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Mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes.

Mistakes are small, that are not such a pain.

And mistakes are big, that are a huge burden of guilt.

When I made my first big mistake, I wasn't living so I could fix it, like people would usually do.

I was living so I could die.

Fairy Tail Academy. A normal high school with popularities and shy students, smart ones and stupid ones. It was an academy where you were learning and had fun. Every day was something new and there wasn't any moment you would get bored. You had great friends that you can spent time with and you had a purpose every day.

Natsu Draganeel, the most shy kid that everybody ever saw, appeared to have a crush on Lucy Heartfilia, the kind, beautiful, sweet popularity of the whole high school.

Natsu was trying to do something, but he was to shy to make any move. When he accidentally met her on the hall, she smiled at him so sweetly, not knowing anything, that it made him faint. She got scared and called a nurse. At the nursery, she stayed with him the whole time. When he woke up, she smiled and sighed with relief.

''Are you all right?'', she asked him.

''A…I…Um..w…le…'', he said blushing like crazy, not being able to say anything.

''Huh? What's wrong?'', she said not knowing about his shyness.

''Than…thank…y-you…'', he said low. Lucy barely heard him.

''Oh, but for what? I just called a nurse because you fainted. Are you OK now? Was it because you didn't eat or something?''


''Are you sure you are OK? You can barely speak.''

Natsu bit his lower lip and closed his eyes tight. He said as loud as he could, and that meant like the normal speaking, thinking this was the perfect moment to confess:

''I…I like you very much, Lucy Heartfilia! Will you go on a date with me?'', he managed to say, then he felt a little dizzy, being about to faint again.

Lucy blushed, but then she smiled kindly and said giggling:

''So this is what it all was about! You were acting strange because you like me? You are such a nice guy…um…''


''…Natsu. I saw you a kind-hearted guy with the others. I may not share your feelings…but I'd love to go on a date with you!'', she said with a wonderful smile on her beautiful face, making the boy blush even harder. His face lit up and he also smiled happily.

''Thank you…'', he said wanting to jump with joy.

''Can you pick me up tomorrow at 7?''

''S-Sure. Um…I…I never did this kind of things before, so I… I probably…''

''It's OK, Natsu! If you want, I can pick you up.'', she said giggling again.

''B-But that is a boy's jo..ob, isn't…it?''

''We can make an exception this time…''

''That would…probably …be better.'', he said embarrassed of himself.

Lucy smiled wonderfully and then left the room.

Natsu was still sitting on the nursery bed. He was thinking.

Then he smiled.

Lucy told her friends everything that happened in the next break.

''As expected from our kind Lucy…'', Lissana said with a big smile on her face.

''Well, Natsu is a very cute guy, but he is so shy! Such a pity… he would have been the Fairy Tail's biggest bishie.'', Mira said.

''It's not a pity, I think he's cute like this.'', Lucy said blushing and smiling.

Erza took her chin between her fingers and looked in her eyes with a prince's smile.

''Lucy…you know if he does anything to you I'll kick his ass, don't you? Also good luck, he's a hard one. Because he's to shy.''

''My dear Erza, I'll be all right.'', Lucy said giggling and putting her friend's hand away.

''Lucy…'', the sweet voice of Levy's sounded near. ''You'll be all right!''

''I know I'll be all right! What's wrong with you guys? It's just a date.'', Lucy said blushing again and still smiling.

''Huh? A date? Our sweet Lucy has a date?'', Gray said interested in the conversation.

''Could you not speak so loud, please, Gray?''

''That's right, Gray. It's supposed to be a secret…'', Juvia whispered smiling devilry and winking at the guy.

He got the message and screamed:

''So who are you going to a date with, Lucy?''

''JUVIA!'', Lucy said to the laughing girl.

''HEEEE? Lu-chan is going on a date?'', could be heard all over the class.

''So who is the lucky he?'', Gray said curious. ''Or lucky she, who knows?''

''Of course it's a he! But I'm not going to tell you, because then everybody will know.''

''HEE? But it's Juvia's fault!''

''No, it's not Juvia's fault!'', Juvia said angry. ''You bastard, do you want to pick up a fight for blaming Juvia?''

''But Juvia, it is your fault. Look what you've done, Lulu-chi in now mad and soon all the school will found out that she is going on a date with Natsu Draganeel.

''How did you know?'', Lucy said curious.

''Lucy…Natsu has a crush on you since the second grade from school… But I didn't really think the brat would actually be able to make a move on you. He's just to shy…''

''Poor guy…must have been really hard for him all these years.'', Evengreen said not so interested in the conversation.

''OKOKOK! Enough!'', Lucy shout really blushing. ''The break is over and I am not going to talk about this all day.''

When the teacher entered the class and sat down, Gray said ''Hey teacher, did you know Lucy is going on a date with Natsu Draganeel?". However Erza made him feel sorry for what he just did. But as he and Juvia said later, it sure was worth Lucy's face.

The following day, at 7 o'clock, Lucy, in a cute black T-shirt and short jeans, knocked at Natsu's door.

He slowly opened the door, his face being all red.

''Hi! Lucy said with a smile on her face. ''Are you ready?''

''Um… yeah I guess.''

''Aww, come on! You don't have to be shy! Let's have fun.


''So…Where are we going first?''

''I was thinking about an amusement park, what do you say?''

''Sounds great! Wanna go to the Magic Show first?''

