Author's Note: I am already working on a vampire story, but this was a very different take than the one I'm working on. That being the case, I decided to make this one a drabble and maybe work on it later. Only time will tell. Enjoy!

Drabble 6: Hunters and the Hunted

"I like a sassy meal. Besides, I bet the fire you have will make your blood taste even better." Hirutani chuckled as his gang surrounded the blond hunter. This wasn't the first time the two had crossed paths, but he was growing tired of their games. The other male had already killed off a majority of his gang, forcing him to add new members to the ranks. What the vampire really wanted was to feel the blond surrendering under his fangs. Perhaps he would draw things out, taking enough to weaken the blond before dragging him away to their hideout. There he could continue to have his way with the blond, slowly draining him of his life force. The thought of keeping the blond as a slave brought a shiver of pleasure to the vampire's loins.

"Ain't gonna happen 'Tani. You think this buncha losers gonna stop me? I'll have yer head yet!" Jounouchi growled and turned to shoot an arrow from his crossbow at the nearest vampire. The creature hissed and dropped, his blood flooding the ground. The blond wheeled around like a dancer, firing his bow, throwing knives, and kicking any demon that got too close for his liking. Five were down for good, another fifteen or so to go. He was making short work of them, bending and stretching as he dodged. He'd been a hunter for nearly eight years. The blond punk had survived this long and had no plans of losing any time soon.

"He's one fucking human! Get him you assholes!" Hirutani growled as his men circled closer. The leader waited and watched, deciding he would finally jump in this time. His gang numbers began to deplete faster and faster and when he was left with only a few, he leapt into the fray. Jounouchi was caught off guard as the remaining three members rushed him. With a grunt, the blond found his cross bow knocked from his hands.

"Looks like I win this time, Jounouchi." Hirutani breathed in the blond's ear, giving the boy goose bumps. Each of his remaining thugs held the blond: one on each arm, one for both legs, and their leader had his arms wrapped up around Jounouchi's waist and shoulders in a tight hold. The blond tensed and struggled, failing against the powerful hold of the demons around him.

"Fucking bastard!" The punk tried to head butt the blue haired leader, but instead found his head pinned to the side baring his neck to the vampire. Hirutani's mouth watered as the teen's pulse beat faster in his neck.

"I'm going to have so much fun with you, Jounouchi," his long tongue ran up the side of the blond's neck, "I'm going to finally taste you. I'll drag you to my lair and keep you there, barely alive. I'll break you. You'll learn fast, I know you will." He left a chaste kiss on the beating pulse. The blond continued to tense and struggle, not going down without a fight. The punk could feel his arms and legs going numb from the tight grip the demons had on him.

"It'll hurt if you struggle. Relax and enjoy it, Jounouchi. I promise to be gentle." After a few more minutes of struggling, the boy finally began to relax. Hirutani purred in delight and left wet kisses along the tan neck. The other members watched in desire, wanting to partake in the blond they had fought so hard to get for their leader. They, unconsciously, began to loosen their grip little by little, believing the blond had given in. Satisfied with having "softened" the punks neck to his liking, the vampire purred and licked along the boy's soft ear.

"It'll only feel strange for a second, and then I'll have you panting in pleasure. Relax," he coaxed the blond, feeling the other sag more and more in his hold, "That's it, relax for me." Just as the blue haired demon lowered his sharp fangs to Jounouchi's pulse, the boy attacked. He was able to slide his right arm away from one of his captors, elbowing Hirutani in the jaw before thrusting his fist forward to catch the other demon in a right hook. His knees gripped the head of the vampire holding his legs and the punk gave a hard twist, snapping the creature's neck.

"Mother fucker!" Hirutani raged and tackled Jounouchi to the ground, using his belt to tie the punk's arms behind his back, "I was going to be nice, but now I'm going to make sure you suffer!" Jounouchi grunted in pain as he was jerked up, only to be kicked back down to the ground. A gargled scream had his golden eyes glancing up and to the left as he saw one of the remaining members clutch at his throat. It had been sliced open, blood gushing out and soaking the monster. A few gurgles later and the body dropped, twitching ever so slightly before falling still. For a moment the blond wondered if one of his friends had followed him out into the night.

"I see you are still causing trouble Hirutani. I thought you were told to keep to yourself." A cool voice that the hunter had never heard before caught his attention. He rolled onto his back and used the power of momentum to spring him to his feet. He was quick to fetch his crossbow, using his feet to kick it into the air, knocking another arrow into the track, and caught it behind his back. He turned to face his savior and attacker and stood shocked at the scene before him.

