Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Maka Albarn, also known as the school's loser. I get shoved around, made fun of. I'm the school punching bag, as some call it. Sorry, I'm not a pretty cheerleader, or on the track team. I'm just a loser, who sucks at math. I eat alone at lunch because I lack friends and social skills. No wonder people make fun of me.

I don't have parents that you can tell everything to. I don't have parents to kiss me when I'm hurt to make it better. I don't have the mom or dad to ring up the bully's parents to make it all just stop. Not even close. My mama died three years ago, so I'm stuck with my drunk, abusive papa. He's the worst dad that anyone can ever think of; he doesn't give a shit about what happens to me, if I'm dead, or still alive, bleeding scars and all. So I have to be strong and independent.

Maka's P.O.V

My face was buried in the book that I got from the school library; I was getting to the good part. But I saw Dr. Stien tower over me. He moved his glasses up, and the light caught it, temporarily blinding me. I closed my book and placed it down on my desk.

"I'm sorry Maka; I wasn't boring you, was I?" he said in a sarcastic tone.

"No, Dr. Stein; I'm sorry." I said, blushing, looking down at my hands.

"Ok then, but this is the third time I've caught you reading in class, so I'll be taking your book now. See me after school," he said, walking away with my book and placing it down. I looked at my precious book that was now sitting on his desk. Then I felt it.

I could feel all eyes on me. I looked around at the class and found that everyone was staring at me. I felt my face get hot and assumed that I was practically a tomato. The whole class let out a small giggle. Some leaned over whispering in other's ears occasionally glancing in my direction, others just pointed and laughed. I looked down, knowing my bangs were covering my face like a mask. 'Great yet again, another wonderful day,' I thought to myself. I looked up to see I had another good two hours of wonderful school to bear through.

I was in history class when the final bell rang. School was finally over, but I had to go see Dr. Stein, and I shivered at the thought. It's not that I'm afraid of him; it's just of what he had to say. What if I get a detention? My papa would not be happy! What if I get my library card taken away? I cleared my head, and shuffled over to his room and stared up at the door. I reached for the door handle slowly and turned it. I opened it to see that Dr. Stein was writing tomorrow's objective on the board. He turned to me,
sensing my being there.

"Hello, Maka; I'm glad you came -not like you had a choice, but I'm still glad. I called you here to tell you your math grades need to come up, along with your science grade. If not, you can say good-bye to promotion. You don't want that, do you?"

His words hit me like a brick wall. Repeating the 10th grade that would be terrible; and my bullying would probably double. I will be the laughing stock of the school (
not that I'm not already the laughing stock). I looked up at him. "No, I wouldn't like that," I said in a shaky voice.

"Then, I suggest a tutor. Maybe one of your friends. I can find you someone. I got a lot of bright students you know."

"NO! No, um, that's ok; I will stop slacking in class and double my studies at home; no need for a tutor."

He gave me a long look, "Alright, Maka, if you say so. Here's your book back. No more reading while I teach. You are dismissed."

I nodded and walked out gratefully, happy that he didn't pursue the topic. I gathered my things from my locker and rushed towards the quad and sat under a tree. I looked around to see most of the students still here, sitting around, doing homework, and talking with friends. I looked down at my book and started reading. Then, I also saw a hand snatch it away from me .I sighed and stood up trying to grab it back.

"Give it back to me!"

Then, I saw who it was. It was Samantha, the most popular girl in the school. She had brown eyes, bleached hair. You could see her dark roots coming in. She wore slutty clothes, a V neck where you could see her push up bras, clearly about three bras in all, making her boobs look abnormally huge. A short skirt that barely covered her ass and a lot of shitty makeup, the poor whore probably was totally ugly without it. She was the girl who made my life a living hell ever since the fourth grade. She and her crew stood around me. She had about five girls that obviously wanted to be exactly like her around me. Her and her crew always bullied me, and me only. Sure, she was mean to other people, but always so, so mean to me. She was always all over other guys, too. I'm surprised she not pregnant. She was just one hundred percent fake: A spray tan, a boob job, and a ton of concealer, and you've got your very own Samantha.

"Give it back, Samantha." I grabbed her hand trying to get it back.

"Ew, it touched me! It touched me, gr-oss! Girls, hand-sanitize me." She said snapping her fingers as one of the girls ran up to her with a hand sanitizer pump.

"I'm not an 'it'; I'm person, too, Samantha. Can you see that much, or do you have twelve too many boob implants in the way?" I snarled at her.

"Oh please, you shouldn't be talking, Tiny-Tits; you're just jealous. You dress like a boy, and what does your shirt say? Me-Metallica.

"Metallica is a band," I sighed, exasperated at her own stupidity.

"Yeah well, I never heard of it, so it must be lame. Besides, I only see boys who wear those kinds of shirt," she paused, a thoughtful finger on her lips, but a little smirk in the way,

"Well, then again, you probably are a boy. I mean, really? You have no chest and you're ugly. So skinny…. you're anorexic and have absolutely no curves. Ugly, you're just ugly in general. A creature like you doesn't deserve to walk in our world; right, Girls?" her lackeys agreed and she continued flapping her mouth,

"Didn't your mom teach you how to be lady-like? Well, I guess not because you turned out like this. You'd be better off dead," she came closer and whispered in my ear, "no one would even care," she pulled back, giggling at my expression.

Her friends started making comments about me too. Like, "You're right, Samantha; she is ugly. You're way prettier than her." Or, "I bet she goes home and cries to her mommy like a baby." And a lot more mean shit that made me lose it.

I felt tears form in my eyes, "STOP. SHUT THE HELL UP. YOU ARE SUCH A BITCH. YOU'RE A DISGUSTING WHORE WHO PROBABLY HAS AN STD ALREADY AND I BET YOU GIVE BLOW JOBS TO EVERYONE WITH A DICK. YOU DESERVE TO ROT IN HELL BITCH, SO WHY DON'T YOU GO DIE IN A HOLE; TRUST ME NO ONE WILL MISS YOU. THE DEVIL DOESN'T EVEN WANT YOU." I was out of breath from screaming. Did I really just say that? Oh shit, I yelled too loud and all eyes were on me and Samantha. She came closer again and got up in my face.

"You shouldn't have said that," she said quietly. You could hear a pin drop as she raised her hand. The silence broke when she slapped me clear across the face with a loud, sickening crack. My face flew to the side and I knelt down. My face felt hot and when I looked up. BANG. Like a gun. Right across the face again, but even harder. People had their phones out. I could hear whispers and laughs from every direction. I couldn't take it.

Samantha knelt down beside me and whispered, "I'm not finished, Bitch." I shivered at her tone. Then, I felt a sharp kick to my back. I fell and lay on my stomach. I felt like my back was broken I couldn't move. She laughed at me, "Want more, Bitch?" Everyone was cheering her on and laughing at me, taking photos and videos.

I shut my eyes tight ready for the next kick. Then when it came, I practically begged to just die already. "One more for good luck," she said with a devious tone. I shut my eyes even tighter waiting for the pain. After about a few seconds I opened them to see a boy with snow-white hair. He looked down at me. His eyes where blood-red. I thought to myself, 'Hey, that kid, isn't he, like, the most popular boy in school? Did he come here to help out too, help out with putting me in pain? What am I saying, he came here to help me, bring on the pain.

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