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Title: The Maiden and His Masters – The Way Your Life Can Change

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; post both series

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, established threesome, explicit intercourse, anal, oral, D/s (three doms), cross-dressing, spanking, bondage, rental love, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Ethan/Octavian/Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Jake/Will, Frank/Hazel, Chris/Clarisse, Lou/Miranda, Malcolm/Katie, Piprt/Annabeth, Luke/Percy (past)

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Ethan Nakamura, Octavian Simmons, Nyssa Black, Leo Valdez, Jake Mason, Will Solace, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Clarisse la Rue, Chris Rodriguez, Lou Ellen, Miranda Gardner, Katie Gardner, Malcolm Cage, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Venus, Mrs. O'Leary, Blackjack, Arion, Alabaster C. Torrington, Luke Castellan, Gabriel Ugliano

Own Characters: Loki Murdock, Trend Austin, Blance Lamour, Phineas DeVorut, Rainbow Jordan, Shadowchaser, Balance, Caesar, Wicca, Fighter, Nightowl, Cassandra

Summary: Ethan lived through the Titan War and he, along with his boyfriends Nico and Octavian, helped winning the Giant War. After they win, they wants to move in together. Though their friends moving gift, a French maiden with 'special services' that should look like Percy. But he does more than just looking like Percy, it is Percy. The question is: Why isn't he remembering them?

The Maiden and His Masters

The Way Your Life Can Change

7. Starting a New Old Life

Percy smiled lazily as he laid curled together on the big bed, dwelling in post-coital bliss. His three lovers and masters had taken him in about every constellation possible. His ass burned from three spankings, his hole was so loose and slick with cum, he was so exhausted he could barely lift a finger. Actually, no, lifting a finger was really not necessary. Breathing was too much.

"How are you feeling?", asked Nico softly, his fingers running through Percy's hair.

"Mhhmmh...hm...", mumbled the son of Poseidon, unable to form any words at all.

"Translation: Thoroughly fucked dumb", smirked Octavian satisfied, slapping Percy's ass once.

If he wouldn't have been so exhausted, he would have yelped or moaned or both, but he barely got a grunt out. He figured that talking wouldn't quite work at the moment either since his throat must be really sore after all the moaning and begging he had done in the past few hours. Well, in the past weeks, but his three dominants had really given their best this time. He felt sleep claiming him...

"Jacky?", murmured Ethan curiously, leaning in to kiss the Sea Prince softly. "No response."

"Okay, now that we probably fucked him into a coma, you mind explaining to us why exactly we did this?", grunted the former augur with a sharp glare at their youngest lover.

"Simple", replied Nico as he hastily stood up and ran over to the other end of their bedroom where Percy kept most his stuff on a old-fashioned desk. "So we can get to this without him knowing."

"We... spend the last six hours fucking him so you can roam through his stuff?", blinked Ethan.

Their Ghost Prince glared at them over his shoulder, still going through Percy's things, until he yelped in triumph and held a beautiful glass-flask up into the last lights of the setting sun.

"Oh, so we spend the last six hours fucking him dumb so you can use his perfume without him noticing?", snorted Octavian ridiculed. "Did we fuck your brain out too?"

"I swear to the gods, you two are the biggest idiots ever", growled Nico and entered their bathroom. "Either you stay in that bed, making fun of me, or you follow me and learn what happened to Percy that made him Jacky. But as far as I'm concerned, just stay where you are, idiots."

Ethan and Octavian exchanged a curious look before both leaned down to place chaste kisses on the darkly red spanked ass-cheeks of their maiden before bolting after their lover. Not that Percy was disobedient. In fact, he was the most obedient maiden they could have asked for. But he really enjoyed his punishments so the boys had to get creative as to what needed to be punished. If he didn't moan wantonly enough, if he didn't beg enough, though those were futile too since Percy always begged and moaned in ways that would make any (real) whore blush. So in the end, they settled for not cleaning enough. Because whenever Percy bend down to clean the floor, or a low shelf, one of the boys simply had to push that skanky dress up and fuck him. But whenever he did tempt one of his masters into fucking him, he received a hard spanking afterwards since he was only distracting them with his willing behind so he wouldn't have to work so much. In the end... Well, let's say they had employed a bunch of proper maidens for the cleaning by now.

