with three people, not two."


Off broke another Psyche-Lock. Carol really began to get nervous, twirling the charm in her hand over and over again.

"A...third person..."

"Yes, and it is this third person that made people believe you were a member of the police force! It was none other than Officer Meekins!" Phoenix shouted dramatically, holding his hands to his hips.

"You...You think I was with Officer Meekins..." Carol said with a chuckle in her voice. "Don't make me laugh, Mr. Wright..."

"You and I both know just how forgetful Officer Meekins can be. It's not beyond belief that he would accidentilly wear his police uniform on casual occasions...such as a first date."

"D-...DATE?!" Carol exclaimed. "Hahahaha! Come now, Mr. Wright! What proof do you have that we even saw each other yesterday?!"

"I have all the proof I need. An eyewitness that saw you two together, a statement from Detective Gumshoe-"

"WHAT?!" Carol growled.

"Yes, I'm sorry to have mentioned this, but he confessed seeing you two together at the restaurant."

"Th-...All that doesn't prove a THING!" Carol glared, grip tightening that much more.

"I might as well come right out with it then, since you won't admit it any other way," Phoenix sighed, looking to her hand. "That charm of yours is enough evidence to show you two were together. I know the type of person Officer Meekins is. His heart tends to be in the right place, where his actions won't be. He must have given that to you...after you were arrested!"

"..." Carol stared at him for a long moment.

Crack! Her final Psyche-Lock broke. But she just remained staring at him. In Phoenix's vision, the chains twitched, then pulled away from her body.

"That was how you were identified as a member of the police force last night. You were on a date with Officer Meekins. He just so happened to have been wearing his uniform, so most of the customers that saw you two together thought you were a cop as well. And he gave you that charm in hopes that it would keep your spirits just a little bit higher. He knows your innocent and so do I. So why don't you tell me the whole truth?"

"You really are quite good..." Carol said, keeping her stare on him. " got me...Officer Meekins and myself were on our first date last night," she started, looking to her charm. "Poor guy was so nervous, he didn't even want to say anything half the time. He seemed to be more comfortable with Detective Gumshoe and Officer Byrde double dating with us."

"Why didn't you tell us you were on a date with him?" Maya finally spoke out, listening intently to the whole conversation before.

"I...I didn't want him to get involved...this isn't his problem," she sighed, looking away. "He seems the type that doesn't handle this type of stress too well...even with him being an officer."

"Wow...I never would've thought someone like him would be your type," Maya said, surprised still by Carol and Mike being a couple.

"In truth, neither did I...but he has a strange sort of strength inside of him. You even said that his heart is usually in the right place. But there's just something else there that I couldn't resist giving a chance," Carol said, her cheeks changing to a slight pink. "It's a shame that this is how the first date came to end..."

"I'm sorry," Phoenix started. "But you know now that we have to question him...he is a witness to your case."

"PLEASE!" Carol shouted desperately. "I told you! I don't want him involved!"

"But he can help prove you innocent!" Phoenix replied.

"I...I know that...but," Carol looked away sadly. "This...this is all my fault..."


"I shouldn't have done this...if I had only chose a different restaurant, he wouldn't wind up in this mess...I screwed up...please," she whispered, holding the charm to her lips. "...forgive me..."

Phoenix looked to Carol, feeling like she was done with talking for today. He even swore he saw a slight tear building in her eye as she stood up quickly to leave the cell.

"Nick...what did she mean? Why would she think she screwed up?" Maya asked, both confused and worried.

"I'm not sure...but I know one thing for certain. I NEED to find him before the day's over," Phoenix said, standing up and starting towards the door. "Let's get back to the Police Department. We have a vital witness to find."