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Title: The Maiden and His Masters – The Way Your Life Can Change

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; post both series

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, established threesome, explicit intercourse, anal, oral, D/s (three doms), cross-dressing, spanking, bondage, rental love, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Ethan/Octavian/Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Jake/Will, Frank/Hazel, Chris/Clarisse, Lou/Miranda, Malcolm/Katie, Piprt/Annabeth, Luke/Percy (past)

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Ethan Nakamura, Octavian Simmons, Nyssa Black, Leo Valdez, Jake Mason, Will Solace, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Clarisse la Rue, Chris Rodriguez, Lou Ellen, Miranda Gardner, Katie Gardner, Malcolm Cage, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Venus, Mrs. O'Leary, Blackjack, Arion

Own Characters: Loki Murdock, Trend Austin, Blance Lamour, Phineas DeVorut, Rainbow Jordan, Shadowchaser, Balance, Caesar, Wicca, Fighter, Nightowl, Cassandra

Summary: Ethan lived through the Titan War and he, along with his boyfriends Nico and Octavian, helped winning the Giant War. Now that it's won, they move together. Only one thing is missing for them. As a moving gift, their friends decide to buy them a black-haired, green-eyed, twenty-years-old French maiden for 'special services', who should at least resemble the Sea Prince. But what they get is more than what they could have hoped for. The only question left is: Why?

The Maiden and His Masters

The Way Your Life Can Change

5. Taking What They Want

Octavian glared at the door, waiting impatiently for his half-Japanese lover. Though his attention was all too soon drawn back to the bed. The picture was just too tempting to keep looking away. Percy was laying there, his legs invitingly spread, blue lingerie flashing beneath the short maiden dress. Sea-green eyes stared at him intensely, seductively. Percy rested against Nico's chest, the half-Italian already naked, his arms wrapped around the older boy's waist.

"You're beautiful", murmured the son of Hades, kissing the neck in front of him.

"Thank you", giggled Percy amused, still holding Octavian's stare. "You need to lose clothes."

"He's right", smirked a voice from behind the Brit.

The former augur blinked a bit surprised and turned to Ethan. The son of Nemesis smirked broadly and kissed him passionately, a certain possessiveness in the kiss. Facing someone from Octavian's past, a past he had not been part of, always made Ethan very possessive. Nimble fingers hastily pulled his clothes off, eager to get the blonde naked. Octavian smirked into the kiss, doing the same.

"That is truly and utterly hot", murmured the son of Poseidon from the bed.

"I know", agreed Nico, his voice muffled since he was still biting Percy's neck.

"So... That leaves you the only one clothed", smirked Octavian, turning to the bed again.

"You want me to get naked too?", hummed Percy and tilted his head.

"No", objected Nico and Ethan, staring at Octavian doe-eyed.

"Well, not completely naked for now", murmured the blonde thoughtful, slowly stepping up to their prey until he and Ethan could sit down in front of their maiden. "But the panties have to go."

His three black-haired lovers nodded slowly in agreement, making Octavian chuckle. His hands were nearly trembling as he touched the sun-kissed legs for the first time. The warm, smooth skin felt perfect beneath his fingertips. Slowly gliding upwards, he came to wrap his fingers around the strings of blue lace. Only a few seconds later and the lingerie laid on the floor. Though the view he had been waiting for was denied to him as Percy closed his legs tightly.

"What-", started Ethan with a crestfallen look on his face.

Nico crawled towards his two boyfriends from behind their maiden, so all three could stare curiously at the son of Poseidon. A mischievous grin laid on the Sea Prince's lips.

"First things first", grinned the green-eyed boy, smoothing his skirt. "You guys can do to me whatever you want. But when I say seashell, you'll stop and the game's over. Understood?"

"Absolutely", nodded the blonde solemnly. "We will stop when it gets uncomfortable for you. We want you to feel good too, after all. But I would like to avoid that. I don't want you getting uncomfortable. So how about you tell us first what you like? I'm certain we can adapt. Because everything is good, as long as it involves touching you."

"That's very cute of you", smiled Percy, stretching leisurely on the big bed. "Well... I... uh..."