"Okay, so what has Percy's perfume to do with his past?", whispered Ethan confused.

Nico sighed, looking as if he was talking to five years old kids. "What does Percy smell like?"

"Like the ocean?", replied Octavian, not sure what the Ghost Prince was getting at.

"And he's the son of Poseidon. So that's his natural smell", grunted Nico and rolled his eyes. "No perfume. Which means this is not perfume. I've noticed it a couple of days ago already..."

"Well, what is it?", growled the son of Nemesis, growing more impatient with the second impatient. "Spill it, or I may spank you for a change, di Angelo."

"You wouldn't dare", growled Nico back with a heated glare.

"Just... explain it to us, love", sighed Octavian, resting his hand on Nico's knee.

"It's water from the River Lethe", explained the son of Hades, slowly uncorking it.

"Great. In case he wants to forget this life too?", grunted Ethan irritated.

"Let me finish explaining, will you?", growled Nico annoyed. "The River Lethe doesn't delete memories. It washes them out. But normally the memories are lost in the river's stream. Only a god would be able to catch the water before it can mingle with the rest of it."

"You... mean to say that this water contains Percy's memories?", whispered Octavian astonished.

Nico nodded and pulled a large glass bowl close to slowly pour the water from the flask into it. "Try not touching it, okay? I don't need you two also without memories of me."

"What are you up to, Nico?", asked Ethan with a slight edge to his words.

"I, for my part, want to know what made Percy so desperate to forget his life. And, being the wonderful son of Hades that I am, I can look into those lost memories", replied the Ghost Prince.

He held his hands out demandingly until the three of them were holding hands, standing around the bowl in a circle. Nico closed his eyes in concentration until the water started to ripple.

"Every time I think I've seen everything you demi-gods could possibly be capable of", muttered Octavian astonished, shaking his head as images formed in the water. "What is this?"

"This is Percy's life. All of it at once. I can... try to focus it, but that's really exhausting and complicated... I'll try finding the memories laced with most feelings, that makes it easier..."

Ethan and Octavian nodded obediently, not wanting to disturb their Ghost Prince's concentration. Instead they exchanged an excited and worried look. Were they truly ready to face this...?"

"Okay, this is not a television. You're not going to watch everything happen in that bowl. I'll try channeling it into your minds. Keep in mind that it's Percy's memories. Percy's thoughts and feelings. So don't freak out when you start hearing voices in your heads."

The cutest kid they had ever seen was running down a street, the image projected right into their heads. Bright, innocent and large sea-green eyes staring curiously off into the distance, a backpack shouldered on the small frame. He must have been roughly around seven.

"Okay, that is just ridiculous. How can he have been that cute back then?", grunted Octavian.

"Shut up, Simmons", ordered Nico irritated, trying to keep his focus.

Young Percy was running alongside a stream, obviously in a hurry to get home after school. His enthusiastic run was interrupted as five kids, maybe two years older than Percy, came into view. They snickered as they saw the young Sea Prince and started to circle him.

Ethan gritted his teeth as he had to watch how his Sea Prince was being pushed around by some mortal jerks. His grip on his boyfriends' hands tightened as the boys took Percy's backpack and threw it into the river, laughing at the hurt look on Percy's face.

"Now, why don't you just jump after it, freak?", snickered one of the boys.

"Or better yet, why don't you ask your friends the fishes to bring it back?", laughed another one.

The five boys high-fived and laughed, walking away when they noticed that their fun was over, leaving a crying Percy alone. The son of Poseidon slowly waddled into the river, trying to reach his stuff, tears running down his round, rosy cheeks.

"Are you alright, young lord?", whispered a whole chorus of voices.

"Whoa", grunted Octavian and blinked. "Seriously? He really understands them...?"

The Roman frowned astonished, he would have never thought that Percy truly simply understood the language of the fishes. But now he knew why Clarisse was calling him Disney Princess...