"K-Kaiba! I haven't been doing anything wrong! I-I've only been hunting him! He's a hunter! Let me go!" Hirutani cried out as his arm was twisted painfully behind his back. The new arrival was tall and slim, short chestnut brown locks were combed to perfection, and his eyes were a cold sapphire blue. His white trench coat stood out against the black pants and turtle neck he wore over his pale flesh. Belts and buckles were added on his arms and legs while steel toes black boots finished off his look. The male held Hirutani tightly.

"You think the king wouldn't have heard about the attacks on innocent humans by your mob of rejects?" The trapped vampire's eyes widened in shock and he started to struggle less.

"Kaiba, I haven't been! My gang hasn't been attacking people like that! We are supposed to hunt the hunters. He's a hunter," he pleaded with the stronger vampire, pointing a finger of a nearly freed hand at Jounouchi, "I've been trying to kill him for over a month! He's strong and skilled, but if we work together…" Hirutani coughed as Kaiba tightened his grip into a strangle hold. A dark smirk crossed the brunette's face and he glanced up at the vampire hunter.

"You mean to tell me that this little Mutt took down your gang? One little hunter?" The weaker vampire whimpered in the strong hold. Jounouchi glanced behind the two beings before him and noticed a third approaching. He had a stake in his hand and was silently making his way over to the pair. The blond knew it was one of Hirutani's lackeys and turned, firing his crossbow. Kaiba hissed and leaped to the side, taking Hirutani with him. At the howl of pain, the brunette was surprised to see that the arrow hadn't been for him. The stake clattered to the ground and the last of the Rintama Vampire Gang was gone.

"Please let me kill him Kaiba! Let me show the king I'm not a rogue!" With an annoyed huff, Kaiba released the other vampire, shoving him away in disgust. He stood with grace and locked eyes with the hunter. The golden eyes seemed to say, "We're even," but a moment later the stare was broken as the blond dodged the attacks from the blue haired vampire. The gang leader was losing it, slashing out without thought. Jounouchi turned and kicked him in the face, taking the precious seconds it took for the vampire to recover to stretch his arms up and over his head, not easy considering they were still bound with Hirutani's belt.

"I'll fucking kill you!" The leader howled and leaped on top of Jounouchi, knocking them over as he straddled himself over the blond's chest and upper arms, pinning the boy's tied arms down against his chest. The gang leader growled in pleasure at having won, wrapped his hands around the slim neck of the hunter, and squeezed. The hunter thrust against the vampire a few times, trying to knock him off, and finally rocked his legs high enough to wrap around the demon's neck. He yanked down, taking in a few deep breaths as he kept the vampire trapped. With the last of his strength, Jounouchi twisted his feet and was rewarded with a snap. He lay there, boneless, for a moment, catching his breath before finally rolling away from the dead demon. He got to his feet and turned to look for the last vampire. He was gone.

"Looking for me?" Jounouchi's whole body tensed, hair lifting on his arms and neck, and he swung around to miss the other, "Quick, but not quick enough to catch me." Jounouchi found himself thrown against a tree. Pain raced across his back as the wind was knocked from his lungs. His hands were pinned above his head. A hard body pressed into his, preventing him from kicking out. There was a strong and cool hand at his throat, feeling his strong pulse, and he could smell the cool mint breath of the vampire.

"Hirutani always liked a challenge. I can see why he targeted you." Kaiba stared deeply into the hunter's eyes. There was no fear, only defiance, anger, and a deep determination, for what the brunette wasn't sure of. Jounouchi was busy trying to think of a way out of this situation, staring the other down as hard as he could. They were at an impasse. Jounouchi wasn't in any position to fight the other off, being pinned to the tree, but why hadn't the vampire attacked him yet? Why did this vampire attack a fellow demon?

"Let me go." Jounouchi demanded, forcing himself not to struggle against the brunette. Perhaps he could talk his way out of this.

"Why should I?"

"Why shouldn't you?" He fired back. What reason could the other demon have for keeping him there if he hadn't started eating him already? He watched as a smirk spread across the pale features.

"If I let you go, you owe me. That little stunt back there with your bow doesn't count. I was well aware that weakling was behind me. If you hadn't fired, I still would have killed him and you would be in the same place you are now…" Jounouchi glared, body tensing in anger as he tried to shove the demon off him. He received a chuckle for his efforts and felt the hand on his throat travel up to his hair. He tensed more, waiting for the pain of his hair being pulled to start, but the vampire just seemed to want to pet him. He gave the brunette another glare.

"You are no different than Hirutani." The hand in the blond's hair stilled for a moment.

