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Lilly awoke the next morning feeling well rested. As her eyes slowly opened they were greeted by the bright sunlight streaming through the window. She felt a warm body behind her, an arm draped over her stomach, and she smiled contentedly as memories of the previous night came back to her. Carefully, she turned around to face the man who lay beside her but when she did, she saw that he was already awake.

"Morning," Scotty said as he smiled at her.

"Morning," she replied and found a similar smile creeping up on her face as she realised that he had been watching her sleep.

He moved his hand up to her face and tenderly brushed a lock of hair away from her eyes. "You know, I don't think I'm ever gonna get used to this." He looked into her blue eyes, "do you know how beautiful you are Lilly Rush?"

She snuggled closer and curled her arm around him, softly stroking his back. "And you Scotty Valens…." She nuzzled his nose with hers, "are.." she said in between kisses, "an… amazing…. guy." Lilly rested her head on Scotty's chest and sighed. "I could just lie here all day."

Scotty grinned. "Just lie here?" He wrapped his arms around her and held her close, "I can think of something a little more fun to do!"

The passion burned in Lilly's eyes making them appear a darker shade of blue. "Oh yeah?" she asked, kissing his chest, her hands beginning to roam over his body.

"Here, let me show you." He seized her lips with his and the two became locked in an intense embrace, bodies intertwined, each feeling safe and comforted in the other's arms. All the years of pain and sorrow, melting away with warm tender caresses and loving kisses.

Just then, Lilly remembered it was Tuesday and they had to go to work. "Scotty.." she began, then moaned softly as he placed a trail of kisses from her neck to her breasts. "Scotty, we can't….do this now…" she struggled to get the words out.

Scotty giggled; pleased with the effect he was having on her as his hands moved to her butt.

"Got.. to go to….work" Lilly gasped as his mouth travelled southwards. "Scotty!" She reluctantly struggled out of his reach. She glanced at the clock on the nightstand. "We're going to be late. I have to go home and change."

Scotty stared at her naked body, which was only partially covered by the sheet and grinned. "Kinda like what you're wearing now!"

Lilly threw a pillow at him and laughed, then leaned into him again and stroked the side of his face before placing a soft lingering kiss on his lips. "Seriously, I have to go."

Scotty watched as she hurriedly got dressed and smiled at how cute she looked, "you know, you can always wear one of my shirts." He offered jokingly. Lilly glared playfully at him and Scotty laughed. Once fully dressed she sat down on the bed next to him and took his hand in hers, her eyes smiling with happiness when she told him, "I'm glad we decided to give this a try Scotty."

He squeezed her hand, relishing the newfound closeness they shared. "Me too."

She kissed him again and then stood up to leave. "I'll see you at work, handsome." She winked as she reached the doorframe.

"Better believe it, beautiful!" he replied and then sank back into the bed, already missing her.


By the time Scotty arrived at the precinct, Lilly was already there, hard at work. How the hell did she get here before me?He wondered.

He was greeted by John Stilman who had a worried expression on his face. "Hey, Scotty. How're you feeling?" He asked concerned.

"Good Boss. Ready to get back at it."

Stilman frowned, "are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, really. It's just a little bruising, that's all. Doc said I'll be back to normal in no time!" He gave him a confident smile.

Stilman nodded, "glad you're alright Scotty. But you're on desk duty till you're properly healed."

Scotty nodded reluctantly and then continued to his desk. He smiled to himself as he walked passed Lilly's desk. "Morning Lil," he greeted brightly.

"Morning Scotty." She replied casually, catching a whiff of his cologne as he walked passed which instantly brought back memories of the previous night. She tried her best to suppress a smile but was only partially successful.

"What's so amusing?" Kat Miller asked as she walked by.

Lilly looked up, startled out of her thoughts. "Uh nothing." She told her, fixing her Ice Queen expression firmly back on her face. "What have we got?" She asked, referring to the case file Miller was carrying.

"John Doe from eighty six. Jumped out of a four story window. A witness has just come forward with new evidence that it may have been a homicide. Vera and Jeffries are checkin' it out."

Upon hearing about the new case, Scotty walked over to join them. He stood just behind Lilly and rested his forearm on the back of her chair; the warmth of his body behind her caused goose bumps to form on her skin and it was all she could do to keep herself from leaning her head back into him. She realised then that keeping this relationship a secret would be more difficult than she imagined. She forced herself to concentrate on what Kat was saying, fighting off daydreams about taking her boyfriend into the break room and making out on the couch. She hadn't realised how much she desired Scotty until last night and now that door had been opened she found it difficult to think about anything else.


Things got a little quieter towards the evening and Stilman sent everyone home. As had become their routine now, Scotty waited for Lilly and the two of them walked out together. The chill of the evening air hit them as they left the building, causing Lilly to pull her coat tighter around her. Scotty waited until he was sure they couldn't be seen by anyone from work before putting his arm around her and pulling her closer to him in an attempt to keep her warm. Just as Lilly was about to turn in the direction of Scotty's car, he pulled her another way. She looked at him, confused. "Car's this way?"

"Thought we could take a walk?" He told her. "It's a nice evening."

Lilly smiled, "That's sounds great."

Scotty held her hand as the two of them strolled about the busy Philadelphia streets, joking about with each other, laughing, making small talk and stealing glances at each other every so often. Anything that had been bothering them seemed to have melted away and they both were surprised at how comfortable and easy it was to be with each other, how they just fit together. Neither had to pretend to be anything they weren't. They had known each other for so long, been through so much together that they understood each other so well.

When the evening grew colder, Scotty drove Lilly home. He parked his car outside her house and walked her to her door. There they stood, hand in hand, gazing into each other's eyes. "Is it just me or does this feel like a first date?" Lilly asked.

Scotty laughed. "You know, I guess this kinda was."

Lilly smiled, "then I guess it wouldn't be appropriate for me to kiss you now?" she teased.

He grinned, leaning into her and kissed her softly on her lips, then pulled back, and smiled, taking her in with his eyes and was amazed at how beautiful she looked in the moonlight.

"And I guess it would be really inappropriate for me to invite you in.." she said, unlocking the door. Scotty followed her inside, taking off his jacket as Lilly put the heating on. She felt him behind her as he reached around her waist and put his arms around her. Lilly settled into his touch, feeling the last bits of tension disappear. This was where she belonged, she felt. He turned her around to face him and within seconds, their lips were locked in a heated kiss, tongues caressing each other, hands undoing each other's clothes. They fell to the floor, onto the soft rug next to the heater and made love to each other twice, finally finding the comfort, security and passion they had sought for so long.

Afterwards, they sat together, peaceful, happy, cuddling on the sofa, both near to sleep. As Scotty's eyes began to drift closed, he realised that he hadn't felt this way about anyone since Elisa. As Lilly's eyes slowly closed, she found herself so very grateful that she finally had someone in her life whom she could trust. Someone she could let in her heart and know he wouldn't break it, because, she realised, that no matter how hard she had fought it, Scotty was in her heart, he had been for a while but she never realised it. That thought filled her with warmth as she wrapped her arms around him and they both fell asleep.