"Y... Yeah...", nodded Percy slowly and rubbed his eyes, taking his backpack that was pushed up onto the surface again by the fishes. "Thank you. I just... I wish I had... someone..."

"You have us!", chorused the fishes in happy voices, making the Sea Prince giggle.

"I know. But I mean someone human! Everyone at school looks at me odd and they call me a freak because I talk to you... but you're the only ones listening to me..."

A small fish nudged Percy's knee affectionately. "You will find human friends too, young lord!"

"I don't think so", mumbled the son of Poseidon and shook his head. "No one aside from my mommy ever liked me. And Smelly Gabe said that no one will ever like a freak like me..."

"This Gabe-character, that's his stepfather, his first stepfather, right?", asked Octavian with a frown.

Nico nodded slowly, his attention shifting at that question. And so did the images. Ethan swayed a bit as the colors in his head reformed to paint another picture entirely. Though as soon as the picture was sharp again, he wished it would disappear again.

A still rather young Percy, maybe ten years old, was laying in his bed, curled together to a ball, tears running down his face, his small frame shaking uncontrollably. It was Percy's bedroom in their old apartment in New York, Nico recognized it right away. The room was dark, only the lights of the city outside illuminating the two people inside. The crying child, hiding in his blankets, and the corpulent man, who was in the act of pulling his pants up.

"Stop crying like a girl", grunted the man disgusted. "You're a useless brat. You only cause trouble, it's the least you can do to pay me back for all the problems you cause me."

"I hate you", mumbled Percy barely audible, rubbing his eyes.

"What was that, brat?", growled the man, lifting his hand in a threatening manner, earning him silence. "Hah. I thought so. You're a useless, little girl. You cry like a girl and you cower like one. You will never be a man. So you can as well learn how to spread you legs now." The man snickered as if he found himself very funny, before turning serious once again. "You're not telling your mother about this. Because I would have to hurt her if she knew. And you don't want to be the one causing her pain, right? You don't want to force me into hurting Sally, right girl?"

"N—No, Gabe", whispered Percy and shook his head, his eyes tightly closed.

"Such a good girl", snickered his stepfather and left the room again.

"I think I'm going to throw up", muttered the Roman and shook his head. "Something like that would have never happened in New Rome. I would personally order him to be stoned to death."

"I'd gladly throw the first stone", growled Ethan darkly. "I never knew... Nico?"

"I know his first stepfather abused him, but I always assumed he had 'only' beaten him", whispered the Ghost Prince with pained eyes, willing the image of their broken Sea Prince away.

The next image surprised all three of them, one more so than the others. "That's... me..."

"I have never seen pictures of you when you still had both your eyes", commented the blonde intrigued. "Somehow you look less wild. Though that may also be because you're... fourteen?"

A younger Ethan was lazily laying on a bed, his head supported by his arms, a bored look on his face. His two dark, green eyes crossed in concentration as he was listening to something a blonde boy next to him was telling. The blonde had mischievous, blue eyes and a scar on his face...

"Luke", muttered Ethan with a certain melancholic sadness in his voice.

"And... Percy?", grunted Nico, his brows furrowed in confusion.

"Uh... Hello? I'm... new?", mumbled twelve-years-old Percy awkwardly.

He was hugging himself, looking around the cabin uncertainly. The first to notice him was the blonde, interrupting his conversation with Ethan to wave the newbie over.

"Hi, I'm Luke Castellan, head of the Hermes Cabin, home of all of Hermes kids and all those who don't have anywhere to go", smiled the son of Hermes friendly. "That's Ethan Nakamura."

"Hey, kiddo", nodded Ethan with a slightly interested gleam in his eyes. "What's your name?"

"Uh... I'm... Percy, Percy Jackson", whispered Percy slowly, biting his lower lip.

"Who's your godly parent, Percy?", wanted the half-Japanese curiously to know.

"I... don't know", shrugged the yet still undetermined son of Poseidon.

"Ah, a stray", nodded Luke and leaned over to ruffle Percy's hair. "Don't worry. We'll take care of you for now. First, we'll find you a place to sleep and then we'll find out whose your godly parent."