"I assure you, I am very different from that pathetic excuse for a vampire." The hand returned to its petting, slowly traveling down to his jaw where it became a firm grip. Slowly Kaiba tilted the blond's chin up and to the left, baring the long and tense neck. He nipped at the tight flesh, enjoying how the pulse jumped and beat faster, despite the fact that the boy still had no fear. Seto flicked his tongue over the beat and lapped up and down the hunter's neck, washing away Hirutani's scent to replace it with his own.

"You're all disgusting, licking me like this! Just kill me and get it over with or let me go." Jounouchi growled. He was tired of being licked! Another chuckle had the hunter growling.

"Do you know why we do this?" Again he licked along the expanse of neck, placing a soft kiss on the blond's pulse point.

"Cuz you're all gross!"

"It's to relax you so our bite doesn't hurt. In fact, it numbs the skin and gives you a little dose of pheromones. It's why vampires don't have to hunt unwilling prey. I have been told by many humans that a bite can bring some of the highest pleasure." His lips encircled the beating pulse and he sucked lightly. Kaiba felt the other flinch and gasp. This little hunter was a Sensitive; even better for him.

"What… stop," Jounouchi whispered, trying to find his voice. Every hair stood up on his body and sparks of pleasure shot straight to his groin. One reason he hated vampires was due to their obsession with necks. Hirutani had caught him before and realized that if the bastard nuzzled against his neck, he got a little aroused. He made sure to beat the bastard enough to escape that time and now he was stuck with a new, more powerful, vampire attacking his neck.

"I want you to owe me for letting you go. You won't attack me or fight me. I get to take what you owe me and then we will be even. Agree and I'll let you go." Kaiba whispered and then went right back to suckling the same spot, purring at the blood rushing to the surface.

"F-fuck you!" Kaiba let his fangs scrape across the tender flesh.

"Are you offering? I'm giving you a way out. Will you not take it?" He let the tips of his fangs press into the relaxing flesh and they pricked the skin just enough to let a few drops of blood rise to the surface.

"Stop," the blond whispered, "What… what do you want?" Jounouchi bit back a moan of displeasure when the pressure eased up on his neck, only to have the vampire's tongue swipe away the drops of blood. Kaiba didn't hide his moan of pleasure at the hunter's taste.

"You're B-." Seto commented. B- was the second rarest blood type in the world and one of the most delicious! The nagging voice in the vampire's head, reminding him of his mission, stopped him from taking the hunter's blood.

"S-so! What's that gotta do wit anything?" The growing erection was a huge annoyance to the blond who tried to shift it away, but ended up rubbing it against the other male who purred.

"Sensitives are so much fun, especially when they taste as good as you do… However, I have something in mind for you."

"What da fuck is a "sensitive"?" The blond demanded, feeling the hot mouth retreating from his neck.

"It's a term we give to humans who are sensitive to touch in the areas where their blood flows the most. I bet you are just as sensitive to touch in other places that I'd love to sink my teeth into." The scoff of a snort the blond gave him made his blood boil almost instantly.

"You're fulla shit. I'm only sensitive on my neck. If I weren't so wore out from kill n' all them demons, I'd be able to end you too!" With a soft growl, Seto took his free hand and sliced down the front of the blond's shirt, "What da fuck? Don't fucking touch me! Let me go!" The hunter demanded, only to spot in mid rant as the vampire latched onto a spot above his heart to lick and suck the small area. His rant came out in a surprised squeak as more jolts of pleasure shot through his body. His eyes rolled back for a moment, relaxing as the hand holding his bound wrists in place rubbed one of his wrists. The demon's other hand traveled lower, slicing through his pants to rub and softly pinch on the hunter's right inner thigh.

"Sensitive," came Seto's satisfied voice. He continued to stroke the boy's leg and wrist, bringing his face back up to see bright gold eyes staring deeply at him. The human was panting ever so slightly, trying to fight off something that his body clearly wanted. The pink lips parted and a tongue darted out, wetting his lips. If only to tease the blond more, Kaiba leaned in further and pressed their lips together. He was rewarded with a stiff member rubbing against his leg while the human pressed closer for a better kiss.

'You have a mission from the King! What are you doing playing games with a hunter?' His mind argued with his judgment as the demon thrust his tongue inside. Jounouchi didn't bite him and, instead sucked the demon's tongue further into his mouth, licking along the sides before teasing the tip. He swept his tongue up to feel the length of the demon's fangs before returning to dance with the monster's tongue again. Slowly their kiss came to an end and ice blue locked with smoldering gold.