A very bright blush spread over his cheeks and he averted his eyes. The threesome frowned at that, exchanging a confused look. Ethan and Nico were sitting on either side of Octavian, their erections already pointing up to the ceiling, both wanting nothing more than to finally fuck the beauty in front of them. It was the Brit who touched Percy's knee questioningly.

"What is it, Jackson?", asked Octavian as softly as possible.

It took him a bit to say the name. He normally preferred to call his lovers by their first name. But seeing as Percy was currently believing that this was his first name...

"I don't really know what I like just yet", replied the green-eyed boy and bit his lips. "I don't have much experience... None, if you want to be more precisely..."

"You... mean to say you're a virgin?", asked Ethan surprised.

The boy looked as if he wanted to say something, but instead he bit his lips and nodded. It was obvious for Octavian what the reason for that was. The blonde frowned slightly. The look in those sea-green eyes was answer enough. He wanted to say that yes, as far as he remembered, he was a virgin. So the boy knew that his life was fake. Even if he seemed to lie to himself too, deep down he knew that this wasn't his real life. This was interesting and needed to be investigated. Later. Now it was way more important to make Percy's second first time as memorable as possible.

"There is no need to be embarrassed about that", smiled Nico soothingly, leaning in to kiss the boy softly. "We'll make you feel good. Just... tell us what you imagine to be good."

"I... I... want you to tie me up", murmured the Sea Prince slightly embarrassed.

"Why are you doing this?", asked the blonde with a frown, leaning up to kiss the beautiful demi-god passionately, his hands gliding up the Sea Prince's arms to capture the boy's wrists. "Why do you want to spend your first time with total strangers?"

The son of Poseidon bit his lips so hard that Octavian feared the plumb lips would break. So instead of demanding an answer, he kissed the rosiness softly. In the background, he heard the rustling of his boyfriends roaming through the room. With a smirk on his lips, he wandered along the jawline, sucking the pulse, leaving a hickey right next to the place Nico had worked so thoroughly.

"You're gorgeous", murmured Ethan as he sat down again next to them.

He took the caught wrists from Octavian to tie them to the bed-frame with a piece of black satin. The boy shuddered slightly in anticipation. Nico sat down on the Sea Prince's other side, a bottle of lube in his hands. While the half-Japanese and the half-Italian started to pay much attention to the already exposed pink nipples, Octavian slowly pulled the dress down. If this would be the first time Percy would remember, then it needed to be as pleasurable as possible. They would overstimulate him until he would never want to be touched by someone else again.

"You're perfection", whispered Octavian once he had peeled the dress off the light body.

"You're exaggerating", chuckled Percy honestly amused.

He tilted his head to hide it a bit behind his arm so they won't see the bright blush. Nico smiled softly, happily. A smile Octavian didn't get to see often on his Ghost Prince. It was rare, because the worry for the Sea Prince was ever present in Nico's mind. But knowing Percy was safe, having him with them, seeing the son of Poseidon naked in front of them on their bed... It took away the shadow that had been haunting the Ghost Prince for so long. Ethan and Octavian had been worried for their Sea Prince's safety too, but the bond between Nico and Percy had always run deeper.

"How about you spread your legs for us?", smirked the blonde.

"Yes, please", nodded Ethan and Nico eagerly at the same time.

"Yes, Master Octavian", smirked Percy with a slight wink, slowly spreading his legs.

The Roman smiled down at the son of Poseidon as he leaned back, taking a long look at the gorgeous, tightly pulsing pick muscle-ring. He could spend more time just sitting there and staring, but there were other things he wanted to do with the Sea Prince. Crawling over, he grabbed Nico's neck and pulled the Ghost Prince close, until the half-Italian sat between the wide-spread legs.

"Tavy?", asked the son of Hades softly, a bit confused.

The blonde smirked and leaned in again, kissing the half-Italian passionately before whispering into his Ghost Prince's ear. "You know him the longest. You should be his first, Nikki."

Nico frowned at him in a cute way before turning over to Ethan, looking at him questioningly too. The half-Japanese nodded shortly, leaning down to kiss the son of Poseidon fiercely. While the one-eyed demi-god was busy nibbling the plumb lips, sucking and biting, kissing the Sea Prince, Octavian turned his attention to the slightly red nipples. His two boyfriends had teased them quite much already. Wrapping his lips around one, he started to twirl the other between his fingers. Percy moaned into his kiss with Ethan and arched his back in want, pushing against Octavian.