Percy looked from Luke over to Ethan, who only shrugged indifferently. His sea-green eyes slowly lit up in what could only be described as hope. Hope that he may be able to find friends here.

The scene shifted so fast that even Nico felt dizzy, it was as if those two memories were linked together somehow. The next thing they saw was the forest outside of Camp Half-Blood...

"You're strong, Percy", stated Luke, standing in front of Percy, his hand reaching out for the son of Poseidon. "Come with me. We could rule together. You and me."

"But... the others", whispered the Sea Prince uncertain. "Annabeth and Grover-"

"Annabeth?", snorted the son of Hermes. "You mean the girl that had despised you at first when she learned who your father is? You really think that if you wouldn't have taken her with you, she would even pay you a second thought? You were only her means of getting out of camp for a quest. And Grover? He had to befriend you, he was assigned to be your protector."

There was doubt in the sea-green eyes. Not doubt of Luke's words, but rather of his friends. Octavian, Nico and Ethan could hear the tiny voice in the back of Percy's mind, telling him that it was true, that no one would ever like him. Sea-green eyes locked with mischievous blue ones.

"Come with me, Perce. I'm your friend. Your only true friend."

Percy was hesitant, unsure what to do now with this choice he was facing. But then he started to shake his head violently, his brows furrowed in anger, taking a slow step back from Luke.

"No. The shoes you gave me for the quest, they would have pulled me into Tartarus if I would have been wearing them. If you were my friend, you wouldn't have done that. If you were my friend, you would try to protect me and not try to kill me", growled Percy determined. "I'll never come with you and betray my true friends, Luke."

"Well, then I'm sorry, Percy", whispered Luke and shook his head. "But I'll have to kill you."

Nico shook his head at the betrayed and broken look in the sea-green eyes he loved so much. The look of a boy, who never had had friends before in his life and who now had been betrayed by one of the three first people he had ever befriended. It made Nico's stomach curl. The next thing that came to their minds must have been the day Percy disappeared...

The son of Poseidon was wearing his orange camp shirt as he was walking through New York. He must have just returned from camp, that broad happy grin was hard to miss. It was dark as Percy walked through an alley. A boy, around Percy's age, with brown hair and freckles, watched him, a wicked grin on his lips as he pulled out a bunch of cards. The Sea Prince yelped surprised as a rope circled his ankles, causing him to fall face-first into the dirt. The brunette came closer, licking his lips, while another rope tightly wrapped itself around Percy's hands.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Percy fucking Jackson. I think you owe me for ruining my life."

"No", growled Ethan and shook his head frantically. "No. I refuse to watch the boy I love getting raped by one of my former best friends. Just... no... I know Alabaster always hated Percy, but..."

Nico nodded. He too didn't need to watch that. He concentrated, trying to skip forward. The next thing the threesome saw was a still tied-up Percy, though he wasn't crying, as they'd expected...

His eyes were empty while he stared at the wall in front of him. Alabaster behind him slowly got dressed again, snickering in amusement as he looked down at the broken boy.

"You're still pining after Nakamura, aren't you?", chuckled the son of Hecate amused and shook his head. "Even though he rather chose that death brat over you? Though then again... Weren't you crying for that one too when I took you hard? Nico was it, wasn't it? You're such a whore, Jackson. You deserve to be fucked like one. But not by them. They got their precious augur, if I'm informed correctly. Trying to be honorable and all that crap. They don't need your used ass. They don't want it. A shame, actually. It's such a tight ass. Mh, maybe if you beg them they will fuck you at least once? Not that it would mean anything. Because no one needs you for that. You're a nuisance. Not lovable. You're an annoying, arrogant and a pitiful fuck. Why should anyone want that?"

Alabaster slapped Percy's ass once before turning to leave again, pulling his magical cards out to get his ropes back. It wasn't like the Sea Prince planned on attacking him or anything.

"He's right", ringed Percy's broken voice in their minds. "They will never love me. Why should they? They have each other. They're happy. I'm... weak... Even after all these years, I still can't even fight someone off, not Smelly Gabe, not him... I'm used and... why should they want that?"