"I would like your assistance in apprehending a rogue in exchange of letting you go. Do you agree?" Seto stopped petting his prey, holding him firmly in place instead.

"Why wouldja need my help?" A fanged smirk crossed the demon's face.

"You probably have more information on the vampires in this area than I do and I'm sure you could point me in the right direction sooner. We do not want anymore humans killed needlessly. Contrary to what you may think, we don't have to kill our prey to be full. You are not like cows to us. We are trying to control our rogues that kill you humans just like you try to capture your own murderers." Jounouchi stared into the blue ocean that was the vampire's eyes and nodded. He could spot a liar a mile away and this demon wasn't lying.

"Fine; I'll keep my eyes open. I give ya muh word." The belt was suddenly gone from his wrists and the demon stepped back, daring him to attack. The monster in front of him was not only powerful, but graceful, elegant, and obviously a higher up. The hunter slowly brought his arms down and stepped forward towards the creature in front of him.

"You're not talk n' bout some tin as simple as a punk like 'Tani, are ya?" The vampire straightened up tall, no longer taking a defensive step.

"We have suspects, but we can never be too sure. It might be one of my rank or lower. No one knows yet. I'd hate to think it were someone as high as myself so I'm hoping it's just some punk that can be dealt with quickly. You seem up to the challenge though. I'll be in contact." Jounouchi shook his head.

"You've been in too much contact as it is, Kaiba. I find dis rogue and we're even. You leave me da fuck alone and hope I don't find ya wit' my arrows." Seto smirked and suddenly pressed flush against the hunter.

"I'll be in contact. Perhaps it is you who should hope to avoid my fangs and not I your arrows," he gracefully dodged as Jounouchi took a swing at him, landing on his feet with little effort, "Your name Mutt?" The blond glared, not liking the way his body enjoyed the demon's closeness.

"It's Jounouchi." Seto nodded once, gave him a cool smile, and took a step back.

"Jounouchi," it rolled off his tongue in a sinful and devious way, "what a nice name for a little Mutt of a hunter; I'll see you soon." With a small shimmer of what looked like magic, the vampire was gone, leaving the hunter alone. Jounouchi quickly picked up all his scattered tools and headed out of the park to his hole in the wall of a home where he lived alone. Once he was sure he was safe, he stripped and jumped into the shower, giving his body the release it needed before slipping into bed.

"I gotta lotta long nights ahead a me it seems. Wonder which vamp it is," he thought as he lay there awake, not looking forward to meeting up with the blue eyed vampire. He sighed and tried to get sleep, unconsciously rubbing the areas that the demon had licked, sucked, and touched.

"I hate being a… What did he call me? A "Sensitive"? All them damn bastards who realize it," he stopped his train of thought, not wanting to re-live the first encounter he'd ever had with a vampire, which ended badly. What had started out as flirting at a dance club turned into a heated make out that ended with a pair of fangs in his neck. No warning or anything. He did the only thing he could think of and fought the long haired stranger off. That's when he started hating vampires and learned how to hunt them. He wasn't going to let anyone else go through what he went through.

"Now I owe one, one." He huffed and rolled over, annoyed at how he'd handled the situation. The fact that his body still tingled from the demon's touch made his stomach flip. With a groan of irritation, more at his body's desire than anything else, he flopped on his stomach and forced himself to sleep. He was unaware of the sharp blue eyes staring into his window.

Seto smirked as he watched the blond flip and flop in his restless sleep. He couldn't come in without being invited, but that wasn't going to stop him from keeping an eye on the tough human. Lackeys or not, to have witnessed him take out Hirutani's entire gang- including Hirutani himself- showed that this wasn't some weak human.

"Things can definitely get more than interesting if I keep him around." Feeling eyes on his back, Kaiba turned around and scanned the area. The eyes were gone. Something was going on and the brunette knew it had to be handled and handled fast. The king wasn't going to like hearing about more humans being killed and drained of blood. Vampires had been "out" for a few decades now, but it was still a strained relationship with the human officials in charge. He waited a few more minutes before vanishing away.

"That was close."

"We have to be more careful."

"They'll be watching." The three males whispered to one another and fled their hideaway onto the streets of domino. It was time to search for their next victim.

Author's note: I looked up blood types and it does say that Jounouchi is a type B, just not whether he is negative or positive. In my five minute research (yeah, I'm lazy) it looked like B- was the second rarest type, the rarest being AB-. Also, I went off the way Hirutani looked in the anime for a hair color. I see the potential in this drabble. We will have to wait and see, won't we? Till next time!