(Because people using guest messages keep asking and I can't reply in other ways)

This isn't a new chapter, just a little announcement so people know what I'm doing, since I keep getting messages about why nothing's coming out. I tried to avoid it, but shit's taking longer than I thought so... I'm not sure if this is allowed, to be honest, but I can't think of another way that people here will see.

Anyway, this fic is NOT DEAD. I just want to say that up front. It will continue. However, consider it ON HIATUS.

Currently I'm editing again. I know I have an issue with doing this and taking forever. I'm at around chapter eighty in terms of re-editing (you can see some changes to early Simmons flashbacks and maybe some other things already) so need to tweak fifty more chapters. After that... I have to figure out how to fix everything post timeskip 2.

Thing is, I'm not exactly happy with the stuff post timeskip (some's good, some's just way off) and I have to edit anyway (goddammit Felix) so I just need to figure out the extent of the changes. At the very least, some definite changes to Felix and Locus, perhaps some different and more regular inclusions of other Chorus characters, probably some characterization fixes where fake!CT and Flowers are concerned, maybe try to find Grif a goddamn plot for once that doesn't involve being sad.

However, time is limited right now due to assignments and getting trapped writing a merman!AU over on the Shotgun's Lap kink meme. (Which should be done in the near future, I just digressed majorly. It's on Dreamwidth, it'll be up here once I finish up.) So I apologise, but stuff'll be slow for a bit.

Just posting this not-really chapter to let people know this isn't dead yet. I wish there was a better way of announcing this stuff, though. But I can't answer you guys going 'why no chapter' when you post as guests, so this is the best I can do. I'll take it down once updates are going proper again.

Sorry for the trouble, peeps. Hopefully this'll be the last long delay.