Who Got It? Who Done It? and Who Got Smoked?

Based on Season 8. Warning: Adult situations and spankings


Laying over black leather Spanking Bench, bound and panties pulled in crack baring her ass for Silas's black leather round paddle.

The Spanking Bench

First, thought as Silas turned to his blonde

Now Alicia found herself lying on her back on a bench that was waist

high. Her wrists were shackled under the bench and her elbows were also strapped

together under the bench. A strap running across the hipbones pressed her hips

down on the bench. The girl's legs were bent back over her body, extended

straight out and spread painfully wide. Her ankles were shackled to bars that

rose at angles from the sides of the bench.

Fallon was bent over, her hips resting on a small

stool with a single leg that Kurt had fitted into a deep hole in the floor. A

thin leather strap ran from the bench over her back at the waist, cinching it

tightly to the bench. Her arms were behind her back, her elbows cinched by a

strap and her wrists cuffed together. The cuffs were linked to a chain that rose

up to the ceiling above and held Fallon's wrists far away from her back while

keeping her torso almost parallel to the floor.

Fallon's thighs were spread wide and held that way by a cuff around each

thigh just above the knee. These cuffs were attached to arms that extended out

from the stool's single leg. Each of Fallon's ankles was cuffed and the cuff

chained to a steel loop set into the floor. Each chain was a foot long, allowing

Fallon to move her feet a bit.

The position left Fallon with slight freedom of movement above the waist

and below the knees. But from her waist to her knees, Fallon was firmly

restrained so that no effort of hers could budge her up thrust ass or her

widespread thighs in the least. Fallon's shaven cunt lips and little pink

asshole were held immobile, helpless against Kurt's inspection and cruel


He spread his legs wide, gripped the edge of the upholstered dressing room bench.

The pain penetrated deeper and wider; his contortions became more and more frantic; his hands clawed frantically at the bench's upholstery; his legs flayed wide and open.

Janice and the disciplinarian could tell by the way he was whimpering and shaking

Once white muscles now cherry red, quaking, swollen and his disciplinarian had managed to take bites out of the insides of his butt, along the crack and most frighteningly the ultra soft and silky lightly haired pink hole.

Tim released his iron grip on the edge of the upholstered dressing room bench. and rose up on still trembling legs and both her disciplinarian and female observer noticed fingernail mark indentions left in the leather bench.

Janice focused avidly on the blazing, angry redness of her boyfriend's butt cheeks, broad grin spread across her face. Tim's hickup sobs dissipating into whimpers.

Here we have an author that lays it on the line what a farm reform school may have been indeed like in another time. The boys daydreaming telling stories cost them a whole lot of whipping with their shorts down in the field. The paddling over the bench bound down we are told left a purple ass and a trough humiliation