Chapter 7 – The Play

Reminder : Mori is the Prince while Robert is the Princess and Ueki is the Lady.

The three of them are already at the school's hall, preparing to rehearse.

"Huh, I hate acting…" Ueki sighed.

"Yeah Ueki, I forgot to ask you something." Mori said.
"About what?" He asked.

"What… Did you write on the blank zai?" She said.

Ueki just grinned. "Secret." He said.
Mori is obviously annoyed and still forces him to spit it out.

"Yah you! Just tell me already! I have the right to know!" Mori shouted while grabbing his collar.

"Hey, you three!" The teacher called while rushing to them.

"Is something wrong?" Mori asked.
"No, nothing. It's just that, I want you guys to take this script and read it in 10 minutes. We're going to rehearse it until part B." The teacher said.

"Okay…" Mori and Ueki said.

"I... Hate this…" Robert complains.

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it anyway." Ueki said.

The three of them began reading it and rehearsing it. Unexpectedly, Robert is good in becoming the Princess. Everyone is surprised at his talents. Maybe that's the talent he got from beating BJ long time ago? Haha!

"Huh… That was tiring…" Mori sighed after the rehearsal ended.
"Ah, we have to get back to class, now." Ueki said.
"Yeah, whatever." She said.

The three of them head to their class to continue their studies.

The time passes by so quickly and it's just a day before the play. It was 4.30 and they had a curricular activity. With Mori being in a different activity as they are, Mori head to the class first.

"Huh…" Mori sighed. "Today's Netball training is really harsh… But at least I can rest for tomorrow. Teacher is being inconsiderate! Hmppph!"
She glanced over Ueki's desk

"Eh?" She looked at Ueki's desk. There's something hanging onto his bag.
She went take a closer look of his bag.

"This… This is the blank zai?" She said. "The talent to reunite…"
She smiled. "That is so like Ueki… He wished for this?"

"But how dare he didn't tell me about it!" She suddenly becomes angry.
"Huh… Whatever!" She cools down a bit.
She is still proud of Ueki. A while later, she goes back home with a happy smile on her face.

The Next Day

"Kyaaa!" The girls screamed in awe of Mori.
"W-what?" Mori seems displeased. It seems all the girls are fangirling over her.

Mori had to tie her hair and become manly and she wears her assigned clothes. "Eh… I am uncomfortable with this, though." She said.

"Wow, Robert. That fits you!" A girl said.

"Yeah, Robert. You look… Uhh... Beautiful?" Ueki said.
Upon hearing their voices, Mori heads to where they are.

Mori was amazed at how Robert and Ueki are dressed. She began to giggle. Seeing how the two are dressed, it seems funny.

"What are you laughing at, glasses?" Robert said.
"H-hey! I'm not GLASSES! I'm MORI AI! MORI AI! BTW, I'm not wearing them today!" She said.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen…" The MC began.
"Ah, it started." Ueki said. "Well, good luck, you guys! I'll be going, then!" He left as he is getting ready for his role at the other side of the stage.

"No problem!" Mori said confidently. "The problem here is Robert!" She said.

"?" Robert said.

"The important role here is you! Don't you get it?! Cast away your ego and act like a princess, GET THAT?!" Mori told him.

"It's none of your business, glasses." He replied.
"Urghhh! Shut up!" Mori exclaimed.

Upon calming herself, Mori seems to notice something.
"Eh, is that Ueki over there?" Mori sensed something fishy.
"Yeah, why?" Robert said.
"No, nothing." Mori said.

Mori's POV

Weird. I think I saw someone taller than Ueki wearing the same dress. I couldn't identify him because he was so far away and he had a mask on. Perhaps I was thinking too much…
Yeah, that's just my imagination!
I hope so…

Ueki's POV

(Ueki is sitting on a couch in the dressing room alone, as his role will appear a little sooner. He noticed something weird at the door. Yup, he saw someone who looked the same as him but didn't sense anything fishy. -_-|||)

Ahhh… So relaxing…

Shirayuki! Give me the crystal! Eh! Ehem, ehem! Shira- no, SHIRAYUKI!
Hmmm, sounds good enough. 'Satisfied Ueki' (Practicing for the play.)

Normal POV

*Knock knock (A knocking sound can be heard from the opened door.)
Awh c'mon, you can still knock on an open door.

