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Lilly was in the women's toilets at PPD splashing cold water on her face after getting mildly turned on by Scotty's kiss. Sure, it was an innocent gesture, but the way she had been feeling around him lately it could have turned into a whole lot more than just kissing! She looked up into the mirror and saw that her cheeks were still red despite her efforts. Lilly just didn't know how he did that to her.

She was drying her hands when she heard the door open and in walked Kat, an interrogative look on her face. "Hey Kat." Lilly greeted and was just about to walk out when Kat asked:

"You okay Lil?"

Lilly smiled, her face still flushed. "Yeah, I'm fine, please will you stop worrying."

Kat smiled sympathetically, "if it makes you feel better, I had it pretty bad too but it'll be over before you know it. Trust me."

"You know what the worst part is? How people start to treat you like you can't do anything for yourself!"

Kat nodded knowingly, "tell me about it! Men are the worst!"

Lilly rolled her eyes in agreement, "oh don't get me started!"

They both then, Kat had an idea. "Hey how about you, me, Nick and Scotty go out for dinner tonight? There this great place that's opened up in town that I've been wanting to check out."

Lilly thought for a minute, "tonight?"

"Yeah," Kat confirmed, "that's if you don't already have plans? You know, hot date or something?"

"No," Lilly said, almost too quickly, "no plans. Sure I'm in."

Kat smiled. Her plan was starting to take form. "Oh, could you also ask Scotty? He's a little tetchy with me today after our little disagreement this morning."

"Errr, okay. I'll ask him." Lilly paused, her curiosity getting the better of her, "what were you two arguing about anyway?"

"I bet him that he didn't have the nerve to ask Melissa Johnson out on a date."

Lilly felt her heart speed up just a little bit. "A..and what did he say?" she asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Gave me some crap about her not being his type. I mean come on, since when has a pretty brunette not been his type? I've seen her checking him out and I know he's noticed."

"Really?" Lilly could feel a tinge of jealousy begin to seep through.

"Yeah, you ask me, I think he's seeing someone on the sly."

Lilly began to feel her heart rate increase a bit more but maintained her calm demeanour. "You think so?"

"Whoever she is, she must be some amazing woman to make him turn down Melissa, I mean, half the guys around here want to go out with her."

Lilly felt her lips begin to curl up into a small, satisfied smile, which she fought to suppress lest it make Kat suspicious. "I should be getting back." Lilly told her and then turned around and opened the door.


Lilly walked out of the toilets and back into the bullpen, she wore a perplexed expression on her face as she tried her best to decipher the reason behind Kat's invitation. Lilly hardly ever spent time with her colleagues outside work except for First Thursdays, so why would Kat be asking her and Scotty now. She suddenly realised that it could be that she was going to announce that her and Nick were a couple. That was why he was coming too – they wanted to tell them together! It made sense to her now and she couldn't wait to tell Scotty. By the time she reached her desk she was so lost in thought that she didn't notice that everyone had gathered round outside Stilman's office while he briefed them on a new case that had come in. Slowly and as quietly as possible, she made her way to join them. Apparently, a local couple had found the remains of a three-year-old girl while out on a fishing trip with their kids. It turns out that this was the same little girl that went missing a year before but the case went cold very quickly as there were no real leads. After Stilman had finished talking, the rest of the squad went back to their desks to look over the file. Lilly quickly walked over to Scotty and whispered to him. "You were right about Kat and Nick. She just asked us to join her and Nick for dinner tonight. I think they're going to announce that they're together!"

"Hmmm. I knew it! So, are we going straight after work or later on?"

"She said to meet at seven." Lilly paused, "Why are you looking at me like that at?"

"Just wondering what you'll be wearin'." Scotty whispered, mentally undressing her.

"Scotty!" Lilly quietly chastised him.

"Sorry, I'll try to keep it professional, Detective Rush." He teased then winked at her.

"Thank you Detective Valens." Lilly replied in the same teasing tone.

"Besides, we don't wanna make it obvious, like those two." Scotty said, referring to Miller and Vera.

"That's another thing, when they tell us, try to act surprised." Lilly warned him.

"No problem, I'm good at hiding my feelings." Lilly did her best to stifle a laugh.

"I'm serious Scotty!" She said and then walked back to her desk.

"What?" Scotty asked her retreating form but got no answer.


They had been working hard all day on the new case and time passed by so quickly that before they knew it, it was already six thirty. Lilly glanced over to her partner's desk to see Scotty staring intently at a piece of paper, his head in his hands. A minute later, he let out a frustrated sigh and then got up and walked towards the break room. Lilly's attention then turned to Kat who was talking to someone on the phone. She didn't know who the caller was but they seemed to be making her frustrated. "Mr Caldwell, will you please calm down! I told you before we are doing the very best we can, but….no..that's not a very helpful suggestion!" and then she put the phone down and looked in Lilly's direction when she noticed her looking her way.

Lilly smiled, "who was that?"

"Jason Caldwell- kid's father." Kat replied, referring to the little girl that had been found.

"Sounded angry."

"He blames us for not doing enough the first time around. He just wants to put everything behind him; you'd think he'd be happy we're looking into his daughter's case again?"

"I guess it must be bringing up some memories he'd rather forget. Losing a child….must be the hardest thing in the world." Lilly's voice had grown quiet and she rubbed her forehead as the beginning of a headache started to take hold. She reached into her desk drawer and took out some painkillers.

Kat's face wore a look of concern as she walked over to Lilly. "You okay Lil?"

Lilly smiled, "yeah, I'm fine. This case…it's so frustrating."

Kat put a hand on Lilly's shoulder, "Why don't you go take a break?"

Lilly rubbed her eyes then sighed, "Sounds like a good idea." She stood up and began to walk out of the bullpen, and then stopped and asked "what time do you think Nick'll be back?"

"He called a while ago, said he and Will are on their way back from talking to the couple who found her."

Lilly nodded "I'm going to get some air." She then left the bullpen and headed for the elevators.


Lilly exited the doors to the building and breathed deeply, the cool evening air filling her lungs and helping to bring calm to her trouble mind. She sat down on a bench just outside. Her head began to pound slightly, and she closed her eyes in response and when she re-opened them, they began to fill with the smallest tears, which Lilly put down to the cold winter air. She sat there for a while, thinking about her life and how different things had been since she had let Scotty into it. He had become such a comforting and stabilising force in the short space of time that they had been together. She began to wonder why they didn't get together sooner.

Her thoughts were broken by the sound of Scotty's voice. "There you are Lil! We've been looking for you. Nick called, said he's going to meet us at the restaurant."

Lilly had been so caught up in thought that she hadn't realised how long she'd been sitting out there, or how cold it had become. "Geez Lil, you must be freezing!" He said as he wrapped her coat around her shivering body. He only just barely fought the urge to take her hands in his and warm them with his breath.

"You guys wait here till I bring the car around." Kat told them and then walked off towards the parking lot.

As soon as she was out of sight Scotty looked over to Lilly and said, "You okay Lil? You look kinda tired."

Lilly smiled, taking his hand and gave him a look that communicated all the tender feelings she had for him. "I'm fine Scotty."

"I'm kinda glad you didn't get a chance to change. It's hard enough trying to keep my hands off you as it is!" he said, grinning.

Lilly giggled, and then eyed him up and down. "Right back at ya Valens!" Scotty wiggled his eyebrows. "This should be an interesting evening!"

They let go of each other's hand as they heard Kat's car coming around the corner. "Ready?" Lilly asked.

"Ready." Scotty replied and with that the two of them got into the car and headed off to the restaurant.