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It was late on Friday evening and Lilly Rush was putting another cold case to rest. This particular case had been pretty intense and she had had very little sleep over the past seven days and it was finally catching up with her. She was looking forward to finally getting some rest at the weekend now that this one had finally been solved. Holding the box under one arm she climbed the ladder to place it on the shelf. She stopped midway, feeling slightly dizzy. I really need to get some sleep. She thought to herself. Once her head had stopped spinning she continued to climb. She placed the box on the shelf and began to climb back down. Again she felt the room begin to spin. She stopped, holding onto the ladder in an attempt to steady herself. She slowly climbed down the last 2 rungs but the dizziness got the better of her and she missed the last rung and fell onto the floor.

At that moment her partner Scotty Valens was headed her way. "Hey Lil, we're all gonna head down to Jones' you wanna come…." He froze when he saw her on the floor, clutching at her ankle. "Lil! Are you okay? What happened?" he asked, rushing over to her, concern on his face.

"I don't know, one minute I was climbing down the ladder, the next I'm on the floor." She winced in pain, "think I sprained it." She told him, indicating her ankle.

"Looks swollen," Scotty observed, "we'd better get that looked at, make sure it ain't broken. Can you stand?"

"I think so," she told him. He supported her with his arms as she attempted to stand up.

"Here lean on me,"

Lilly tried but she couldn't muster the strength to stand up and collapsed back onto the floor, letting out a little cry of pain. "I don't feel so good." She told him, "weak."

Scotty reached out to her and placed a hand on her forehead. She was burning up. He knew there was only one thing to do and before she could say anything to protest, he scooped her up gently in his arms.

"Scotty what are you doing?"

"We need to get you to a doctor, don't argue Lil."

Lilly gave up and let Scotty carry her out.

Once they reached the bullpen, Scotty set her down on her desk chair. He put his hand on her forehead again. "You're slightly warm Lil; think you may have a fever."

"I'm fine, Scotty," she began. "Just need to get some sleep."

"No Lil, you ain't. Let me take you to the hospital."

"You're not carrying me out of the building!" She told him in no uncertain terms and Scotty couldn't help the little smile that crept up on his face. "If you can get me some ice it will help with the swelling. Think I might be able to walk a little then."

Scotty went into the break room and came back with a bunch of ice wrapped up in a tea towel. He gingerly applied it to Lilly's ankle, a feeling that she found strangely comforting. She felt annoyed at herself for letting this happen and felt even more annoyed that Scotty had found her like that.

A couple of minutes later Lilly was feeling a little better. "Think I can try to stand again," she told him.

Scotty helped her up, letting her put as much weight on him as she needed. She gingerly got to her feet.

"Careful," he told her, protectively.

She took a few steps forward and then collapsed against Scotty. "Damn!" she cursed and tried again.

"Maybe this ain't gonna work?" Scotty said.

"I can do this!" Lilly stubbornly insisted.

"Lil, you're in pain and you feel weak…"

"You're not carrying me out of the building Scotty. I don't want to make a fuss, let's just go." With that she took another step forward, supported by Scotty. They made it to the elevator and took it to the ground floor.

"Wait here til I bring my car around," Scotty told her as he guided her to a nearby chair. "I won't be long."

Lilly nodded and watched him as he hurried off. He can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but he's a good guy. She thought and smiled to herself, grateful.

It was Saturday morning and Lilly had just woken up on her couch. They had given her paracetamol for her fever and crutches and told her to keep off that foot so she decided it would be best to just sleep on the couch that night. After about five minutes there was a knock at the door. Lilly slowly got up off the couch and walked towards the door. "Scotty!" she said, surprised to see her partner there so early in the day.

"Hey Lil," Scotty began, "thought I'd drop by and see how you're doin'."

Lilly let him come inside and they both sat down.

"I brought some food, didn't know if you were feeling up to cooking today. How are you feeling?"

"Better," she said.

Scotty moved his hand to her forehead, "you still feel a little warm. You rest here, I'll go fix you some breakfast." He told her and before she could argue he got up and made his way to the kitchen.