"Who's there?" Ueki said.

"Ummm… C-Could I ask you something, Ueki-senpai?" A shy girl entered the room. She looked as if she was 9 years old. She looked a little like Memory but her hair is longer. Still, Memory is much prettier. XD

"Um, sure!" Ueki smiled. "Before that, what's your name?" He stands up and walked closer to the girl.

"Name?" She asked.

"Yup! People called you that, no?" He said.

"Name… I don't remember my name…" She said.

"This girl is weird." Ueki thought.
"Ah well, what is it that you wanna ask?" He smiled.

"Ummm… That… Eh, Wait! Wait Wait… Ah! I was thinking if…" She said.

"Yeah?" Ueki said smiling.

"If I could… Take away your EXISTENCE." She said with a creepy smile on her face.

"Huh?" Ueki moved a little backwards.
By that time he realized that something was about to attack him from behind and he dodged it as fast as he could.

The 'thing' that attacked him was…


"This is troublesome," He said. "Looks like you're a power user, too."

She smiled.
"As expected as Ueki Kousuke, the owner of the Blank Zai." She said.

Ueki stands up and remains calm while glaring sharply straight to her eyes.

"Here, here. There's no need to glare sharply at me. I don't like that eyes of yours." She said smiling. "So as you know, my age is older than you even if I look like this, though."

"Enough with your babbling!" Ueki said. "My role is coming. It's time for me to go get ready. I don't have time to mess with you."

"I'm afraid you don't have to act as the Lady," She said. "Because… There is already a REPLACEMENT for you." She grinned.

Ueki was surprised. "That means, the person I saw just now was…"

"Yup, the replacement. Now then, without further a due, let's destroy your existence" She said.

On the Stage

The red curtains were raised. Spotlights with colourful colours brightening up the stage. The colourful spotlight that makes it seems to be like a kaleidoscope amazed everyone. As soon as footsteps are heard, the spotlight that used to be colourful becomes a white spotlight which only focuses to a certain small places.
Note: Italic handwriting shows that they were acting at that particular time.
Shirayuki – Princess – Robert
Zen – Prince – Mori
Ryuuka – Lady - Ueki

Footsteps are heard. A woman walks on the stage and it seems as she was shivering. The backdrop shows a full moon surrounded by beautiful glittering stars. Her dress that was decorated with shiny crystals could clearly tell us that she's from a wealthy family.

"The weather sure is cold today…" She, no Robert said. "Hmphh! Whatever! That does not bother me at all! My will to see the beautiful full moon still surpasses this damned weather!" He acted it perfectly, though.

"OMG! Why the hell did he let go of his bad word?" Mori whispers in a strict tone in the left wing of the stage.

Robert continued on acting, and everyone was just amazed at how talented he was in acting. Who would've known that he can act so well? XD
He acted and it's time for Mori, Zen the Prince to show up.

"My, my~ our cute little princess is still so lively even at night." Mori came in the stage while pushing her front hair upwards meaning to show that she looks manly in this scene, remember she should be a Prince in this play.

Robert sighed, "It's you again. What is it this time?" He said.

"Don't be so cold, Shirayuki-sama! I came with a good intention!" She said.

"You're talking about the marriage again?" He said with an annoyed face.

"Ermmm… Kinda. Just as expected of my future wife!" She teased.
"There's no need to rush, you have plenty of time."
"One week, that is." She smiled.

Mori steps closer towards Robert and goes behind him as if she was about to say something when a woman comes in from one of the stage's wings.

"Now now, what a lovely couple you guys are... Didn't your parents teach you to sleep early everyday?" She, no he said. Secretly, he brought a few small, long rectangular-shaped papers that have been cut into several pieces with him in his clenching fist.

"Lightning Lady?" Mori whispered.
Of course, Robert heard her.

"Oi! Ueki, it's still early to show up! What are you doing?" The students from both sides of the wings whisper to him. Of course, it is not Ueki; it is the 'replacement'.

The Lady just smiled not caring about the surrounding. "Shirayuki-sama, Zen-sama, I have something to discuss about with you guys."

Mori is confused, since Ueki's part is still a scene after this. Robert remains calm, however.

"What is it that you want to talk about, Ryuuka-sama?" Robert said spontaneously.

The guy didn't say a word. Instead, he lift his right arm and murmured, "The power to change papers into-"


Chapter 7

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