"Sensitive, mh?", breathed the blonde against the erect rosy bump.

He turned so he could watch Nico. The dress laid carelessly on the floor. As good as it had looked on their Sea Prince, having the sun-kissed skin completely exposed was so much better. The half-Italian had his member already lubed, his fingers working the tight entrance, earning them even more sweet sounds from the bound boy. Percy whimpered helplessly, tugging on the satin.

"You even sound beautiful", whispered Ethan against kiss-swollen lips.

"P—Please, Master Nico, stop teasing", whimpered their maiden, pushing against the fingers.

"I don't want to hurt you", murmured the son of Hades against the thigh he was nibbling.

"You'll be covered in hickeys by the time we're through with you", noted Octavian amused. "And you, my Ghost Prince, stop teasing him and take him. Ethan and I want a piece of that ass too."

"Alright, alright", grunted Nico a bit irritated and rolled his eyes.

He hefted the long, tanned legs over his shoulders to get easier access to the tight entrance. Octavian smirked, getting a bit comfortable on Percy's stomach as he watched the blissful face of his lover. Nico looked as if he had just entered Elysium, slowly pushing into their Sea Prince.

"Ethan, since you're so fond of kissing our maiden, how about you keep your mouth busy with another bodypart of him?", suggested the blonde and sat up. "Because there is something I would love for those rosy lips to do. Sadly enough, he will not be able to kiss you during that."

Ethan snorted and rolled his eye at the Roman. But he still licked his lips and turned to pay attention to the erect member of their maiden. The son of Poseidon moaned and whimpered as the half-Italian's thickness slowly pushed into him. Octavian couldn't withstand the urge to occupy that sweet mouth. Straddling the green-eyed demi-god's chest, he thrust his hips forward to brush against the rosy lips. Percy parted them willingly for the blonde, wrapping his rosy lips around the thickness. Percy's moans vibrated through Octavian's being as Ethan sucked him and Nico fucked him. The Roman growled possessively, Percy's tongue was too cunning for him to be a virgin. Perhaps the Sea Prince didn't remember it, but he had certainly done this before.

"Fuck, you feel so good", moaned Nico as he thrust harder.

Percy's fingers clawed into the satin above his head, his lips and tongue eager to please the former augur. Octavian put his arms against the wall, his eyes closed in bliss. This was what they had wanted for so long. The son of Poseidon, ready to please them. The tell-tale growled moan was enough for Octavian to know that his Ghost Prince was coming. The Roman pulled out of the warm cavern to give the green-eyed boy the chance to moan wantonly at the feeling of someone ejaculating within him. Ethan had Percy's cock in an iron-grip to keep the younger Greek from coming. Nico leaned forward to capture the kiss-swollen lips and swallow the last of Percy's moan.

"You're beautiful", smiled Octavian as he watched his two youngest lovers kissing.

The half-Japanese pulled the Roman into a kiss of their own, right over their lovers. Ethan's hand rested on Nico's ass, then sneaking around his waist to pull him close until the half-Italian collapsed in Ethan's lap. Octavian crawled back between the still wide-spread legs, caressing the thighs.

"Are you ready for your next treat?", smirked the blonde, teasing Percy's entrance with his cock.

The son of Poseidon gasped breathlessly, buckling his hips in need. His cheeks were flustered, his eyes half-lid, ruby red lips, dark and swollen from all the kissing and sucking, sweat glistering on the sun-kissed skin, skin covered in hickeys everywhere, from his thighs to his neck.

"Yes, please", moaned the Sea Prince, nodding hastily. "Please more, that was so good!"

Octavian gasped as he pushed into the already lubed and loosened hole. Loosened but still so very tight. He wouldn't have thought that Percy would still feel so good, even though Nico had just used that sweet ass so thoroughly. The other two black-haired Greeks were busy making out, kissing and groping each other with one hand, their other hands wandering over Percy's body. The two were practically laying on top of their Sea Prince while kissing.

"Bloody hell, you're so tight", growled the blonde possessively, slowly starting his thrusting.

