Chapter 8 – The Final Battle

I'm sure you're not really looking forward to this story, but I decide to just continue this story and put it to an end.
Whatever, I'm sorry that I haven't updated this story for like, more than a month O.O
I decided that for my next fanfic I will do a one-shot story or whatsoever :)

Note: Sorry this story will be a little bit longer so I will to TRY to end it in Chapter 9.

Preview for the last chapter:

The Lady just smiled not caring about the surrounding. "Shirayuki-sama, Zen-sama, I have something to discuss about with you guys."

Mori looks confused; of course, since Ueki's part is still a scene after this. Robert remains calm, however.

"What is it that you want to talk about, Ryuuka-sama?" Robert said spontaneously.

The guy didn't say a word. Instead, he lift his right arm and murmured, "The power to change papers into-"


"AAAHHH!" The spectators shouted and quickly left the scene through the exit door as soon as they heard the loud and big explosion from the stage.

The crews from both sides of the wings panic and also leaves the scene. Some of them even stumble on the way to exit the scene.

Meanwhile, Ueki...

Preview of the last scene in case you've forgotten:

"This is troublesome," He said. "Looks like you're a power user, too."

She smiled.
"As expected as Ueki Kousuke, the owner of the Blank Zai."

Ueki stands up and remains calm while glaring sharply straight to her eyes.

"Here, here. There's no need to glare sharply at me. I don't like that eyes of yours." She said smiling. "So as you know, my age is older than you even if I look like this, though."

"Enough with your babbling!" Ueki said. "My role is coming. It's time for me to go get ready. I don't have time to mess with you."

"I'm afraid you don't have to act as the Lady," She said. "Because… There is already a REPLACEMENT for you." She grinned evilly.

Ueki was surprised. "That means, the person I saw just now was…"

"Yup, the replacement. Now then, without further a due..
Let's destroy your existence" She smiled creepily.

Ueki faces off the girl from before.

"What is it you want?" Ueki asked.

"I already told you, didn't I?" She said with a serious face. It seems that she doesn't want to play around anymore. She wanted to finish Ueki as soon as possible.

"What benefit will you gain from destroying me?" He said.

The girl became silent for a few seconds and said,
"You haven't heard anything from the new God?"

"New God?"


"Wanko? Whatever, the new God Inumaru had set a new rules." She said.
"Whoever knocks down the holder of the current blank zai will gain a new blank zai."

Ueki was surprised, he never knew Wanko will set a new rules. He knows that something is wrong.

"Now, allow me to defeat the holder of the current blank zai!" She said.


Right now both of them heard the explosion, BOOOMMM! (LOL)

Ueki was surprised.
The girl confidently said, "Looks like he made it."

"Huh?" His eyes aiming at the girl.

She smiled. "That explosion was meant to knock down your friends, Ai Mori and Robert Haydn."

"Mori! Robert! I'm COMING!" He shouted wanting to flee saving his friends.

"Not so fast! Deal with me first!" She stopped him.
Ueki had no choice but to stop.

"I haven't introduced myself do I? As a parting gift, I will let you know my name."


"The power to change marble into weapons!" She summoned her power right away.(?)
She takes out a lot of marbles from nowhere and aimed at Ueki.

"I have no time to deal with you! Get out of my way!" He said still wanting to go and help his friends.

"Not a chance!"
She throws her marble towards Ueki and the marble changes into a bunch of dangerous weapon (Knives, 'shuriken', swords, dagger and etc.)

Ueki dodged it easily and flies in the air.
Note: The ceiling is high... XD

The weapons, of course, missed and stabbed the floors. (Sorry I don't know how to say it, but I'm sure you know what happened, at least...)

Without waiting, he started to attack her while she is off-guard.

"PICK!" Ueki shouts.

She clearly heard that and rushes to get one of the weapons on the floor. She quickly grabbed a strong large marble steel scythe and uses it to block his attack. The scythe was indeed tough. (?)

"Damn... If only I have recovered completely and could use all my sacred treasures, I would have already finished up this girl a while ago..." Ueki regrets not able to help his friends.

Ueki stopped his attack and landed on the floor. The girl is tired after blocking that powerful attack. She felt stupid after thinking of why she didn't just dodge it.

Up until now, Ueki still doesn't know that he can already use up until the 8-star Sacred Treasure, Namihana istead of the 6-star Sacred Treasure, Raika.

Ueki glances over the room.(?)
Suddenly, he realize something...

'The Entire Floor is Made Out of Marble'

Meanwhile, just right after the explosion, Robert and Mori...

Dark and thick smoke covers up the stage area. (?)
The auditorium/hall seat is empty because all the spectators had gone out to escape from danger.

Bubble of different sizes suddenly went flying around the stage.

"Don't underestimate me, scum." Robert said while giving his creepy grin. (The grin he gave when he first met Ueki)

The smoke then started to disappear.
The Lady, or attacker was surprised. He thought he could finish them up just with that powerful blow.

Robert is in his bubble, spreading his arm to both sides. (?)

"My ideal, is to make it powerful that nothing can destroy this bubble except me," he said.

Mori is seen to be squatting down behind Robert, in the bubble while putting her hand on her head, eventually scared.

Robert released his power, and landed on the stage alongside Mori.

"N-no way!" The guy said.

"The power to change papers into-" He started to summon his power.

But his powers is easily stopped by Robert.

"Lame." Robert said while taking out his Sacred Treasure, Namihana to stop his attack. Robert whipped the guy (I decided to name this guy, Ron,lol) in his hand so that he can't use the paper.

"Your limit must be that we have to close our eyes to use your power!" Mori points it out of nowhere.


"I didn't even close my eyes." Robert said.

Mori's false statement had made her really embarrassed and she crouched down in a corner, depressed.

"Whatever, you can just crouch there for as long as you want." Robert said.

"Shut up! I am right here and you guys are starting your stupid conversation." Ron said.

"Fine. I will end this fight as soon as possible." He said.

Mori's POV

"Wait..." Mori thought.
"If I just crouch like this,
that means I am a useless person..."
"Robert... He's fighting alone."
"Ueki is nowhere to be found either."

She looked behind her and saw Robert fighting alone.
"In the end, I'm always the useless person." She started to think that she is actually a stupid fool that always depend on others.

"No! It can't be like this. I must help. Help my friends and not crouching here depending on them." She stands and started to regain her confidence.

Suddenly, something very fast is heading towards Ron and Robert. Robert realize it and quickly move next to Mori, eventually taking out his Fudou.

"Fudou!" He said.

Another explosion occurred, but this time the smoke was kind of colourful.

"DAMN! Where the hell does this explosion came from!" Ron complains having only his hands as his barrier.

"Are you okay, Mori-san, Robert?" A soft voice is heard.

Robert released his Fudou.
The two can see a person standing behind the smoke.

"Rinko!" Mori shouts. She was delighted.

"Hm! Another competitor!" Ron said.
"It's fine." He remained calm.

"The more the merrier." He said with a sharp eyes glaring at them.
"Playtime's over."

Chapter 8

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By the way, this is how they look like:

Ayato Naoi from Angel Beats!
At least both Naoi and Ueki's hair are green in colour BD

Alicia Melchiott from Senjou no Valkyria
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