Lilly, didn't realise that she had fallen asleep again until the smell of bacon and eggs roused brought 2 plates over and put them on her coffee table. She smiled and her stomach growled. She hadn't realised how hungry she was either. "mmm smells good! I'm starving."

Scotty smiled broadly and helped her to sit up. If she was hungry, that was a good sign.

Lilly was about to brush him off but something in his smile just made her want him to help her. She felt something stir in her, an unfamiliar feeling, she couldn't place it but she knew she liked it.

As they ate, they talked about various things, with Scotty making a few jokes along the way. Lilly always thought Scotty had a good sense of humour, and couldn't help but laugh at his jokes.

Scotty felt a sense of warmth spread through him at the sound of Lilly's laughter. He didn't know what it was about her laughing that made him feel…he didn't know how to describe it but it made him happy.

Once they had finished their breakfast Scotty gathered up the plates and went into the kitchen. Lilly leant against the door frame and watched as he did the washing up. "You know you don't have to do this," she told him.

"I want to help," he turned around. "And you should be resting,"

"I am resting." She explained. "You haven't let me lift a finger since you got here."

Scotty smiled as he dried his hands.

"Thought we could hang out for a while?"

Lilly smiled, knowing he was worried about her. She knew she should just tell him she was okay but today she found that she didn't want to be alone and she was really enjoying his company. "Sure,"

Scotty helped Lilly over to the couch and they sat facing each other. There was a few seconds silence that neither of them felt awkward about before Lilly spoke. "So how's work? We get a new case?"

Scotty smiled. "You always think about the job?" he asked, but kind of knew the answer already.

Lilly blushed, she didn't know why, just something in his eyes, she felt as if he saw right through her and that made her feel vulnerable. She didn't know how he did that to her.

"Sorry," she whispered.

"Everyone misses you," he smiled. "it really aint the same without you," He meant that. He didn't know when it had happened but he really enjoyed having her around at work, but not just at work, he was starting to realise.

He looked at her, taking her in with his eyes. "So, tell me, what do you do for fun Lilly Rush?"

Lilly was slightly taken aback by the tone of his voice – was he flirting with her? No, it couldn't be. This was Scotty, her partner, her best friend. They didn't have that kind of relationship, did they? If she was honest with herself she didn't really know what kind of relationship they had. They had gotten closer over the past few months. She wanted to give him a witty comeback but all that came out of her mouth was "what?"

Scotty smiled, "what do you do for fun? You know to relax?"

Lilly paused, trying to think. "I read, go out sometimes, watch a bit of TV, you know, usual thing."

Scotty stared at her, smiling a llittle.

"What?" Lilly asked.

"Nothing," Scotty replied, still grinning. "It's just that I guess I've always pictured you sitting here with a case file,"

Lilly couldn't blame him for thinking that, she loved her job and was dedicated to giving the victims the justice they deserve and their families some kind of peace.

"Tell you what, how about when you're feeling better, you and I go out someplace?"

Lilly looked surprised, was he asking her out?

Scotty quickly realised how he had sounded and added, "I ain't hittin' on ya or nothin' I just thought we could hang out?"

Lilly smiled as she could see that he was starting to blush, he looked kinda cute when he blushed.

"Sure Scotty, you're on."

They continued to talk for another 20 or so minutes and then Lilly started to feel dizzy again. "Lil?" Scotty asked concerned, "you okay?"

"Just feel a little faint is all," she told him.

Scotty took her in his arms and gently rested her against his chest. She felt too weak to resist and secretly enjoyed all the attention and care he was giving her. He held her like that against him, and took her hands in his. They stayed like that for the rest of the morning, Lilly slowly drifted off to sleep again. Scotty just sat there, peacefully reflecting on their relationship with one another. It was definitely not one of just partners; they were good friends but not quiet lovers. It was something undefined. A closeness and understanding they shared, an unspoken trust. He was usually not comfortable with things he couldn't categorise but this felt different, he felt at ease and somehow and he knew Lilly felt the same. He looked at Lilly fast asleep in his arms, a small smile on her face as if she felt safe there. He sighed quietly, contentedly and swore to himself that he would keep her safe at all costs.