"Shut up and hurry a bit, my dick hurts", snarled Ethan irritated. "I want some too!"

Nico smirked like a predator before going down on his half-Japanese boyfriend. Percy gasped, his eyes half lid as he watched the olive-skinned man sucking the one-eyed Greek. It was hot. Not that he wasn't already turned-on enough as it was, with Octavian poundering his prostate and himself being tied up. Ethan leaned over to kiss their Sea Prince again. The Roman enjoyed the tight feeling, the welcoming heat and the incredible sounds their maiden was making. He could have gone on forever, just staying inside the son of Poseidon, fucking him until his throat would be sore from all the moaning and begging. But the evil glare Ethan was giving him was enough to hurry a bit. Aiming for the Sea Prince's prostate, he gave it a few more hard thrusts, grabbing Percy's member in a harsh way, caressing it with well-trained fingers.

"Oh gods", whimpered Percy breathlessly as he came, spraying his seed all over his own stomach.

"Hey", growled the son of Nemesis a bit irritated as Nico suddenly let go of his cock.

"Sorry, found something better", smirked the half-Italian with a wink, laying down on Percy's stomach to lick it clean. "Shesh, you make quite the mess for being a maiden."

"What can I say?", grinned the exhausted Sea Prince. "I'm a dirty maiden."

Octavian huffed, going harder and deeper while the muscles around his cock clenched down on him with Percy's orgasm. Not long after and he too shot his load, filling the tight channels that milked him so thoroughly. The Roman stared intensely at the Sea Prince. The way those cheeks were practically cherry red by now, the slightly open mouth, panting hard, a daring tongue wetting the swollen, dark lips. And those eyes... Those mesmerizing sea-green depth, whirling in lust and wantonness. Octavian could come again right away, just looking at the thoroughly fucked look on their Sea Prince's face. But instead, he slowly pulled out, cum oozing out of the by now red hole. Percy whimpered at the loss, turning pleading eyes to Ethan. It was only mildly surprising for Octavian. He knew what was in their genes. The godly horniness, as some liked to call it. Though he had never encountered a more submissive partner before. The sea-green eyes were practically begging for the son of Nemesis to fuck him, even though both Nico and Octavian had already filled the smaller boy to the brim. His hands hung only loosely in the bonds, whereas they had tugged on them earlier. Exhaustion was evident in the boy's face. But he still wanted more. And Ethan was more than glad to deliver. While the Roman collapsed next to the Sea Prince, resting his hand on the Greek's chest to play with the overly sensitive nipples, Ethan hurried to get between the still spread legs. A broad, happy grin laid on the one-eyed male's face, looking kind of out of place. He caressed Percy's thighs, marveling on the hickeys his boyfriends had left on the tanned skin.

"You're a real beauty", murmured the blonde Roman, his one hand nestling in Nico's hair while the half-Italian started to kiss and lick Percy's half-erection. "Just... gorgeous..."

The son of Poseidon smiled and leaned down a bit to kiss the former augur. Sky blue eyes looked over at the half-Japanese, who eagerly entered the Sea Prince's body. Percy's lips trembled as a lustful whimper escaped them. Octavian smirked and licked the rosy lips.

"Ouch", whined Percy, closing his eyes tightly.

"You will be quite sore by tomorrow morning", chuckled the Roman amused.

"Really doesn't matter", mewled the son of Poseidon, panting hard. "Please move, Master Ethan!"

"My pleasure", smirked the half-Japanese, thrusting hard.

Percy whimpered needfully, his head thrown back in pleasure. Octavian rested his head in the crook of the Sea Prince's neck, nibbling and biting it while staring mesmerized at the face their submissive lover was making. He had never seen anything like that before. The lust clouding those sea-green depths seemed to swirl and intensify with each hard and well-placed thrust of the son of Nemesis.

"You're incredible", growled Ethan hoarsely. "I want to fuck you every single day."

The sound their maiden made sounded very much like agreement and desire, though it seemed the son of Poseidon was way past talking by now. Octavian kissed the collar and yaw-line of their Sea Prince, relishing in the salty taste of the sun-kissed skin. It was like the most delicious candy, salty yes, but also kind of sweet. A very unique taste. Looking over at the maiden's other side, he noticed that Nico had gotten comfortable there and started leaving marks of his own on that side of Percy's neck. They had always been very possessive of each other, but finally having a submissive lover? He could only hope that it wouldn't bother the son of Poseidon all too much...

