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Garbage Day


Stephanie's POV

There were days when I really needed to just stay in bed. Unfortunately, today happened to be one of those days. It'd been a while since I'd last rolled in garbage while chasing a skip, but it had been bound to happen again. Stupid, insufferable runners.

Now there I was, covered in someone's trash after chasing down Robert Owens. I looked down and saw the remains of an old spaghetti dinner, pieces of a salami sandwich, and a few unknown liquids that I didn't even want to begin to guess their origins.

I called Ranger, and when he answered in his customary way, I said, "Hi. Can you please bring me a change of clothes? I do not want to go into the cop shop looking like I do right now!"

He chuckled. "Yeah, Babe, I'll bring the Emergency Steph bag right over."

He hung up as I sputtered, "The Emergency Steph bag? What the hell is that?"

I stuck the skip in the car and sat down on the curb to wait for Ranger. A few minutes later, his Cayenne pulled up behind my Ford. He got out and walked toward me, carrying a small black bag.


I sighed. "Thanks, Ranger. Wonder who's going to win down at the cop shop today? I won't tell them about this, but you know how the stupid 'Burg gossip is. They'll all know I'm sitting here covered in this shit before I even get down there."

I took the bag back into Robert's house and changed clothes, getting as many pieces of spaghetti out of my hair as possible before going to the car to head to the police station and face the music. Stupid, insufferable FTAs and cops, anyway!