Renesmee POV

I was hunting, and Jacob was lovingly chasing after me. We were running through the woods and I was screaming ''help a wolf'' playfully. Jacob growled at me and I pretended to be scared. A human hunter was nearby, I could smell him. It was a good job that I wasn't overly thirsty. We changed path and still played our 'big bad wolf'' game.

It began to rain. The clouds covered the sky like a big, grey blanket. It began to grow cold and tiny spits of rain landed on my ringlets.

I heard the gun fire. All the birds left their nest and flew in a tizzy. I turned around to see the giant wolf collapsed on the ground.


The bullet had entered his heart. Unlike most of my family, I have never been to medical school, but it didn't take a genius to know he was dying. I couldn't believe it was Jacob, my Jacob- the strong and powerful werewolf. Werewolves are almost as indestructible as vampires, but their only weak spot is the area around the heart.

The hunter approached me.

"Ma'am are you alright? You were running mighty fast from that wolf. Man, I have never seen one that big!" said the man.

I hated him.


"Miss, I was only trying to protect you," he answered.

"HE WAS MY FRIEND!" I yelled through sobs.

The hunter approached me to put his arm around me.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" I shrieked, pushing him away. I was trying not to use my vampire strength but even so he fell to the ground. He looked at me, shocked, and scampered away.

Jacob was dying. He phased back into a human form.

"N...ness," he stuttered.

"Shh, Jacob. It'll be okay," I said, trying to hide my tears.

"I love you," he murmured.

"I knew that already, I love you too," I smiled.

His eyes fluttered shut. His chest rose and fell one last time. His skin grew cold.

Alice wouldn't have seen it. We're too far away from Daddy for him to hear our thoughts. I would have to break to news to them myself.

I cried and cried on my own in the forest, with Jacob's bled out body beside me.