"Come for me", whispered Nico into the Sea Prince's ear. "Come for me, amore."

Olive-skinned fingers were tightly wrapped around Percy's member, stroking it, trying to coax a second orgasm out of the sea-green-eyed Greek. Percy gasped, buckling his hips as he felt himself coming again. Nico grinned down at him, sealing the Sea Prince's lips with his own. Once they parted, he sneakily pushed his cum-covered fingers past the by now ruby red lips.

"Be a good maiden and clean that", smirked the half-Italian.

Octavian sat up some to lean over and kiss Ethan in a bruising manner the moment the son of Nemesis ejaculated deep within their Sea Prince. His fingers, formerly clawed into Percy's hips, found their way around the Roman's neck. The blonde growled approvingly. This was perfection.

"So", started the former augur once Ethan pulled out of their maiden. "I didn't hear you saying seashell, which makes me assume that you rather enjoyed yourself too, yes?"

"Mh?", mumbled Percy, his mouth still occupied by Nico's fingers.

"Nico, if you'd please", grunted Ethan irritated, collapsing behind the Ghost Prince.

"But his tongue is so very, very, very good", whined the son of Hades with a slight pout.

Though he still obeyed and pulled his fingers out of the warm, wet cavern, leaning back some against Ethan's chest. The half-Japanese loosened the satin to free their maiden, then wrapped one arm around Percy's shoulders to pull him close. The Sea Prince snuggled up to him, resting his head on Ethan's chest. Nico between them grinned and wrapped his arms around Percy's waist.

"Well?", pressed Octavian, laying behind Percy, nibbling the Sea Prince's neck again.

"I... didn't... I never thought this could feel so good", gasped the son of Poseidon once he regained enough breath to talk properly. "This was amazing. Can we repeat it, please? Soon? Now? Yes?"

"So... You want to stay with us?", grinned Nico, kissing Percy's nose.

"I think I'd really like that", nodded the son of Poseidon, slowly closing his eyes to relax a bit against the broad chest behind him. "I feel... good with you. Somehow... as if I belong. I know this sounds weird, but you give me the feeling that I already know you."

"Believe me, it doesn't sound weird at all", chuckled Octavian amused.

"Okay. How does this work?", grunted Ethan with a frown. "Because I would appreciate to have your... uh... services only to ourselves. I dislike the notion of other men coming close to you."

"Well...", hummed Percy, biting his lips, blushing a furious red. "You could make an exclusive deal with Madame V... I guess... But..."

"Mh? What?", asked the son of Hades with a curious look.

"You'd have to talk to Madame V in person for that", replied the son of Poseidon. "Since she has paid for everything for me so far, food, living, clothing, she expects... well, money..."

"Is it me or does this sound somehow like slavery?", grunted Ethan. "We'll buy you?"

"Sort of...", shrugged the Sea Prince. "But we like to call it 'showing your gratitude'. You know, since she introduced us and kind of taught us how to handle certain situations... It's expected that the dominants show their gratitude for being introduced to a... uh... well-behaved, obedient sub."

"And you are very well-behaved", noted Octavian approvingly. "Very, very well-behaved."

"If we buy you, can we get a collar for you too?", smirked Nico, waggling his eyebrows. "Like a pet? And I get to say things like 'You're a naughty, little puppy'?"

"You have a sick mind, di Angelo", noted Ethan and hit the younger Greek upside the head.

"Why?", asked Percy, pouting a bit. "I like his idea! Do I get a spanking if I'm naughty?"

He grinned like the Cheshire cat, licking his lips in want, causing his three dominants to laugh.

"You'll get a very hard spanking if you're naughty", nodded Octavian, kissing Percy's ear.

"Then you have to tell me exactly what I'll have to do to be 'naughty'", giggled Percy.

Author's note: The long awaited smut! I think I've never written such a long sex-scene before... Urgh... Well, anyway, I'm pretty pleased with it. I mean, those are my three favorite Percy pairings, so yeah... *grins stupidly*