''Yeah, sure.''

The two had a lot of fun, saw amazing that they had no idea how were done. The next place they went was the Water Chute, were they really got wet. Natsu gave Lucy his coat, cause she was cold, saying:

''Um…what about we now go to the Haunted House?''

''Eh? Aren't you going to be scared?'', Lucy bantered him with a smile on her face.

''If I am a little shy…that doesn't mean I am a scared kitty…'', Natsu said blushing.

''A little?'', Lucy laughed. ''However, let's go! I've never been to one.''

''Yeah…Neither did I, that's why I want to try it.''

They took their places and felt how they were starting to move into the dark. Creepy sounds could be heard and suddenly a skeleton jumped on Lucy's face. She screamed and then started to laugh along with Natsu. They both were scared many times, but after a while, the little car stopped almost throwing them away. Lucy kept quiet and so did Natsu.

''It's part of the show, right?'', she said after a while a little scared. She couldn't see anything there, in the dark.

''I guess…'', Natsu said completely calm.

''You sure aren't a scared kitty.''

''Huh? Why? Are you scared?''

''Of course I am you silly! What if there is no show in this, what if we can't get out of here?''

''Don't worry…'', Natsu said with a shy voice. ''I…um…I am here…"

''And what are you going to do? Hold me?'', Lucy said trying to look tough and to say something funny.

''Well…um…if t-that makes you feel better…''

''I was joking, it's OK. We don't have to be that lovely-dovely.'', she said laughing.

''Tell me a joke. That would make you feel better.''

''I told you. I am OK. I mean, yeah, I'm scared, but it'll be all right…right?''

They both flinched when the little car moved, but it started to spin in circles.

''What's happening?'', Lucy said.


Finally, after a while everything turned back to normal. And the vehicle went straight forward. Then, something caught Lucy from her waist and wanted to push her toward Natsu, so she ended up hurt in the edge of his chair. Natsu screamed in surprise and she screamed as well. Something else caught her hair and pulled it toward her back. She was forced to let her head fall back. Then she felt something wet on her neck and something scratching her cheek and blood coming out. Everything hurt her and she was very scared while she screamed. She had something heavy on her knees and it all felt like she was bullied or something. But she also felt Natsu's arms trying to help her get rid of whatever that was. Suddenly, they saw light and they realized they were approaching the end.

It was over. Lucy was still hurt, feeling pain all over her body. Natsu took her hand and they got out of that place. They wert to a bathroom, dodging the curious looks of the people around. He closed the door and went near Lucy, who was wiping away the blood she had on her cheek.

''Are you all right?'', he asked fast.

"I don't know what happened back there, but it sure wasn't part of the show. I really thought it would be fun.''

''I'm sorry… It was… my idea. Oh, damn it. It's my… fault…'', he said feeling very guilty.

''Calm down, you have nothing to do with it.'', she said smiling at him. ''I had a great time, but I think I should go home now, OK? I don't want people to stare at me. I mean…look at my hair.'', she smiled sadly taking her hair in her hand and looking at it.

''Let me… take you there…'', Natsu said shyly again.

''Yes, I'd love that.''

The sun already set, now it was dark. The two were walking toward Lucy's apartment. They went through a strait street where there was nobody. They had to go down some stairs, but the shy Natsu tripped and fell, accidentally dragging the girl with him. When she opened her eyes, he was underpinned only on his forearm above her shoulders…on her. She blushed really hard. She immediately thought he would apologize until his mouth hurt, like he always used to, so she said fast, wanting to comfort him:

''Ouch…I'm sorry. I guess I tripped and dragged you with me. It's… it's my fault, please forgive me…he, he…'', she said embarrassed she had to do this, but her kind heart told her to do so. She was about to raise in her elbows, so she can stand up. But she couldn't do so, because Natsu wasn't moving at all. He stared in her eyes with his whole face changed and with no scent of blush in his cheeks. Now Lucy was starting to feel uncomfortable. She suddenly froze as she saw him closing slowly the distance between them with the most serious face she had ever seen. She put her hand on his forehead saying:

''Natsu…? Are you all right? Do you have a fever or something?'', she said but also because she wanted to push his further from her face.

He didn't say anything. He just kept on getting closer to her. But in stead of aiming her lips, he went down to her neck. His tongue came out and started to move on her white skin.

Lucy's heart was beating like crazy. She didn't know what to do. She tried to push him, but in was like a kitty was pushing a dinosaur. He didn't even feel her hands. She tried not to panic, but her voice told how scared she was,

''N-Natsu…? What are you doing…? Please get off me…''

She heard his breathing in her ear.

''Lucy…'', he whispered. ''Let me tell you a secret…''

Lucy, now, as she obviously realized his voice was so changed, she was making huge efforts to push him. He got even closer to her ear. She felt his lips tickling her.

''It was me in the Haunted House…'', he whispered.

Lucy froze once more. Her eyes widened. Then she felt her neck pierced by two teeth and her blood was forced out. She struggled and screamed whit pain and calling for help. But nobody heard her. She was slowly feeling tired and her look got foggy. She still felt his heavy body and his lips on her neck. He had blood all over his mouth and on her neck there was also little fuzzes of blood. She was breathing lowlier, he could feel that, and she could feel and hear his gulps under her ear.

After like a half of hour or even more, Lucy's eyes closed. She was barely breathing.

Because…she was just ''kissed'' by a vampire.