"Give me a chance to help you starting a new life", chimed a soft, female voice.

A beautiful woman, easily recognized as Lady Aphrodite/Venus, materialized in front of the Sea Prince. He stared at her with empty eyes for a moment, before rage took over.

"You", spat Percy, slowly sitting up in pain. "It's all your fault! Why?! Why can't you... Why can't you leave me alone?! This wouldn't be half as bad if... Why do you have to make me fall in love with them?! Why... Why always guys that try to kill me one way or another and then, when they finally turn good completely, you let them fall in love with each other?!" His body was shaking as tears built up in his sea-green eyes. "Why can no one love me?! I thought Annabeth, but... But you had to fool me with a lesbian, really? Why do I have to be alone...? Why am I that disgusting...?"

Aphrodite looked down at him with pained eyes, for the first time since knowing the boy truly fearing for his life. This night, this attack had brought long suppressed memories back to the front of his mind, reminding him of Smelly Gabe and the knowledge that no one would ever want him for more than a quick fuck. The fact that the boys he loved were happily in love with each other was not helping his depressing thoughts. Aphrodite knew that if she wouldn't help the boy now, they may lose him for good this time. He had lived through so much already. But this may be too much...

"Masters? Where are you?", called the light, soft voice of their maiden.

The three young men jumped in surprise as the Sea Prince entered their bathroom. His curious, sea-green eyes sparkled with want and interest. They were so innocent and beautiful. Not shattered like the ones they had seen in the memories. He bit his rosy lips and played with the collar Ethan had gotten him, the tag (reading 'Property of N.d.A., E.N., O.S.') clicking in his hands.

"Jacky! I thought you're deep asleep", grunted Octavian with a frown and stepped up to their maiden, wrapping his arms possessively around Percy's waist, hugging him close at all the things he had just seen. "Did we wake you, my pretty?"
"Uh... Well.. the bed felt so cold and empty without you", mumbled Percy, turning big, begging eyes on his two black-haired lovers. "Why aren't you sleeping too? Was I not good enough?"

"You were wonderful, my beloved maiden", whispered Nico, walking up to them to kiss Percy. "We simply had to shower first. Exercised with you are always such a sweaty, sticky mess."

Ethan glared at the bowl behind him, then turning to his three lovers. The Percy sandwiched between Octavian and Nico was a carefree and happy boy, full of love and the knowledge that he was being cherished. No doubt if they truly cared for him or if he was only entertainment for them.

"Can we go back to bed then?", murmured the Sea Prince in a sleepy voice, looking up at Octavian with puppy-dog eyes. "And can you carry me? It's a miracle I made it here. I can't feel my legs."

The blonde rolled his eyes and swapped their maiden into his arms, holding him close. Percy smiled pleased and snuggled up to the Roman. The former augur threw a meaningful glare at Ethan before leaving the bedroom, leaving the other two Greeks on their own.

"Is there any way to get rid of those memories?", asked Ethan in a low voice, a dark and determined frown on his face as he wrapped his arms around his Ghost Prince. "We made him love us again. We made him trust us again. Our friends managed to get their spots in his heart back. Even if he can't remember us, he holds us dear again. If remembering us means he has to remember the cruel things that had happened to him – and I am sure that what we saw was only the tip of the iceberg – then I don't want him to remember me. Or anything else."

"There's a very simple solution for that", murmured Nico and took the bowl.

He walked over to the toilet and just before he emptied it unceremoniously, a last image of Gabe flashed before his eyes, as if it was trying to tell him that he was doing the right thing. Percy had already decided to forget. Going against his wishes would turn their Sea Prince against them.

"Master Nico? Master Ethan? Are you coming too?", called their maiden from the bedroom.

"We're coming, my love", called Ethan, freezing the same second the words left his mouth.

Nico glared at him and pulled him out of the bath to face a very surprised looking Sea Prince, nestled in the sheets, abusing Octavian's chest as a pillow. Very wide sea-green eyes stared up at the Greek duo, rosy lips slightly parted in surprise. The Roman behind him glared at Ethan.

"You're a bloody moron", muttered the former augur.

"You... love me?", questioned the son of Poseidon slowly.

"Oh, you're a bloody moron too", grunted the blonde irritated and raised one eyebrow. "You truly think we would take anyone in just because they're nice and tight?"

Percy blushed and leaned up to kiss Octavian softly. Ethan and Nico joined their lovers in the bed, each pulling their Sea Prince into a kiss of their own. While Ethan laid down on Octavian's other side, resting his head on the blonde's chest, Nico curled up behind Percy, his arms wrapped tightly around the Sea Prince's midsection to hold him close, Percy's head resting on Octavian's stomach while Nico took the place on the blonde's chest right next to Ethan.

"I love you too", smiled Percy contently, snuggling up some more to his masters, intertwining his fingers with Ethan's. "I think I fell in love with you at first sight. It's weird."

"It's not weird, it's your mother's magic", smiled Nico, kissing Percy's neck.

"Say, what did you flush down the toilet there?", asked the faked son of Aphrodite curiously.

"A spider", replied Ethan nonchalantly. "A very fat, disgusting spider."

"Ugh, I hate spiders", shuddered the Sea Prince.

"Don't worry, love", murmured Octavian softly. "You will never have to worry about this spider, or any other spider, again. We'll take care of them for you from now own."

"Oh, my brave knights in shining armor", giggled Percy amused. "Heroes of Olympus and now Slayers of Spiders, huh? That sounds quite like the descent there..."

"Not to us", disagreed the son of Hades with a frown. "After all the fighting, all we wanted was a peaceful life. And having you and protecting you from evil spiders sounds about right."

Only, Percy would never know what spiders truly stood for. But that was okay. No, it was more than okay. Because it meant their Sea Prince would never have to remember the horrors that had tormented him before. Ethan tenderly caressed Percy's cheek.

"Don't get so cheeky, my pet", warned the son of Nemesis with a growl, stealing another kiss from those reddish, swollen lips. "Or we may have to spank you again."

"Promises, promises", giggled the son of Poseidon, wiggling his eyebrows "Empty promises."

The former augur snickered, easily pushing his two other lovers out of the way as he sat up, landing Percy in his lap. Holding the Sea Prince down with ease, he started to repeatedly slap that well-formed and also by now well-used ass hard, turning the still red cheeks darker and darker.

"You're ours", growled the Roman, anger and resentment toward what he just had to witness in his sky-blue eyes. "Only ours. We will keep you safe and we will always cherish you. Don't you ever forget this, my pretty maiden. Don't you ever forget that you belong with us."

"I – ouch – will – ouch – never – ouch – forget – ouch – that – ouch – I'm – ouchouchouch – yours", gasped Percy, thrusting his hips back against the hard spanking with a wanton moan.

"That's good, love", grinned Nico as Octavian stopped the spanking, leaning down to kiss the heated cheeks of their maiden. "Horny, little thing. No fucking now. You need rest."

"That's cruel, masters", whined Percy with an adorable pout, wiggling his ass invitingly. "You can't spank me and then not take me. That's mean, please, please fuck me?"

"Shush it, little seducer", warned Ethan, pulling Percy down to lay again. "Sleep."

The son of Poseidon was still pouting, but he still got more comfortable as he was sprawled over all three of his masters. Ethan was running his fingers through Percy's hair, Octavian had one hand resting on Percy's stomach while Nico was caressing the sore ass. Until the Sea Prince was sleeping deep and peacefully. This was Percy's chance for a happy life. And they were willing to grant it.

~*~ The End ~*~

Author's note: Yep, the end. It's over. I'm not entirely pleased with it - not just with the ending, the whole story had taken a different turn than intended. But I still like the outcome, even though I probably have to write that thing again, the way it should have been... (Hah, I can only say that because in the end it truly was a completely different plot than I had in mind... =_=)
I hope you enjoyed it and I would like to thank you all for you attention, for reading it and even more so for reviewing. ^-^